St Croix is the largest of the four main islands of the US Virgin Island group. The other three main islands are St Thomas, St John and Water Island.

These are all dependencies of the United States of America and hence US dollars is the officially currency used for financial transactions.

St Croix is 84 square miles with the highest peak being Mount Eagle which stands at 1,088 feet.

Despite being the largest landmass of the US Virgin Island group, St Thomas is the centre of commerce and trade.

Hence, it is the better island for nightlife and duty free shopping.

In this post, we explore the top 5 beaches to visit if you are in St Croix on a cruise.

These are near the cruise port terminal for ease of access on the island.

Frederiksted Beach is located within walking distance from the cruise port in St Croix. Its calm and tranquil waters make it an ideal spot for beginner swimmers and children. There are restaurants, bars as well as locations to rent water sporting equipment nearby.

1. Frederiksted Beach

Frederiksted Beach is next to the old fort (so much so it’s occasionally called Fort Frederik Beach) and the town’s pier. The surroundings make it a wonderful place to swim near the urban region.

Resting on the coast, under a shady tree, you can listen to Caribbean music from regional restaurants and bars. You are never far from a tasty local meal or a chilling drink.

Like multiple shores here, the beach has a rocky base in some areas. Beach shoes are a great idea to support you in stepping in or out of the water.

Under the tranquil water, swimmers or snorkelers will see plenty of life, including beautiful seahorses, angelfish, or possibly an octopus. You may also be fortunate to discover some sea glass or “Chaney”.

Visiting the beach is certainly among the exciting things to do in the capital city.

You will also see artists selling jewelry created from upcycled elements in the garden opposite the coast.

2. Rainbow Beach

Located about 2km from the cruise port, Rainbow Beach is one of the most popular beaches in St Croix.

Consequently, expect there to be a crowd especially if you are visiting on a weekend or public holiday.

The waters are calm and clear which makes it appropriate for swimming, snorkeling and a range of water sports activities.

Beach chair and umbrella rental, water sporting gear rental and ease of parking are some of the amenities available.

Rhythms beach restaurant is situated on the shore with a mouth-watering lunch and dinner menu.  At times, there is usually a live band especially at nights.

Bring water shoes, as there are a few sharp rocks are on the seafloor, particularly towards both ends.

3. Sandy Point Beach

Located 7km from the cruise port, Sandy Point Beach forms part of the Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge.

This unspoiled and untouched location draws fewer visitors as there are no amenities and no place to relax with shade.

Therefore, if you are visiting, carry an umbrella, hat and wear reef safe sunscreen.

Sandy Point Beach is usually restricted from public access during the months of April to August as it is the prime nesting period for the endangered leatherback turtle.  

A saltwater lagoon filled with mangrove trees is also a portion of the refuge as a shelter for over a hundred bird species.

As well as watching for birds or potentially swimming with rays and turtles, you can enjoy the most extended coast in the US Virgin Islands, over 2 miles from end to end.

Sandy Point has appeared in many movies and advertisements for its natural beauty and stunning landscape.

It is a great location for nature enthusiasts to stroll and admire wildlife, mangroves and fauna.

4. Cane Bay Beach

Cane Bay, found just 11 km from the Frederiksted pier, has wide appeal as it is one of the most famous beachfront along the North coast of St. Croix.

It is home to excellent snorkeling and diving, with a wide option of amenities such as numerous bars or restaurants.

Do not forget to stop by Cane Bay Dive Shop to get a copy of their amazing snorkel map of the island if you are in this area.

Peradventure you are a skilled diver, you can explore the renowned 13,000-ft “wall” just offshore.

Divers can see an abundant ocean life, including moray eels, squid, turtles, wrasses, and even seahorses.

There are also multiple picture options among the soft and hard corals offshore.

The sand here is ideal for a sunbathing. You can rent umbrellas or sun loungers, join a game of beach volleyball, sit under a shady palm, or dance to the melody in one of the bars.

5. Turtle Beach

Frequently making lists of the earth’s greatest beaches, Turtle Beach on Buck Island, found over 50 km away from the cruise port, is easily one of the finest beachfront in St. Croix.

To get to the island, you must take a boat or rent a kayak, both beautiful experiences.

Around one-and-a-half miles off the Northeast shore of St. Croix, Buck Island is among the only three US Underwater National Monuments.

President Kennedy first documented it in 1961 as “among the best aquatic gardens in the Caribbean Sea” and the location was later developed under President Clinton’s administration.

This remote site is now a haven for snorkelers, who paddle in turquoise waters over coral and white sand.

Home to a few of the most excellent snorkeling in the Caribbean, you will witness lots of colorful fish, lazily swimming turtles, and gliding rays.

True to its name, Turtle Beach is a nesting spot for hawksbill, leatherback, and green sea turtles.

The coast is part of the protected marine environment, so be cautious not to disturb shells, rocks, and coral. The same applies to the nature trails on the island.

Final Thoughts

We trust that you found the information above valuable as you enjoy the beach while on a Caribbean cruise in St Croix

There are many exciting things to do on the island and St Croix is also known for its Food and Wine Experience which is held annually in April.

We hope that your short stay has convinced you to return for an even longer period.

One advantage of choosing a stay in St Croix is its proximity to many islands including the British Virgin Islands via ferry services.

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