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Antigua, St Lucia and Grenada are three Caribbean islands that bear numerous features in common.

All the above islands are English Speaking, part of the Commonwealth of Nations and use the Eastern Caribbean Dollar as the official currency.

Despite these features, there are several differences which this article addresses to help you decide which island is ideal for your Caribbean vacation.

As a general rule, Antigua is better for travelers who are interested in clear waters and white sand beaches. St Lucia is ideal for visitors seeking to enjoy hiking the iconic Pitons as well as island hopping to the French Caribbean. Grenada is perfect for travelers who love beaches and chocolate.

Read on for further details and explanations on how these magnificent Caribbean islands compare. This article was written by a Caribbean national familiar with all three islands.

Antigua Vs St Lucia Vs Grenada- Which Island Is Bigger

St Lucia is the largest of the three islands being 238 square miles and the highest point is Mount Gimie which is 3,120 feet.

Then, Antigua is larger than Grenada being 169.9 square miles.

The highest point of elevation in Antigua is Boggy Peak which stands at an elevation of 1,319 feet.

Lastly, Grenada is the smallest of the three islands being 133 square miles. The highest point in Grenada is Mount St Catherine which stands at 2,757 feet.

Antigua Vs St Lucia Vs Grenada-Which Island Is Safer

Generally, all three of these Caribbean islands are relatively safe destinations when compared to other Caribbean territories such as Trinidad & Tobago and Jamaica.

According to the US Department State, Overseas Advisory Council based on a 2018 crime report per 100,000 citizens, St Lucia had the highest number of murders and kidnappings of the three islands.

Based on the statistics, St Lucia had 21 murders and 4 kidnappings, Antigua had 12 murders and 4 kidnappings while Grenada reported 11 murders and zero kidnappings during the period.

Nonetheless, visitors should exercise extreme care and due diligence as in any other foreign country.

Avoid leaving goods and valuables unattended as well as refrain from secluded areas especially at nights.

Antigua Vs St Lucia Vs Grenada- Can You Hop To Other Islands

St Lucia offers the greatest opportunities for island hopping of the three islands. From St Lucia, one can visit via ferry Dominica which is another English Speaking island.

Additionally, there are ferry services to the French Caribbean islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe.

As overseas territories of France, the Euro is the official currency of Martinique and Guadeloupe.

The option of island hopping from Antigua is limited only to the island of Montserrat.

This island is also fondly referred to as the Emerald Isle of The Caribbean and is a British Overseas territory.

The ferry named Jayden Sun departs from Heritage Quay from 8: 30 am and returns 5 pm on Tuesdays and Fridays weekly. The price of the ferry is approximately XCD$300.

Lastly, there are no opportunities to island hop via ferry services from Grenada to nearby islands such as St Vincent & The Grenadines.

Antigua Vs St Lucia Vs Grenada- Which Island Has Better Beaches

If beaches are your priority, then Antigua or Grenada should be your destination of choice.

Antigua is fondly known as the Caribbean island with 365 beaches being one beach for every day of the year.

Dickenson Bay is one of the well- loved beaches in Antigua by both locals and tourists alike.

Its shallow and calm waters make it an ideal spot for water sports such as paddle boarding.

To help visitors choose among its many beaches, the Antigua & Barbuda Tourism Authority launched a beach personality quiz.

Feel free to visit the page to find the perfect beach for you.

Likewise, Grenada is also a paradise known for amazing white sand beaches with Grand Anse beach being the pride and joy of the island.

Grand Anse beach is a magnificent 2 mile stretch of white sand covered with numerous almond trees and sea grapes. 

There are life guards stationed along the shoreline for your safety as well several high end resorts.

Due to the volcanic nature of St Lucia, a number of the beaches are black sand.

Sugar beach is one of the best beaches in St Lucia where you can get a view of the famous twin peaks called The Pitons.

This beach is loved by divers and individuals who enjoy snorkeling.

Antigua Vs St Lucia Vs Grenada- Which Island Has The Better Nightlife

St Lucia is the clear winner of the three islands when it comes to nightlife.

