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Antigua and the US Virgin Islands are exceptional destinations to consider for a restful and relaxing vacation.

One of the key reasons that you should consider either one these destinations is the safety of both spots. This makes them ideal for solo female travelers.

In this article, we provide greater insight into Antigua and the US Virgin islands to help you choose which one is ideal for your Caribbean adventure.

As a general rule, Antigua is ideal for an individual seeking diverse options of white sand beaches as well someone who wants to explore neighboring Montserrat. Alternatively, the US Virgin Islands are perfect for persons who want to island hop to the BVI as well as snorkeling on white sand beaches.

Read on for further details and explanations on how these two beautiful Caribbean island groups compare. Contribution to this article was made by individuals who visited both islands on vacation.

Antigua Vs US Virgin Islands- Which Is Destination Is Bigger

Antigua is the bigger of the two countries being 169.9 square miles. On the other hand, the US Virgin Islands is 133 square miles.

The highest point of elevation in Antigua is Boggy Peak which stands at an elevation of 1,319 feet while the altitude of Crown Mountain, the highest peak in the US Virgin Islands is 1,556 feet.

Antigua Vs US Virgin Islands- What Are The Official Currencies

As an overseas territory of the United States of America, the US dollar is the official currency for the US Virgin Islands.

On the other hand, the currency used for day to day transactions in Antigua is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar.

This currency is also shared by seven other Caribbean Islands with the central bank located on the island of St Kitts.

Nevertheless, the US dollar is widely accepted around Antigua. Coins are rejected and change is given in the local currency.

Antigua Vs US Virgin Islands- Entry Requirements

As a dependency of the USA, US Citizens do not require a passport for entry into the US Virgin Islands.

Contrastingly, US Citizens need to have a passport as well as proof of return ticket for entry into Antigua.

Antigua Vs US Virgin Islands- Is It Easy To Visit Other Islands

There are opportunities for island hopping from both islands. From the US Virgin Islands one can access the British Virgin Islands (BVI) via ferry services.

The BVI presents another option for visitors to explore the iconic beach The Baths as well as enjoy various hiking and snorkeling experiences.

US citizens are required to have a passport for entry into the BVI.

Contrastingly, from Antigua one has access to the neighboring island of Montserrat. This island is also fondly referred to as the Emerald Isle of The Caribbean and is a British Overseas territory.

The main attraction to visit in Montserrat is Soufriere Hills Volcano which first erupted in 1995.

The ferry named Jayden Sun departs from Heritage Quay from 8:30 am and returns 5 pm on Tuesdays and Fridays weekly.

Antigua Vs US Virgin Islands- Which Destination Has Better Beaches

Antigua is known for having 365 beaches being for one every day of the year with Dickenson Bay being one of the most popular of both locals and visitors to the island.

Its shallow and calm waters make it an ideal spot for water sports such as paddle boarding.

To help visitors choose among its many beaches, the Antigua & Barbuda Tourism Authority launched a beach personality quiz. Feel free to visit the page to find the perfect beach for you.

The US Virgin Islands can also boast of several awesome beaches with Trunk Bay Beach on St John and Magens Bay Beach in St Thomas being two of the favorites of locals and visitors alike.

Both islands can provide a visitor with an awesome beach experience.

However, for a superior snorkeling environment, the US Virgin Islands is the better destination. The iconic Trunk Bay Beach features an underwater trail.

Additionally, some excellent snorkeling spots to explore in St John are Henley Cay, Waterlemon Cay and Hansen Bay.

Antigua Vs US Virgin Islands- Which Destination Has Better Nightlife

Both US Virgin Islands and Antigua are not considered prime destinations for party lovers.

Entertainment primarily consists of visiting night clubs, beach bars and restaurants.

St Thomas is the island in the US Virgin Islands group with the greatest entertainment options.

There are several restaurants and beach bars in the Red Hook, Frenchtown and Haven Sight areas. These are located near to each other so it is easy for individuals to bar hop.

In Antigua, the majority of beach bars, restaurants and night clubs can be generally found the English Harbour and St John’s.

Antigua Vs US Virgin Islands- Which Destination Has Better Shopping

If duty free shopping is very high on your list of things to do in the Caribbean, then the US Virgin Islands is the better destination.

There are numerous international brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Little Switzerland, Diamonds International, Coach, Bulgari and Bebe have retail operations in the US Virgin Islands.

St Thomas which is the hub of commercial and economic activity within the group is the best island for duty free shopping.

Each visitor including children is allowed $1600 each of duty free purchases back into the USA.

Contrastingly, duty free shopping in Antigua is not as exciting as US Virgin Islands.

However there are duty shops available in Heritage Quay which is located in the capital city of St John.

There are several shops selling souvenirs, perfume, jewelery and clothing items.

Additionally there are duty free stores at the V C Bird International Airport.

Final Thoughts

On a whole, Antigua is a perfect destination for individuals seeking a quiet island with several gorgeous white sand beaches. On the other hand, the US Virgin Islands are perfect for persons who want to enjoy duty free shopping as well as snorkel the various scenic sites in St John.

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