Best Caribbean Islands For A Mother Daughter Trip

Antigua Vs St Lucia Vs Grenada (Which Is Better)

Antigua, St Lucia and Grenada are three Caribbean islands that bear numerous features in common. All the above islands are English Speaking, part of the Commonwealth of Nations and use the Eastern Caribbean Dollar as the official currency. Despite these features, there are several differences which this article addresses to help you decide which island […] Read more…

Antigua Vs US Virgin Islands ( Which Vacation Is Better)

Antigua vs Anguilla (Which Island Is Better For A Vacation)

Antigua and Anguilla are Caribbean islands that are located near to each other. It takes approximately 45 minutes for a regional carrier to travel between the islands. Both islands are English speaking and share the Eastern Caribbean Dollar as the official currency. Nevertheless, Anguilla is an overseas British territory while Antigua is an independent nation […] Read more…

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