National flag of Dominica which is predominantly green with yellow, black and white stripes. The sisserou parrot which is the national bird is in the middle of the flag.

St Lucia Vs Dominica (Which Vacation Is Better)

Are you contemplating whether St Lucia or Dominica is the better vacation destination? Then this post is exactly what you need to read. As Caribbean nationals, we can vouch that these two islands are only 173km from each other and can be accessed via ferry services. L’ Express Des Isles is the high speed ferry […] Read more…

6 Longest Beaches In The Caribbean ( #2 Is Magical)

6 Longest Beaches In The Caribbean ( #2 Is Magical)

The Caribbean islands are known for having some of the best beaches in the world. As a result, many visitors seeking destinations where they can walk, jog and stroll often prefer islands with long beaches. Generally, Caribbean beaches have smooth white powdery sand and blue turquoise waters. Due to the volcanic nature of certain islands, […] Read more…

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