Anguilla and St Martin are separated by a twenty five minutes ferry ride from each other.

There are daily ferry services from Blowing Point in Anguilla to Marigot in St Martin and vice versa.

Therefore, if time and budget permits, it may be worthwhile visiting both destinations during your vacation.

In this article, we compare and contrast these awesome Caribbean destinations to help you decide which one is right for you.

As a general rule, Anguilla is better for individuals looking for uncrowded white sand beaches with turquoise waters and exploring small uninhabited cays. On the other hand, St Martin is ideal for persons seeking a more vibrant nightlife atmosphere, white sand beaches and exploring Loterie Farm.

Read on for further information on Anguilla and St Martin. This article is the perspective of a Caribbean national familiar who visited both islands.

Anguilla Vs St Martin- Which Island Is Bigger

Anguilla and St Martin are about the same size in terms of square miles. Anguilla is 39.38 square miles while St Martin is 37 square miles.

St Martin has the higher point of elevation with Paradise Peak or in French Pic Paradis which stands at 1,391 feet.

On the other hand, Anguilla is much flatter with the highest point of elevation being Crocus Hill at 210 feet.

One distinctive feature of St Martin is the landmass of the island is shared with St Maarten. 

St Maarten is a Dutch Caribbean island which is smaller than its French counterpart being only 13 square miles.

Anguilla Vs St Martin- Does The Language Differ?

The official language of both islands varies.  As an overseas territory of the UK, English is the day to day language used to communicate in Anguilla.

On the other hand, as a department of France, French is the language used in St Martin. Nevertheless, English is widely spoken on the island.

Additionally, you may hear Dutch speakers as the island shares its landmass with St Maarten.

Anguilla Vs St Martin- What Are The Official Currencies

Along the same lines as the languages, both islands have different official currencies.

Anguilla shares the Eastern Caribbean dollar along with seven other Eastern Caribbean islands as its formal currency.

Contrastingly, the official currency of St Martin is the Euro which is managed by the European Central Bank.

Bank notes are available in 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500 Euro dollars. Alternatively coins are available in 1 and 2 Euro dollars and 50, 20, 10, 5, 2 and 1 cent pieces.

US dollars are widely accepted in St Martin.

Anguilla Vs St Martin- Which Island Has The Better Beaches

If relaxing on white sand beaches with turquoise waters is your main reason for desiring a Caribbean vacation, then Anguilla is the ideal destination.

The tourism slogan of the island also reflects this as the island is marketed as tranquility wrapped in blue.

Rendezvous Bay Beach, Shoal Bay East and Sandy Ground Beach are three of the favorites of both locals and visitors alike.

There are also gorgeous beaches in St Martin with Orient Bay Beach being the most popular spot on the island.

During the peak of the Caribbean tourism season, one should expect there to be a crowd.

There are several beach bars such as Waikiki Beach, Kakao, Perch Bar & Grill, Bikini Beach and Kontiki Beach in this area.

Kindly also note that there is a section of Orient Bay Beach that is clothing optional.

Anguilla Vs St Martin- Which Island Has The Better Nightlife

If you are seeking entertainment, St Martin is the better of the two destinations.

The Boulevard of Grand Case is the perfect area for exploring restaurants and bars on the island.

La Villa Restaurant and Nice SxM are two of the spots to check out in St Martin.

Additionally, one key advantage that St Martin has is that it shares its landmass with one of the major party destinations in the Caribbean.

There are numerous bars and nightclubs on the Dutch side for those who love to party.

Soggy Dollar Bar and The Red Piano Lounge are two of the main spots for entertainment.

Contrastingly, Anguilla is a tranquil and peaceful island with very little entertainment.

Some of the venues to visit for nightlife on the island include The Lounge Bar, Sky Lounge and The Pumphouse.

Anguilla Vs St Martin- Activities & Things To Do In The Islands

Day Trip Scrub Island, Anguilla– spend a day on a private island located off the eastern end of the island. It is only 3 square miles with access only via boat.

It has a beautiful beach and it is not unusual to spot leatherback turtles while there.

The island is uninhabited and there are no amenities such as bathrooms, shops and restaurants present.

Prickly Pear Cays- located six miles North of Road Bay, this pair of cays is ideal for snorkeling and bird-watching.

The small islands are uninhabited and are important as a site for breeding seabirds.

ATV Tour, St Martin- enjoy a unique way of experiencing the island. Tour includes stops on both the Dutch and French side of the island.

Loterie Farm, St Martin– this paradise is perfect to relax and reconnect with nature.

While at this sanctuary, one can enjoy drinks, the pool, great meals and tree top adventures.

Final Thoughts

On a whole, Anguilla is ideal for individuals seeking to relax on gorgeous white sand beaches with turquoise waters on private uninhabited islands. On the other hand, St Martin is perfect for persons seeking a bubbling nightlife experience and white sand beaches.

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