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San Juan is the capital city of Puerto Rico, a Spanish speaking Caribbean island affectionately known as the Island of Enchantment.

Furthermore, Puerto Rico is an overseas territory of the United States of America and hence the US dollar is the official currency.

San Juan is a popular stop for cruise passengers and in this guide we cover those easily accessible from the cruise port.

In addition to visiting beaches, there are other exciting things to do such as seeing the San Juan Gate and strolling the Paseo de la Princesa.

Playita Del Condado is the beach located nearest to the cruise terminal. Its calm and shallow waters make it an ideal spot for beginner swimmers and children. There are restaurants, changing rooms and showers in the vicinity. Water sporting gears such are jet skis are available for rent.

1. Playita del Condado

Cross the bridge of the Puente Dos Hermanos on the East side of Ashford Avenue and you will discover “Condado’s Little Beach” or Playita del Condado, which is 3 km away from San Juan Cruise Port.

This coast is a jewel in San Juan and provides breathtaking city vistas, lush palm and almond trees, sparkling blue waters, and a relaxed ambience ideal for a peaceful seaside day.

Playita del Condado is in a covered bay, so the water is considerably more child-friendly than at Condado Beach.

It is an excellent spot to bring your kids to splash around in the water while you relax in the almond tree shade.

If the shaded areas are crowded, don’t worry. There are umbrella rental facilities on the beach. You can also bring your snorkel as the water is crystal clear.

There are also incredible vistas of the Caribe Hilton and other tall buildings. The remnants of this little fort at the opening of the Condado Lagoon trace back to the 17-century!

Also, there are also vendors strolling through Ashford Avenue selling regional specialities like pinchos and fresh coconuts.

2. Condado Beach

Sometimes referred to as the Miami Beach of Puerto Rico, Condado Beach is among the most well-known shores for visitors and is surrounded by numerous high-rise resorts.

As a result, it provides varied experiences for every type of visitor.

Found only 3.5 km away from San Juan Cruise Port, Condado is undoubtedly the finest beach in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The waves can get robust and wild on this coast, and there are no lifeguards on duty.

So, remember that this spot may not be ideal for beginner swimmers or small children.

Keep your eyes open for the ice cream carts across the strip to enjoy a refreshing treat.

This vast golden sandy expanse of beach is ideal for people-watching, sunbathing, strolling and jogging.

You can also savor a seaside lunch at one of the several restaurants across Ashford Avenue. We suggest trying out the tacos at Condado Vanderbilt.

If you desire something exclusive, check the Vanderbilt Hotel’s premier spot called 1919 Restaurant.

You can taste top-class cuisine, sip on a chilled glass of white wine, and peek out at the majestic Atlantic Ocean from this trendy place.

3. Escambron Beach

Escambron beach, also regarded as Balneario el Escambron, is found 4.5 km from San Juan Cruise Port and on a short walking distance from Old San Juan.

Without a doubt, this beach is one of the best San Juan beaches and provides something for everyone.

You can easily reach here from the downtown regions of San Juan, so it’s among the primary beaches many visitors prefer to visit.

Thanks to the safety of a coastal coral reef, the waters here create a massive outer saltwater pool.

This makes it ideal for activities such as floating, swimming, playing and snorkeling.

The shore is split into three smaller beaches, with each beach offering specific advantages to various types of beach goers.

The most distant shore is fantastic for snorkelers. The small beach is excellent for families with children, and the central coast is just suitable for all, even romantics.

Go early in the morning and select a shady place under the countless palm trees on the beach.

In the event that you need a bite to eat, stroll across the streets to one of the multiple open eateries.

So, pack your beach stuff and head over to Escambrón. It is the most pleasing way to get away from the hustle & bustle of city life.

4. Ocean Park Beach

Ocean Park Beach is found around 7.5 km or 15 minutes drive from San Juan Cruise Port.

This beach is a relaxed, vast expanse of soft golden sand coast. It’s ideal for long strolls, sunbathing, and jogging.

This coast is placed against the wild waves of the Atlantic, forming the ideal conditions for wind and body surfing.

Observing the waves hitting the beach as the surfers do their thing is stunningly rejuvenating.

Go with a book and savor a fantastic time seeing some rays and people watching.

This seaside is also more peaceful than San Juan’s beaches and is a bit difficult to discover because the tall waterfront buildings separate it from the town.

The waves here vary from mild to intense, and therefore it is ideal for advanced swimmers.

If you get hungry, there are lots of eateries on the street where you can catch a bite and a rejuvenating beverage.

The beach is set over one mile and does not possess showers, bathrooms, or changing rooms, so it attracts fewer visitors who desire to spend the entire day at the beach.

5. Isla Verde Beach

Isla Verde is undoubtedly the most excellent beach in the Metropolitan District of Puerto Rico and perhaps even the top urban beach in the whole Caribbean.

It’s located on the side of the town that is filled with many resorts and features a lengthy, comprehensive, and slightly curved golden sand beach.

Isla Verde, meaning Green Island, is streaked with towering swaying palm trees.

The beach is set at a distance of 12 km from San Juan Cruise Port and takes around 20 minutes to drive from the port to reach here.

It contains all the essential amenities, beginning with paid parking, showers, bathrooms, and restaurants. You can rent an umbrella, chairs, and water adventure gear.

The crystal clear waters of this coast stay warm throughout the year and just appeal to you to get a reviving dip in them.

Isla Verde is broad enough to have an abundance of room for just about everyone.

There are also several water activities on offer, including parasailing, jet-skiing, banana boat riding and standup paddle boarding.

The coast has some excellent surfing, and if you don’t know how to surf, a regional surf school provides classes.

Final Thoughts

We trust that you found the information above valuable as you enjoy the beach while on a Caribbean cruise in San Juan.

Due to its location, Puerto Rico can experience tropical hurricanes during the season which commences in June and ends in November annually.

Therefore, if you are planning a trip to the island, travel insurance is recommended.

Hurricanes Fiona and Nicole made landfall on the island in 2022 respectively

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