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Barbados is an English Speaking island in the Southern Caribbean located approximately 100 miles from St Vincent and the Grenadines.

The cruise terminal in Barbados is located in its capital city Bridgetown which is UNESCO heritage site due to the preservation of its British Colonial Architecture.

In this post, we explore the top 5 beaches to visit if you are in Barbados on a cruise.

These are near the cruise port terminal for ease of access on the island.

Brighton Beach is the beach located nearest to the cruise terminal. Its calm  waters makes it an ideal spot for beginner swimmers and children. There are restaurants, changing rooms and showers in the vicinity. Individuals who enjoy walking can stroll for about 10 to 15 minutes from the cruise port.

1. Brighton Beach                                                                                      

This beach is nearest to the cruise port in Barbados and is approximately 10 to 15 minutes walking distance.

There are changing rooms and showers as well as a restaurant available. This beach is well loved for its relatively calm waters which makes it a great spot for children.

Brighton Beach Club is a restaurant located on this beach which serves snacks, drinks, cocktails and meals.

2. Accra Beach

Accra Beach, also called Rockley Beach is about 6 km from the Barbados Cruise Terminal.

With turquoise waters and sands as delicate as silk, this south coast shore is genuinely among the most incredible things to do in Barbados.

Accra Beach is also a perfect location for families especially children due its shallow waters.

A vibrant retail space complete with kiosks offering food and cold drinks is located nearby.

Surfboards and boogie boards are available for rent. Furthermore, the seaside has excellent waves perfect for windsurfing and body boarding.

Most importantly, explore the famous Barbados Boardwalk. There are several local restaurants and fast food locations.

Supermarkets, apparel stores, gas stations and pharmacies are also located in this vicinity.

3. Carlisle Bay Beach

Found 7.5 km away from Barbados Cruise Port, these lovely beaches fascinate tourists with their glowing aquamarine waters and milky-white sands found on the southwestern coast.

Carlisle Bay, home to a few of the most stunning Barbados shores, is literally minutes away from the island’s capital.

In fact, a bus trip from downtown Bridgetown will drop you out to this paradise-like bay loaded with white sand and beautiful waters.

Located near to Carlisle Bay Beach are Bayshore Beach, Brownes Beach, and Pebble Beach.

At Pebble Beach, there are showers and washrooms facilities. These beaches also have lifeguards on duty for your added safety.

Carlisle Bay is about 10 minutes off from downtown Bridgetown. There are lots of taxis ready to lead you to these shores.

However, if you will like to experience the island like a local, it is easy to take the bus from the Fairchild Street Bus Terminal.

This will make your stay on the island memorable.

Cuzz Fish Stand is a must visit in this location and is famous for its mouth-watering fish sandwiches.

4. Bathsheba Bay Beach

Found almost 20 km From Barbados Cruise Terminal on the Atlantic side of the island is Bathsheba Bay beach.

Due to its strong but breath taking waves, this beach is a haven for surfers and photographers.

Nevertheless, swimming is not suggested here due to the site’s rock formations and strong waves.

Surfers head to the “Soup Bowl” to capture the most excellent rides.

Moreover, photography lovers will discover their bliss by catching photographs of Bathsheba’s picturesque rock figures.

Public transport is extremely limited in the region. So, if you are planning to explore this beach, consider renting a car.

You can easily combine a tour here with a stop at the Andromeda Botanical Gardens, just a few minutes away.

5. Crane Beach

Positioned on the island’s Southeastern end and around 23 km from Barbados Cruise Terminal, this picturesque seaside is renowned for its clean sands and scenic cliffs.

Crane beach is breath taking with views of towering cliffs with a luxury hotel perched on top.

One can access this beach via the deluxe Crane Resort or down 98 steps for people visiting the resort.

Alternatively, visitors can enter the other end of the beach down a small road and over a rocky trail.

Besides its captivating natural charm, the shore also has some excellent waves, making it a perfect place for surfing and boogie boarding.

Additionally, there are coastal coves that offer tourists sheltered swimming close to the harbor.

Sunbeds can be rented and there is a small vendor offering food and cold beverages at near the beachfront.

This beach is perfect for a romantic escape, which can include a delightful lunch at the hotel after an enjoyable day on the beach.

Final Thoughts

We trust that you found the information above valuable as you enjoy the beach while on a Caribbean cruise in Barbados.

Despite the fact that Barbados is located outside of the hurricane belt, it has experienced is share of effects of storms during the season which runs from June 1 to November 30 annually.

Tropical storm Gonzalo in July 2020 passed 12 miles to the southwest while hurricane Elsa passed south of the island in July 2nd, 2021.

Therefore, it is prudent to consider travel insurance if traveling in Barbados and the Caribbean during the hurricane season.

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