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Are you searching for the best beaches in Grenada? Then look no further, as we cover all the great spots to visit during your trip in Grenada.

As Caribbean nationals, we can confirm that Grenada has 45 beautiful beaches as well as waterfalls, lakes, rivers, rainforests and so much more.

In this article, we summarize the ten best beaches on the island. We know that you will  have the time of your life.

1. Grand Anse Beach

Located in the heart of the South of the island, Grand Anse Beach is the crown jewel of beaches in Grenada.

This award winning spot is filled with sea grapes, almond and palm trees which provides excellent shades.

The beach can also be accessed via Camerhogne Park which is an open green space with benches and tables, perfect for relaxing and reading.

The Grand Anse Craft Centre is located on the side of the beach nearest to Catholic Church where you can find some of the best souvenirs from Grenada.

Popular spots to find a meal while on the beach include Umbrellas Beach Bar, Coconut Beach and 61 Degrees West.

There are washroom facilities available as well as vendors renting beach chairs with umbrellas.

Grand Anse Beach is a short stroll away from Spiceland Mall, Grand Anse Shopping Centre, Excel Plaza, Le Marquis Complex and other commercial businesses.

Public transportation is readily available in this area.

Peradventure, you are visiting the island on a cruise, this is the most accessible beach location from the cruise port with amenities nearby.

At the time of publication, the cost of the bus from the cruise terminal to Grand Anse beach was USD$1.

2. La Sagesse Beach

Our next recommendation is ideal for persons seeking serenity and peace. La Sagesse Beach is located in the parish of St David.

There are many almond trees around this beach and a boutique hotel with a tropical garden.

This beach is also accessible via public transportation from the capital city.

The bus does not go to the beach directly you will need to drop off around La Sagesse Natural Works and walk to the beach.

This walk takes approximately seven to ten minutes. Palm Tree Gardens is situated nearby which is gorgeous, consisting of two acres created by the late Lawrence Lambert.

There you will see some of the gorgeous varieties of palm trees, orchids and anthuriums that exist in Grenada.

3. Levera Beach

This beach is located in the Northern parish of St Patrick with stunning views of the islands and on a clear day, one can also view the sister island of Carriacou.

Levera Beach is a significant location on the island as for turtle nesting and watching.

Turtles usually come ashore from as far as Ireland and West Africa between March and August to lay their eggs.

These turtles are on the verge of extinction with only one in every 1,000 making it to adulthood.

Tours are available where you can see the turtles coming from the sea and making their nest in the sand where they lay their eggs.

The iconic welcome stone which is one of the most photographed spots on the island is situated nearby.

4. Morne Rouge Bay (BBC Beach)

Fondly known as BBC Beach by locals, the clear water beach is much more secluded than the popular Grand Anse Beach mentioned above.

The waters are shallow with 400 yards of stunning white sand. This location is perfect for stand up paddle boarding and boating.

Morne Rouge Beach is near Grand Anse Beach. It is approximately 15 minutes walking and about 5 minutes driving time.

However, this beach is not on the bus route and if a bus brings you to this location you will have to pay an additional fee.

Quarantine point which is a quiet park is located within walking distance with tables and benches.

This location is usually beautifully decorated with lights during the Christmas season.

5. Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach situated in the community of L’ Esterre on the Sister Isle of Carriacou is an award winning beach to visit.

In 2022, Paradise Beach was voted Best Caribbean Beach in the USA Today’s 10 Best Readers’ Choice Awards.

Paradise Beach is the definition of untouched and unspoiled. Its calm and turquoise waters make it an ideal location for swimming.

6. Anse La Roche Beach

This is another magnificent spot located on the island of Carriacou.

This serene, secluded spot is perfect for individuals seeking privacy and tranquility.

The beach is accessible via hiking from High North Range and was previously featured in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean.

7. Sandy Island

Did you know that Grenada and its dependencies are surrounded by small uninhabited islands?

