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Martinique is an overseas department of France and is well known in the Caribbean as the Isle of Flowers for its diverse varieties of flora and fauna.

Fort De France is the capital city which is also the location of the cruise port. Martinique is 436 square miles and home to an active volcano called Mount Pelee.

This is also the highest point of elevation on the island being 4,583 feet.

In this post, we explore the top 5 beaches to visit if you are in Martinique on a cruise.

These are near the cruise port terminal for ease of access on the island.

Diamond Beach is the found 28km away from the cruise ship port in Fort De France. You will require a taxi to access this location. Its calm and gentle waves make it an ideal spot for beginner swimmers and children. There are no beaches in Martinique within walking distance from the cruise port.

1. Diamond Beach

Martinique does not have beaches available in walking distance from the cruise port. Therefore, you will need to take a taxi to visit this location which is about 28 km away.

Diamond Beach is an unpopular beach location which makes it ideal for travelers seeking peace and tranquility.

This region of the island is still relatively untouched so there are no major souvenir stores.

Nevertheless, there is a snack bar nearby where you can grab refreshments if you get hungry.

Diamond beach is loved for its gentle waves which makes it perfect for water activities such as snorkeling.

There are picnic tables as well as palm trees on the shoreline if you need to take a break from the water.

Peradventure you are seeking to pair your beach trip with an activity, Maison de la Canne is an old sugar distillery located nearby.

At this museum, you will get an opportunity to learn more about sugar cane, how it was processed and the role that it played in the history of Martinique.

2. Anse Figuier Beach

Located approximately 35 km from the Fort De France Cruise Port, Anse Figuier Beach is an excellent location for families and novice swimmers.

Due to its location in an enclosed bay, the waves are usually very gentle and calm.

Anse Figuier Beach is well loved by locals on the island. Therefore, if you are in Martinique on the weekends expect there to be a crowd.

There are picnic tables and palm trees for persons who want to relax, read or eat as well as a small play area suitable for children.

The Ecomuseum of Martinique is located about 900 square meters from the beach. This is an excellent stop to make to understand more about the history of island.

3. Gros Raisin Beach

Situated in the community of Sainte Luce in the South of the island, Gros Raisin is the perfect spot for individuals seeking peace and quietness.

This location is not frequently visited by beach goers and hence is a nice spot to spread a towel and sun bathe.

Gros Raisin is filled with palm trees and picnic tables if you will also like to read or relax at this location.

There are many cafes nearby in the event you need refreshment.

4. Anse Trabaud Beach

The picturesque Anse Trabaud beachfront is found on the Southern coast the island of Martinique, 52 km away from Fort de France Cruise Terminal.

Like all other shores in Martinique, Anse Trabaud is covered by a lovely palm forest that provides shade and there are snack bars for persons who need refreshment.

There are  no public toilets, so be cautious if you choose to bring the kids with you.

Anse Trabaud Beach has an unusual shape which gives the site gives an excellent blend of calm seas and waves. Therefore, this is a perfect location for kayaking and surfing.

The Savane des Pétrifications is located nearby which is an interesting location with desert like landscape where there were once wood and fossilized trees.

This area is a unique place to visit, which greatly contrast to the lush green landscape of Martinique.

5. Grande Anse Des Salines

This is the most popular and well visited beaches on the island found 53 km from Fort de France Cruise Terminal.

The beach here is split into 3-parts: Grande Anse des Salines, the most well-known of all, Grande Terre des Salines to the East and to the West, Petite Anse des Salines. Each of these areas is worth a stop.

Generally, the area is wooded and forms part of the National Coastal Park. Due to the popularity of the beach, it is best to arrive early to secure a spot especially on weekends and in the high tourist season.

Final Thoughts

We trust that you found the information above valuable as you enjoy the beach while on a Caribbean cruise in Martinique.

The island is definitely beautiful and we trust that the short time that you spend while on this cruise makes you consider booking an even longer visit in the future.

One advantage of visiting the island is its proximity to other Caribbean islands which makes island hopping a breeze.

L’Express Des IIes provides ferry services to Guadeloupe, St Lucia and Dominica.

During festive times of the year, there are also onward connections from Guadeloupe to Antigua.

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