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Affectionately known as the nature island of the Caribbean, Dominica is one of the lesser known islands in the Caribbean.

The destination however is ideal for persons who enjoy hiking and the outdoors but not truly the best Caribbean island for beach goers.

Nonetheless, Dominica is 290 square miles and is often confused with the Dominican Republic.

The capital city of Dominica is Roseau which also serves as the location where cruise ships dock.

One of the main tourist attractions on the island is Morne Trois Pitons National Park which is an official UNESCO Heritage Site designated in 1997.

There are three main types of geological formations at Morne Trois Pitons being volcanic piles, glacis slopes and soufrieres.

In this post, we explore the top 5 beaches to visit if you are in Dominica on a cruise.

These are near the cruise port terminal for ease of access on the island.

Champagne Beach is approximately 40 minutes’ drive from the cruise port in the capital city Roseau. There are no beaches within walking distance. You can access Champagne Beach via taxi or by taking a public bus. The cost for the bus is USD$2 which you can take from the craft market.

1. Champagne Beach

This special seaside receives its name from the multiple bubbles originating from the volcanic actions located beneath the sea floor.

 It’s identified as among the rare places in the world where volcanic movements happen at sea.

It is located only 7 km away from Roseau Cruise port. The beach is marked by black sand and it is rocky in certain areas.

The aquatic life at the seaside is extraordinary due to its outstanding natural features.

Visitors can drink local fruit juices and engage in snorkeling, kayaking, surfing, and rubber tubing in the waters.

When you swim at the beach, you’ll float through the generous bubbles like you’re in a champagne glass. The coast is also a perfect destination for scuba-divers.

2. Mero Beach

Our next recommendation is the most popular beach on the island, Mero Beach.

Located 19km away from the cruise ship port, Mero beach is the perfect place to visit for silver gray sands and calm waters.

Mero Beach is near to hotels and restaurants and hence it is perfect for a beach day getaway.

The beachfront is accessible by local bus from Portsmouth and Roseau cities.

At times, especially on weekends it is not unusual to see locals playing volleyball or a game of cricket.

3. Purple Turtle Bay Beach

The Purple Turtle Beach is located 47 km away from the port in the Northern region of the island near to Portsmouth.

It is characterized by its golden brownish sands and blue waters. To access the beach, you have to complete a short walk from the road.

This adds to the privacy and seclusion of the site. Water activities such as jet skiing and kayaking are popular at this location.

Purple Turtle Bay Beach got its name as it is a popular nesting site for turtles.

The location is often used for barbecues, picnics and entertainment so expect there to be a crowd especially on weekends.

4. Douglas Bay Beach

Douglas Bay Beach is within Cabrits National Park and 48 km away from the port.

For individuals who are hiking enthusiasts, the Waitukubuli National Trail passes by this beach.

Douglas Bay Beach is situated close to Fort Shirley and the Indian River and provides excellent opportunities for aquatic sports such as snorkeling.

Due to its remoteness, Douglas Bay Beach is not often visited and is therefore a great location for persons seeking peace and tranquility.

Cabrits Resort & Spa Kempinski which is one of the finest luxurious resorts on the island is located nearby.

This hotel is well known for its swimming pools, tennis courts, state of the arts conference facilities and so much more.

5. Batibou Beach

Batibou Beach is located 60 km away from Roseau Cruise Ship port. This location is one of the most famous beaches on the island.

However, there is a short 15 minute hike before accessing this location. You can choose to drive to the site but it is bumpy and you may need a 4 wheel drive.

The shore is wide for those who want to stroll or sunbathe and the water is a beautiful shade of blue.

Nevertheless, the waves are choppy so great care and diligence must be exercised when going into the water.

There are signs that indicate the areas that are safe for swimming so pay close attention.

There is an entry fee of USD$5 per person which is collected by an attendant. There are no lifeguards stationed at this location.

Batibou Beach Restaurant & Grill is located nearby which serves some authentic and gourmet Dominican dishes.

Batibou Beach is truly a must visit due to its natural landscape and stunning scenery.

Final Thoughts

Dominica is an ideal destination for individuals who want to relax, rejuvenate and enjoy nature.

One advantage of visiting this island is the ease of access to neighboring countries.

L’Express Des IIes provides ferry services from Dominica to the Eastern Caribbean island of St Lucia.

Eastern Caribbean dollars is used for financial transactions in both of these countries.

There are also connections to The French Caribbean islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe.

Furthermore, during periods of festivities, there may be onward connections to the Northern Caribbean island of Antigua & Barbuda.

We trust that your short stay will allow you to experience the breathtaking and natural beauty of Dominica so that you consider booking a longer stay in the future.

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