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Antigua is a Caribbean island fondly known for having 365 beaches which makes it ideal for beach hopping.

Therefore, if you are visiting this island while on a cruise there are countless options for you to enjoy the white sands and turquoise waters of Antigua.

To help visitors identify which beach is ideal, the Antigua & Barbuda Tourism Authority launched a Beach Personality Quiz.

Feel free to visit the page to find the perfect match for you.

In this post, we explore the five beaches in Antigua that are nearest to the cruise port.

Dickenson Bay is the closest beach to the cruise terminal in Antigua and one of the most developed on the island. It is located approximately 5 km north which is 10 minutes drive from the cruise port. This beach is ideal for swimming, paddleboarding, jet skiing and other water sports activities.

1. Dickenson Bay

Located 5 km north of the Antigua cruise port is Dickenson Bay is the best beach closest to the cruise port.

Possibly the most famous expanse of sand on the island of Antigua, the beach satisfies tourists with lots of facilities.

Water activities are numerous, and the shallow, calm waters are ideal for swimming and paddleboarding.

Its delicate white sand is generally loaded with natives and visitors staying at the neighboring Halcyon Cove, Buccaneer Beach Club, and the top-class Sandals Grande Antigua.

Glass-bottom boat adventures are available from Dickenson Bay. Keep an eye for dolphins as you may encounter one in these charming waters.

A mile-long coral garden, Paradise Reef, is only a 10-min boat trip from the coast.

Get ready for snorkeling here, and you will encounter species like lobsters, kaleidoscopic parrotfish, and other aquatic creatures of the Caribbean.

Seaside restaurants offer fresh foods and local treats. Kon Tiki Bar & Grill which is a floating bar is a must visit to enjoy a drink on the water.

Dickenson Bay is indeed among the most excellent beaches in Antigua, close to the cruise port.

2. Ffryes Beach

Set out on the western coastline of Antigua, Ffryes Beach is a sparkling expanse of sand with a backdrop of a verdant green hillside.

Only around 12 km which is approximately half an hour drive from the Antigua cruise port, this location is among the most pleasing attractions to visit in the Caribbean.

Ffryes Beach is a perfect location for families searching for a calm getaway from the city’s hustle and bustle to soak in the sun and enjoy sand shaded by sea grapes.

This site is famous among families who tour the area, and children like to play and run in the sand here. Ffryes Beach however is usually not as crowded as Dickenson Bay.

The seaside actually has two beaches, separated by rocks. The smaller side is Little Ffryes, and the larger is Big Ffryes.

The crystal-clear waters are excellent for snorkeling, and the gentle sand is the ideal leisure setting.

Seeking to pump out your adrenaline? Explore the beautiful ocean on a jet ski for some additional enjoyment in the sun.

If you are searching for delicious local cuisine, you can discover fantastic barbecue establishments and sit-down eateries. 

Get a cab or taxi to Ffryes, and you will enjoy seeing two shores for the fee of one.

3. Darkwood Beach

If you are looking for a beach day in an unspoiled environment with pristine waters, Darkwood Beach on the south-west coastline of Antigua is the perfect spot.

Situated on the south-west shore just 12 km from Antigua cruise port, this beach is among the favorite seasides among residents in Antigua and Barbuda.

Although all 365 beaches have their own unique feature the hills surrounding Darkwood beach as well as the vegetation makes it picture perfect.

The ideal clean blue waters and white sand beaches offer the utmost location for anyone seeking to step back into Caribbean time.

Enjoying the day at the beach is entirely manageable, far from the resort crowds.

It’s loaded with standard colorful huts offering up island cocktails and bars and restaurants serving delicious meals all day. Renting umbrellas and beach chairs from a few bars is also a possibility.

The beach is synonymous with its most significant draw for the young and the young at heart  Swash Water Park.

At the park, there is an inflatable barrier course is established for some friendly laughs and family enjoyment.

Swash Water Park is the only open water park on the island.

Due to the short distance from the cruise port, expect there to be a crowd on days when ships are in harbor.

4. Pigeon Point Beach

Situated around 19 km from Antigua cruise port on Antigua’s southeast coast, Pigeon Point Beach is one of the best places to explore in the country and a kid-friendly destination with quiet, shallow water for taking a dip.

This site is famous with both locals and tourists alike. If you desire to learn how to sail, then Pigeon Point Beach is the ideal location.

You will have the chance to take a class among one of the Caribbean’s most picturesque places.

Apart from the beautiful coast, there is also an outstanding selection of dining choices.

Head to Catherine’s Cafe for a sunset dinner watching the water, or check out Bumpkins Bar for a Pina Colada.

Only 5-min away, visitors can also encounter marine history in Nelson’s Dockyard, where you will see a museum and patched architecture from the 1700s.

Restaurants, shops, and bars presently reside in these aged structures. Explore the place on foot through the different trekking paths surrounding the dockyard.

5. Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay is world-renowned for its long shoreline with a 3,200ft white-sand curve of coastline.

Found around 25 km and a 30-minute drive from Antigua cruise port, the beautiful views makes up for the long drive.

This popular location is perfect for visitors looking for pristine natural charm and possibilities for windsurfing and surfing.

The stunning shape of the beach is backed by the amazing terrain, making for a beautiful backdrop in the southeastern part of the place.

A protective reef close to the shore’s northern end stops harsh waves of the Atlantic from smashing onshore, making waters quiet enough for snorkeling and swimming.

Additionally, this expanse of sand is excellent for beach-lovers searching for untouched beauty. Possibly most fascinating about this seaside is the pink sand made by delicate coral.

You can also rent umbrellas and chairs here to enrich your beach leisure experience. A snack area for refreshments is available at the local beach bar overseeing the sea.

For a natural spa therapy, tourists should step towards the lower cliffs and utilize the natural components of the settings to take pleasure in an Antiguan mud-bath.

Final Thoughts

We trust that you found the information above valuable as you enjoy the beach while on a Caribbean cruise in Antigua.

Remember, if you want to know which beach is right for you in Antigua do not forget to take the Beach Personality Quiz which was created by the Antigua & Barbuda Tourism Authority.

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