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Are you visiting St Barths and wondering what are the beaches near the cruise port? Well, you have landed on the right page.

St Barths is only eight square miles situated in the Northern region near to the Dutch and French Caribbean island of St Maarten and St Martin.

It is an overseas dependency of France and hence French is the official language spoken.

The island is well loved for its white sand beaches, fine dining options and luxury shopping.

The capital city, Gustavia has the retail presence of many international brands such as Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Gucci and Cartier.

As a result, the island has attracted countless A list celebrities such as the Kardashians.

In this article, we outline the top five beaches located near the cruise port

So let’s get started.

1. Shell Beach

Our first recommendation is the iconic Shell beach which is located a short 2 km from the capital city of Gustavia and is located within walking distance from the cruise port.

The beach is a favorite of many locals and visitors alike due to its tranquil waters. This makes it an excellent location for swimming and snorkeling.

Shell Beach got its name from the countless shells that cover its shoreline.

Therefore, it is advised that you wear water shoes during your visit.

The beach is an excellent location for relaxing as it provides breathtaking views of the neighboring Dutch Caribbean island of St Eustatius and Saba.

Shellona is a restaurant overlooking the beach where there is usually DJ and live music bands.

Yachts usually land just off of this coast, making Shell Beach perfect for seeing the “yachtie” crowd.

The beach is bordered with other bars and restaurants from higher-end dining experiences to budget shacks.

2. St Jean Beach

Often referred to as one of the best beaches on the island, St Jean Beach has white sand with peaceful waters which is perfect for swimming and water sporting activities.

The beach is found only about 2 km from St Barts Cruise port and is suitable for all types of visitors. From honeymooners to families, loungers to surfers, St Jean Beach will be an excellent spot to visit while on a cruise.

Furthermore, St Jean Beach is located in front of the Gustaf III Airport which is ideal for plane spotters.

Amenities such as designer shops, restaurants, bars and sports centers are all located within walking distance. Some of the best restaurants near this beach include Nikki Beach, Gyp Sea Beach Restaurant and Lil Rock.

Furthermore, there are also elegant hotels such as Les Ilets de la Plage Hotel and Pearl Beach Hotel are also found on the beach.

The coast is split into two portions by the Eden Rock peninsula. The Eastern end possesses more tranquil waters and is more excellent for families with small kids, and for snorkeling.

The Western side possesses the longer span of coast, and the waters offshore are best for activities like windsurfing.

3. Colombier Beach

Are you seeking a private and secluded beach experience while in St Barths? Then Colombier Beach is the perfect spot to visit.

Colombier’s remoteness creates it uniquely peaceful and private atmosphere. This location can only be reached via walking which takes approximately thirty minutes.

Situated about 3.5 km from St Barths Cruise port, this is the most excellent shore for that romantic noon picnic lunch.

There are no public restrooms or restaurant amenities, so prepare ahead. Remember to to take everything that you require as this location is remote.

There are two footpaths lead to the beach.  The favored path begins at the end of Flamands Beach mentioned below.

Alternatively, the second course begins by the lookout spot at the end of Colombier. This part is rough so please where appropriate shoes if you choose this route.

4. Flamands Beach

Located about 4km from the St Barths cruise port, Flamands Beach is loved for its white sand.

Additionally, it is one of the longest beaches on the island. At times, the water at Flamands Beach can be choppy and hence dangerous for small children and beginner swimmers.

Nevertheless, its choppy waves make it an excellent location for kitesurfing.

Flamands Beach is home to two hotels being Hotel Baie des Anges and the Cheval Blanc Isle de France.

At both of these establishments, visitors can rent chairs and umbrellas. Furthermore, lunch and other refreshments are easy to access at their restaurants.

5. Lorient Beach

Lorient Beach is found on the North coast of the island around 4.5 km away from the cruise port.

It is only a mile from St. Jean mentioned above. The western side of the beach tends to have consistent swells which make the location ideal for surfers.  

There is also a surf school located nearby in the evident that you are interested in lessons.

Alternatively, the Eastern end of the beach has calmer waves which is better for swimming and snorkeling. This makes this spot popular for families.

Lorient Beach provides plenty of room to spread out for sunbathing and picnics.

The shore is lined with sea grapes as well as restaurants nearby if you are seeking refreshments.
Where To Stay In St Barths

St Barths provide a range of accommodation options for villas to apartments and hotels.

These are mainly concentrated in the capital city of Gustavia.

For more budget friendly options, we recommend Les Villas de Sweet Hill and Maison Palmier Blanc.

Alternatively, if you prefer to stay near the beach, Pearl Beach Hotel is an excellent choice.

For luxury and high end accommodation, we suggest Villa African Queen and Ocean Views Villa Lo Scoglio.

Things To Know Before Going To St Barths

As an overseas territory of France, French is the official language of St Barths. Nevertheless, English is widely spoken by the natives.

Ferry services are available from St Barths to both the Dutch side, St Maarten and the French side, St Martin.  A great way to explore the island is by taking a day trip from St Maarten.

There is no international airport. Therefore, international travelers usually transit through Princess Juliana Airport in St Maarten.

The Euro is the official currency for financial transactions. Nonetheless, US dollars are widely accepted by businesses.

Ensure and notify your banks prior to traveling to prevent credit cards from being blocked as you begin using it on the island.

Standard European 220 volts are required for electronic gadgets. Kindly consider bringing adapters if required.

St Barths is located within the hurricane belt and hence if you are visiting the island from June to November, it is prudent to get travel insurance. Historically, September is the most active month of the season.

For affordable and reliable insurance to St Barths, we recommend World Nomads Travel Insurance.

Final Thoughts: Beaches In St Barths Near The Cruise Port

St Barths is a perfect destination for individuals seeking privacy and seclusion as the island is not often overcrowded with thousands of tourists.

The island is also well loved for its awesome beaches. We believe that you will have an enjoyable time while on shore on the island at any one of these amazing locations.

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