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St Lucia is an English Speaking Caribbean island which is a part of the Eastern Caribbean Islands Group.

It is located South of Martinique and North East of St Vincent & The Grenadines and is one of the highly visited islands by cruise passengers.

The island is known globally for its famous twin peaks, The Piton which is a designated UNESCO heritage site since 2004.

In this post we will explore the top 5 beaches to visit if you are in St Lucia on a cruise. These are near the cruise port terminal for ease of access on the island.

Choc Beach is the closest beach to the cruise terminal in St Lucia. It is approximately 4km which is about a 5 to 10 minute drive from the cruise terminal. Alternatively, a relaxing stroll from the cruise port takes approximately 30 minutes. Choc Beach is an excellent spot to enjoy water sports.

1. Choc Beach

Choc Beach offers a feeling of serenity and a genuine local coastline experience.

It is a peaceful beach providing lots of shade creating a perfect spot to swim and a picnic to relax for the day.

Even with its closeness to the port, the beach is frequented by fewer visitors, indicating you can expect an almost empty coast during the week and natives on the weekend.

The beach is about 4 km and a 5 to 10-minute drive from the St Lucia cruise terminal by cab. A stroll from the cruise port takes approximately 30 minutes.

There are no eateries on the coast. However, Gablewoods Mall is nearby which offers a wide variety of shops. Enjoy the fish and roti for a genuine St Lucian cuisine experience!

Kayaking and paddleboarding are accessible, and you can also adventure out to Rat Island for a short trek.

The coast possesses clear waters, creating an ideal setting for swimming and snorkeling.

2. La Toc Beach

La Toc Beach is among the most remote and peaceful shores in St Lucia. The Sandals Golf Resort largely dominates this attractive beach which is also accessible to the public.

The shore possesses a lovely long expanse of golden-color sand and stunning blue waters.

So, if you are searching for a serene location where you can go for a swim, make sandcastles, and enjoy a bite in a peaceful setting, then this beach is the ideal choice.

The beach is around 5 km from the St Lucia cruise terminal, and taxi services are also available to take you from the port.

Make sure to ask your driver to bring you to the public access to the beach.

If you get hungry at the beach, there are a number of restaurants to choose from both in the area and at nearby locations.

Dine-in among the several restaurants at the Sandals Resort or enjoy some Asian cuisine at Kimonos.

If you are feeling energetic, then you can try your hands on a game of golf at the Sandals Resort or hire kayaks or snorkel gear from the resort.

3. Reduit Beach

The Reduit beach’s white sand extends for a mile alongside the North shore with spectacular vistas in all directions.

Its serene waters make it well loved by families with young children.  A seaside umbrella and 2 chairs will cost you about $20,

The beach is almost 10 km from the St Lucia cruise ship terminal and will take around a 20-min taxi trip from the cruise port to the pretty famous Reduit Beach in Rodney Bay.

There is a vast choice of spots to drink and eat while touring the beach.

Spinnakers Restaurant is easy to locate and has a superb Caribbean and global cuisine menu, from vegan to seafood and barbecue choices.

Marie’s Shack is one of the best relaxed beachside restaurants for those looking for barbecued local cuisine.

Parasailing, wakeboarding, speedboats, jet skis are watersports to enjoy at Reduit Beach. 

Additionally, the beach has the only waterpark on the island called Splash Island Waterpark. Children can enjoy waterslides, climbing walls, a trampoline, and a lot more!

4. Marigot Bay

Located on the western part of the island, the coast at Marigot Bay is found around 12 km from St Lucia Cruise Terminal and is one of the most peaceful beaches in St Lucia to visit.

It may appear a little off the beaten path, but this is complete heaven for those looking for sun, peace, and a genuine Caribbean haven.

Marigot Bay beach is also famous at it is one of the location where Pirate of the Caribbean was filmed.

A taxi trip to the beach will take around 30-mininutes from the cruise port. Due to its location, it may be wise to book your return to the cruise port with the same driver.

On the south part of the beach is a group of beachfront restaurants such as the Mangrove, Hurricane Hole, and Chateau Mygo.

You can enjoy the free ferry boat over to the popular restaurant Doolittle’s, where there are various meal choices for the entire family, from pizza and burgers to seafood.

5.  Pigeon Island National Park

Pigeon Island National Park is situated on the island’s northern edge around 14 km from St Lucia cruise terminal which is also located near the Splash Water Park.

The coast possesses clear waters and is perfect for snorkeling lovers. There are two restaurants on the grounds, a floating bar and a rum bar providing rejuvenating tropical beverages.

Take a quick picturesque trek to the summit of Pigeon Island and explore Signal Peak and Fort Rodney for approximately $8 entry price.

While there you can enjoy an amazing view of the island of Martinique.

Found on the waterfront, you will discover Jambe De Bois Restaurant & Bar for some of the best food on the island.

They deliver everything from fresh fish, pasta dishes, salads, and chicken fillets. There’s live music, lots of shade, and plenty of seating to have a relaxing experience.

There are several activities to enjoy such as snorkeling. Beach chairs can rented for about $5 to $7, although there is abundant grass and shaded spots to spread your seaside towel for seating.

Final Thoughts

We trust that you found the information above valuable as you enjoy the beach while on a Caribbean cruise in St Lucia.

St Lucia is a beautiful and mountainous island, so enjoy this tropical oasis while in port.

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