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The beautiful Caribbean island of Anguilla is a British overseas territory that is only 35 square miles.

The island is not a major stop for cruise passengers to the region.

Nevertheless, there are smaller cruise ships that make Anguilla a port of call at the Blowing Point Ferry Terminal.

Anguilla is known for having some of the most turquoise waters in the Eastern Caribbean region.

In this article, we cover five of the best beaches to visit while on the island as well as highlight some of the exciting things to do in the destination.

So let’s get into all the details.

1. Cove Bay Beach

Located 2.5 km from Blowing Point Ferry Terminal, Cove Bay Beach is a quiet beach perfect for individuals seeking serenity.

The beach provides an outstanding view of St Martin with crystal clear waters. Parking is easy but there are no amenities such as restaurants, bathrooms and changing rooms.

Usually the beach is not crowded so it is also a nice spot for a romantic picnic. The beach is also a remarkable location for kite surfers and horse riders.

2. Maunday Bay Beach

Situated 4.5 km away from the Blowing Point Ferry Terminal, this beach is truly a gem on the Western coast of the island.

It shares its shoreline with the upscale Cap Juluca, which is among of the finest resorts in the Caribbean.

The beach is free for visitors and locals to explore and there is a dedicated entry way.

Amenities such as paddle boarding and surf board rentals are available. Kayaking and snorkeling equipment are also easy to obtain.

The Cap Shack, Pimms and Cip’s by Cipriani are some of the best restaurants in the vicinity in the event that you want to grab a bite.

For art enthusiasts, Devonish Art Gallery is a great place to stop to view the work of a Barbardian sculptor who lives on the island.

3. Meads Bay Beach

Our next recommendation is Meads Bay Beach which is 5km from the ferry terminal.

Located on the Northern region of the island, this beach is popular for its two miles of soft white sand and sapphire blue waters.

During summer, the coast is incredible for snorkeling, swimming, and kayaking. The winter period brings rougher waves for surfing or body boarding.

Beach chairs are available for rent as well as boats if you prepare to sail and relax in the ocean.

There are restaurants in the vicinity including the amazing Straw Hat Restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner from November through to August annually.

For exceptional snorkeling, stroll to the Eastern end of the beach which is fondly called Nim’s Nook where you will experience a wide range of marine life while snorkeling.

If you explore during high season, you will probably witness plenty of luxury yachts moored just offshore here, owned by the well-known and the rich.

4. Sandy Ground Beach

Sandy Ground Beach is loved for its golden sands and calm waters in the community of Sandy Ground Village which is one of the best spots for entertainment.

Tons of kayaks, sailboats, and kites are available for rent for you to carry out on the water.

Reasonable villas are for rent here and the world-renowned Lit Lounge nightclub and Elvis Beach Bar are steps from the water.

The bay also includes small boats named “Tiger” boats for rent so that you can explore the water.

Lit Lounge night club is one of the newer venues on the island and is known for its pizzas, salads, grilled foods and sushi.

Different local fetes and entertainment activities are hosted at this night club.

5. Shoal Bay

Last but by no means least, is the iconic Shoal Bay which is situated approximately 13 km from the Blowing Point Ferry Terminal.

This beach is characterized by its blue yet clear and transparent water. You will be able to visibly see your feet when submerged in the water.

The sand is smooth and buttery which makes it ideal for walking and sunbathing.

Despite being famous, due to the exclusivity of Anguilla as a Caribbean tourist destination, the beach is often uncrowded.

This makes it a perfect spot for individuals seeking peace and relaxation or a couple seeking a romantic getaway.

The bay is home to restaurants, hotels, and beach bars. The pastel-colored umbrellas you will notice along the leading stretch highlight the already impressive palette of whites and blues made by the sea, sand, and sky.

Beach umbrellas and chairs are open to rent, as is snorkeling equipment. There are a bunch of water adventures available from diving to parasailing and snorkeling.

Be sure to stroll up to the beach’s easternmost point, which has an entirely distinct vibe from the rest of the beachfront.

There are no hotels or resorts up here, so it seems a world apart from the wide-open coast only some hundred feet away.

Anguilla is a small island and no distance is really too far away so be sure to explore this beach as it is truly one of the finest on the island and in the Caribbean.

Top Things To Do In Anguilla

In addition to spending time on the beach, the following are a few activities to check out.

The Dutch Caribbean island is only a ferry ride away so per venture you are in Anguilla for a longer stop you can also visit St Maarten.

Night Kayaking with Liquid Glow– the calm waters of Anguilla makes it a great place to kayak.

Phosphorescence is used to illuminate the water which makes it a magical experience.

St Maarten Nightlife Tour– get a private tour to all the nightlife hotspots in St Maarten.

The tour includes locations in both Philipsburg and Grand Case.

Morning Kayaking Tour To Little Bay– start your day from Crocus Bay and paddle through crystal clear water to Little Bay which is one of Anguilla’s most remote beaches.

See a wide variety of wildlife such as turtles, stingrays and tropical fishes while viewing the natural landscape of the island.

Final Thoughts: Beaches In Anguilla Near The Cruise Port

We trust that this article was extremely helpful if you are preparing to stop in Anguilla while on a Caribbean cruise.

We are confident that you will enjoy the beautiful turquoise waters of the island as well as its tranquility.

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