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Are you wondering where the best beaches are in Guyana? Well, we have all the answers for you in this article.

Despite its location in South America, Guyana is closely linked to the Caribbean islands both economically and culturally.

As a member of CARICOM which promotes the free movement of labor, many Guyanese have migrated to other Caribbean islands to live and work.

Furthermore, there are many similarities between the food, sporting activities especially cricket and music as the Caribbean islands.

In this article, we outline the best beaches in Guyana as well as summarize some of the exciting attractions to enjoy when visiting the country.

So let us get started.

1. Shell Beach

Located in the Barima Waini region along the Northern coastline, Shell beach is truly the most famous of all the beaches in Guyana.

Spanning an impressive 90 miles, Shell Beach with its golden sands is perfect for swimming and relaxing.

Most notably, Shell Beach is an important conservation area for the nesting of several species of sea turtles.

Nesting period is usually between the months of March to August annually when four of the eight species in the entire world visit to lay their eggs.

These species are the green, the hawksbill, leatherback and the olive ridley. Persons visiting this location must get permission from the Protected Areas Commission.

Visitors usually make it a day trip to Shell Beach and access is via boat only.

2. 63 Beach

Our next recommendation is the famous 63 beach that is located North of Corriverton. It is a great spot for having a picnic, sunbathing, swimming and water sporting activities.

Additionally, its lush unspoiled surroundings make it an ideal location to relax and unwind.

63 Beach has been the venue for the annual Duck Curry Competition that attracts countless individuals for nearby communities for a day of cooking and socializing.

The beach is much easier to access than Shell Beach mentioned above by public transportation and also via boat.

3. Hope Beach

Hope Beach is a paradise for bird watching and wildlife. It is situated on the Eastern side of the coast and is engulfed by dense forests and rolling hills.

Hope Beach is a popular recreational spot on Easter Monday. Due to the presence of salt marshes and mud flats, the beach provides a habitat for shore birds, coastal birds and tropical terns.

This beach is accessible via vehicle a short 90 minutes’ drive from Georgetown.

For tourists seeking to witness wildlife in its natural habitat, the beachfront offers a perfect chance to see various bird species and other wildlife in a beautiful coastal environment.

4. Saxacalli Beach

This is one of the best beaches on the Essequibo River. 

It is situated 50 miles from the capital city of Georgetown and 25 miles from Parika which was initially an area of an indigenous Arawak neighborhood.

Local newspaper, The Guyana Times hails this beach as an excellent inland beach fronts in the country.

The direct translation of the word Saxacalli means kingfisher and visitors can access the spot by taking canoe rides or guided treks up the river.

The beach possesses rocky sections, soft white sand, and a forested region. The water is crystal-clear, and there is a lot of aquatic life to witness if you go snorkeling.

Don’t forget to carry your gear along. The surrounding vegetation will offer abundant shade but you will be required to carry along everything else you require for the day as there are not any amenities here.

5. Bartica Beach

Bartica Beach is a small community of approximately 10,000 inhabitants is situatedon the Essequibo river banks.

However, its serene waters make for a beautiful afternoon escape if you desire to get away from the cities and active visitor beaches. You will have the chance to hike, snorkel, and swim in relative tranquility.

On a whole, the community of Bartica is well known for having the oldest regatta festivals in Guyana.

There are two regatta festivals celebrated annually. The first is held at Easter and the latter in the summer.

Bartica beach is used for activities such as boat racing during the regatta. Other activities around the regatta includes pageants and grass track competition.

Therefore, if you are in Guyana at Easter or during the summer, be sure to consider visiting Bartica beach for all the celebrations.

Exciting Things To Do In Guyana

Dinner In The Secret Guyana With The Singing Chef-food is an important part of the country’s culture and a great way to experience this with a private experience.

Eon John provides an exclusive experience at his home surrounded by candlelight and a delightful garden. Definitely a romantic outing, suitable for couples!

Kanuku Mountain Trekking Activity- this mountain range is isolated and situated in the Rupununi Savannah in the upper Essequibo region. The views provide amazing views from the summit.

Georgetown 7 Curry Tour– learn how to make seven different curries at a local cooking class. Choose ingredients from our local market where you can eat and enjoy your meal.

5 Island Hopping Tour On The Essequibo– explore five different islands on the Essequibo and Mazaruni rivers. Lunch is included at either a Nature Resort at Sloth Island or Modern Resort at Aruwai Resort.

Where To Stay In Guyana

There are options available in the country to suit a wide variety of travelers. The best place to stay is in the capital city of Georgetown.

For a budget friendly option in the capital city, we recommend Julian Guest House.

Alternatively, if you prefer a mid-range option we recommend The Durban Hotel Guyana INC.

Finally, the Guyana Marriott Hotel Georgetown is an excellent luxurious resort to consider for your stay in the capital city.

Final Thoughts: Best Beaches In Guyana

We trust that you found this article beneficial as you explore the beaches in Guyana. In addition to beaches, the country is indeed blessed with rivers, waterfalls and friendly people.

Therefore, we are confident that you will have a memorable time as you explore the length and breadth of Guyana.

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