Anguilla Vs Aruba ( Which Vacation Is Better)

Anguilla Vs St Martin (Which Vacation Is Better)

Anguilla and St Martin are separated by a twenty five minutes ferry ride from each other. There are daily ferry services from Blowing Point in Anguilla to Marigot in St Martin and vice versa. Therefore, if time and budget permits, it may be worthwhile visiting both destinations during your vacation. In this article, we compare […] Read more…

Belize Vs Jamaica ( Which Vacation Is Better)

Puerto Rico Vs Jamaica (Which Vacation Is Better)

Puerto Rico and Jamaica are extraordinary Caribbean vacation spots and truly a visitor will have a momentous and unforgettable experience at any of these destinations. In this article, we provide an in depth assessment into these two islands to help you determine which one is right for you. As a general rule, Puerto Rico is […] Read more…

Best Caribbean Islands To Visit In December

Puerto Rico Vs St Thomas (Which Island Is Better)

Puerto Rico and St Thomas are both US overseas territories. As dependencies of the United States of America (USA), the US dollar is the official currency. Additionally, one drawback of being residents of these countries is that persons do not have rights to vote in the United States Congress and cannot cast electoral votes for […] Read more…

Best Caribbean Islands To Visit In May ( The Ultimate Guide)

Puerto Rico Vs Aruba (Which Vacation Is Better)

Puerto Rico and Aruba are both awesome islands to consider for a Caribbean vacation and a visitor will have an unforgettable experience at either one of these destinations. Nevertheless, these islands are polar opposites in terms of culture, influence and landscape. In this article, we dive deeper into the differences between these two islands to […] Read more…

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