Well Sandy Island is a great example of this. The waters around this uninhabited location are calm and turquoise which makes them amazing for swimming and snorkeling.

8. Pink Gin Beach

This beach is a bit difficult to get to so it is not usually crowded. Sandals Resorts is located near to this beach. It is best to visit Pink Gin by taking a taxi as this beach is off the bus route.

 The taxi price for 2 persons at the time of writing was approximately USD$30 per trip.

9. Magazine Beach

This beach is located near the Point Salines International Airport.  It is about 5 minutes’ walk from the airport.

If you are visiting from the cruise ship terminal, it is advisable to take a taxi and arrange a pick up time for ease of transportation.

This beach is unspoiled as there is no public transportation that takes you to this location which makes it less popular.

The Aquarium restaurant is located nearby. There is usually a barbecue that happens at this restaurant on Sunday if you are visiting on that day.

Alternatively, if you walk back to the airport there are places where you can buy a meal as well as bathroom facilities.

At the time of writing the cost of the taxi was approximately USD$30 per trip for 2 persons.

10. Bathway Beach

This is one of the most popular beaches in the parish of St Patrick.

Bathway Beach is a great liming spot for locals on weekends and public holidays.

However, there are strong undercurrents so be cautious when swimming.

There is a protective reef and it is prudent not to swim beyond the reef for your safety.

Top Things To Do In Grenada

Day Tour- spend a day visiting Concord Waterfall where you can bathe and relax in the pool. Also explore the Grand Etang lake region where you can possibly spot the mona money.

The Diamond Chocolate Factory will give you insight into how chocolate is harvested and processed into delicious chocolate bars.

Rivertubing Adventure- visit the Balthazar river in the Grand Etang area and float with the river’s current.

Be on the look out for the mona monkey in this region. This tour also involves a stop at the Annandale Falls near the capital city.

Authentic Grenadian Experience– this tour truly embraces Grenada’s trademark of beng the isle of spice which involves visiting the House of Chocolate Museum in the capital city. The tour them goes to De La Grenadine Industries and Annandale Waterfall.

Where To Stay In Grenada

Grenada has a wide cross section of accommodation options for you to make your selection. There are guest houses, apartments, cottages and hotels.

The South of the island is the perfect place to stay as you will be within close proximity to malls, supermarkets, the iconic Grand Anse beach, restaurants and banks.

For hotels within walking distance to these amenities mentioned above, we recommend Siesta Hotel and Blue Horizon Hotel.

These are also near the public transportation which is ideal for budget travelers interested in using the local buses.

For adults only all-inclusive experience, we recommend the luxurious Sandals La Source Grenada which is located a short five minutes from the Maurice Bishop International Airport.

If you are spending time in the Northern part of the island especially for hiking trails, waterfalls and lakes, Petite Anse Hotel is great for easy access to these excursions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Most Beautiful Beach In Grenada?

Grand Anse Beach is the most beautiful beach on the island which is a gorgeous two miles stretch of white sand. It is located in the South of the island and shares it shoreline with restaurants such as Umbrellas Beach Bar and 61 Degrees West. The beach is located near malls, banks and buses.

Are there clothing optional beaches in Grenada?

There are no clothing optional beaches in Grenada. All beaches around the island are public and hence there is no entrance fee. It is highly recommended that visitors do not wear bathing suits or mini shorts in the streets, in buses or in stores.

Does Grenada have pink sand beaches?

Yes, there are pink sand beaches in Grenada with the most popular being pink gin beach. This beautiful spot is located in the South of the island near Maurice Bishop International Airport. The luxurious all inclusive Sandals La Source Grenada shares the shoreline of this beach.

Final Thoughts: 10 Best Beaches In Grenada

We trust that you have enjoyed our summary of the 10 best beaches in Grenada.

The article also outlined what are some of the best things to do in Grenada as well as where to stay.

We know that you will have an epic time on the beaches in the isle of spice.

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