The island has one of the more vibrant entertainment atmosphere of the Eastern Caribbean islands.

Rodney Bay Village usually comes alive at nights.

There are several restaurants with a variety of cuisine that you can choose from such as Mexican, Indian and Chinese foods.

Additionally every Friday evening except for Good Fridays, the village of Gros Islet comes alive.

Vendors sell barbecues and other local dishes and there is a live band featuring music from the island. Vendors also sell souvenirs and other arts and craft items.

Contrastingly, Antigua and Grenada offers a much slower pace of life.

Shirley’s Heights Lookout is a well- known spot in Antigua on Sunday evenings for entertainment. There is usually a live band with drinks and food available for purchase.

Some of the other popular nightlife spots on the island are The Lime and Tryst Nightclub, Bar and Restaurant.

On the other hand, the south of Grenada is the best area for entertainment with Wall Street at Grand Anse having a large number of vendors on the weekends.

There is a newly built bowling alley called Lavo Lane which is well loved by locals and visitors to the island.

Likewise as in St Lucia, on Fridays there is Fish Friday located on the west coast of the island in the fishing parish of St John which is a street food festival.

Fish is featured in various dishes and served in many ways. This is a must visit for sea food lovers. 

Antigua Vs St Lucia Vs Grenada- What Are The Unique Things To Do

Unique Things To Do In Antigua

Visit Laviscount Island- enjoy a getaway to a private island which is home to Giant Aldabra Tortoises. Animal lovers will truly enjoy feeding and interacting with the tortoises on this island.

Swim With Stingrays– enjoy swimming and snorkeling in beautiful waters of Antigua with friendly stingrays.

There are also amazing coral reefs and several species of fishes that you can enjoy at the pool.

Visit Nelson’s Dockyard- delve into the history of the island by visiting Nelson’s Dockyard where there are modern conveniences such as shops and marina businesses.

This dockyard allows visitors to enjoy the park’s beauty. 

There is also the dockyard museum which provides deep insight into the dockyard’s history and current research on the island.

Unique Things To Do In St Lucia

Climb The Piton Mountains- the piton is an incredible twin peaks that are designated as UNESCO World Heritage site since 2004 located at the south of the island.

The Gros Piton is 2462 feet while the Petit Piton is 2619 feet. The Gros Piton is the designated hiking trail while the Petit Piton is rarely climbed.

Visit The Drive In Volcano- The sulphur springs is one of the most visited attractions on the island located in Soufriere which is the world’s only drive in volcano.

Visitors are able to enter at certain points and give themselves a mud bath. It is widely believed that these mud baths have medical benefits.

Unique Things To Do In Grenada

Dive The Underwater Sculpture Park– this one of a kind sculpture park was constructed in 2006 and is located in Molinere. 

The British sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor is the creator of the park. It is about 5-8 metres deep and is accessible by scuba diving, snorkeling and glass bottom boats.

Visit Lakes- If you enjoy visiting lakes and looking at various animals around that ecosystem then Grenada is the right place for you.

The most popular lake on the island is Grand Etang Lake which is the crater of an extinct volcano.

This lake is approximately 1740 feet above sea level. The serene environment makes it an ideal spot for yoga retreats and picnic gatherings.

Eat Chocolate- If you love chocolate, then Grenada is the destination for you.

Home to six producers of fine local chocolate, these factories in some instances grow their own cocoa and process it into chocolate bars.

Some of these bars are infused with various flavors such as nutmeg, turmeric, cinnamon, mace, bee pollen, sea salt and ginger.

In addition, there is a lovely shop nestled in the heart of St George, the capital city called House of Chocolate where you can buy a wide range of chocolate and chocolate flavored products such as tea, cakes and ice-cream.

These café is a perfect stop to rest for both kids and adults in the city.

Final Thoughts

On a whole, St Lucia is an ideal choice for a traveler who wants to enjoy beautiful natural scenery as well as bustling nightlife. Grenada is an ideal choice for a traveler who loves chocolate and diving. Antigua is an exceptional choice for individuals who love exploring the island’s many beaches.

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