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The Dutch Caribbean Island of Bonaire became a municipality of the Netherlands from October 10th, 2010.

The other Caribbean islands that form part of the BES are St Eustatius and Saba.

Nevertheless, despite its connections to the Netherlands, the US dollar is the official currency used for day to day financial transactions.

Bonaire is not a popular stop for cruise vessels in the Caribbean. However, the colorful city of Kralendijk is spectacular and Bonaire is beautiful and peaceful.

In this post, we explore the top 5 beaches to visit if you are in Bonaire on a cruise.

These are near the cruise port terminal for ease of access on the island.

Bachelor Beach is located 4 km from the cruise port in Bonaire and this location can be difficult to locate. Nevertheless, the island is extremely safe and the locals are friendly so have no fear in asking for directions. The beach can be accessed via a staircase.

1. Bachelor Beach

This beach is located 4km from the cruise port. The beach is seldom crowded and there are steps leading to this location. The water is a beautiful shade of blue.

During low tides, there is a small strip of sand where you can stroll. However, during high tide this shoreline will disappear and the steps will lead directly to the water.

In true Bonaire style, as one of the best islands in the Caribbean for underwater life, Bachelor Beach is great to visit for snorkeling.

2. No Name Beach

This immaculate spot is located on a small uninhabited island about 2 square miles off the Northeastern coast.

It is only 4km from the cruise port and is accessible by a 15 minute boat ride.

No Name is famous for its diamond-clear waters, fantastic snorkeling and endless dive spots nearby.

Remember, there are no amenities on Klein Bonaire such as beach chair rentals so if you are planning a day trip, it is important to bear this in mind.

3. Lac Cai Beach

Located on the Southern end of the island, Lac Cai Beach is known for its beautiful clear waters.

The glowing turquoise waters are incredible, and the shore has a fantastic atmosphere.

The beach hides between the dense green mangroves enveloping Lac Bay which makes the water very calm.

On the way, you will likely witness crowds of flamingos not far from the roadside.

Like at Sorobon Beach, you can go far into the inlet’s shallow waters, making this another excellent coast for families. Here too, you can observe the steady cycle of windsurfers.

Lac Cai is famous for being among the leading places on Bonaire to snorkel with turtles, however there can be underwater currents.

Lac Bay Bar is nearby if you want to grab some refreshment while on a beach day.  As a popular beach on the island, expect there to be a crowd especially on weekends.

4. 1000 Steps Beach

Located approximately 10 km from the cruise port, 1000 Steps Beach has some of the finest waters in Bonaire.

Although the staircase leading down to the beach is far from a 1000 steps, the scenery at the top is breathtaking where you can get an uninterrupted view of Klein Bonaire.

There is no a long stretch of sand but a rocky beachfront. It is wise to consider water shoes to protect your feet.

The location is amazing for snorkeling and is a great location to see turtles and other wildlife.

5. Sorobon Beach

The beach is around 11 km from the Bonaire Cruise Port is a perfect spot for families especially those with young children.

Due to its tranquil, shallow and still waters, Sorobon Beach is an ideal spot to learn to snorkel.

As part of the Lac Bay, Sorobon Beach is protected from large waves with a coral reef on one end and a large mangrove on another.

This beach is also famous for its windsurfing with facilities with persons nearby who are qualified to teach.

Crabs and iguanas can be witnessed wandering about, adding to the unbelievable experience.

And if you are fortunate, you will find a Pelican flying overhead. Sorobon Beach is a beautiful location to unwind and have enjoyment with the entire family.

Visitors can also rent beach chairs and daybeds from Sorobon Beach Resort which share the shoreline of this beach.

Final Thoughts

Bonaire is an exceptional destination for diving in the Caribbean as well as individuals seeking a quiet and relaxing vacation.

There are many amazing beaches in Bonaire and due to the small size of the island, no beach is truly too far away.

Special mention must be made of Te Amo Beach and Coco Beach which are also exceptional spots to visit while on the island.

There are no ferry services available to the neighboring Dutch Caribbean islands of Aruba and Curacao.

We hope that you enjoy your short stay during your cruise and you consider returning in the future for an even longer visit.

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