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St Vincent & the Grenadines is located in the Southern region of the Caribbean. The island made news globally for the eruption of the volcano La Soufriere in 2021.

This volcano and the trail to the summit is still today one of the most popular hiking treks on the island.

Furthermore, St Vincent & the Grenadines is home to the oldest botanical garden in the Western hemisphere.

In this article, our focus is on the numerous beaches on the island which consists of the mainland St Vincent and 32 other islands and cays.

Honestly, if your vacation in St Vincent is centered on exploring its many beaches, the Grenadines are the better places to visit for white sand locations with clear turquoise waters.

Alternatively, black sand beaches are also unique and stunning and there are multiple options available on mainland St Vincent.

5 Best Beaches In St Vincent

1. Villa Beach

This is one of the few white sand beaches in St Vincent located right after the village of Arnos Vale.

It shares shoreline with many hotels on the island such as the Windjammer Landing Beach Resort.

This beach is perfect for snorkeling and other water sporting activities. It offers excellent vistas of the surrounding region and looks unto the Grenadine Island called Young Island.

Access to this beach is easy via public transportation as buses travel from the capital city of Kingstown to Villa.

2. Indian Bay Beach

Indian Bay Beach is another beach location loved by locals on the island and is situated walking distance from Villa Beach listed above.

Public transportation to Indian Bay Beach is also seamless and persons interested in buying souvenirs can walk to the Joshua Centre located about 10 minutes away.

Indian Bay is remarkable for its quiet and calm waters. There are toilets, changing rooms, snack bars and showers in case you are spending the day.

3. Questelles Beach

Located in Campden Park, this beach is another fantastic spot with the locals and not often visited by tourists to the island.

Therefore, if you are looking for an opportunity to immerse yourself with the locals, this shore is a lovely opportunity.

Questelles Beach is known for soft and dark sand in terms of look and feel. It has gentle waves and surrounded by breathtaking mountain views.

It is perfect for swimming and snorkeling due to its clear waters.

4. Brighton Beach

Located near the community of Prospect, Brighton beach is loved for its warm water which makes it perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

There are sunbeds, sun loungers, a bar, and a cafe for the convenience of visitors.

5. Mt. Wynne Beach

This is a stunning black sand beach spot located on the South Western end of the island.

Mt Wynne beach is adored for its beautiful waters which are one of the best snorkeling spots in St Vincent.

The beach is perfect for spending the day as there are facilities such as bathrooms and showers as well as multiple trees which provide ample space for relaxing.

5 Best Beaches In The Grenadines

1. Princess Margaret Beach

Located on the island of Bequia, the water is transparent and calm. There are plenty of trees for shade and the beach is ideal for snorkeling.

There are bars and restaurants nearby with one of the most popular being Jack’s Restaurant.

2. Lower Bay Beach

This is another well-loved spot in Bequia which is walking distance from the Princess Margaret Beach listed above.

The beach is quiet with turquoise waters perfect for snorkeling. The easiest and most affordable way to get to Bequia is by boat.

We have written an article all about how to get to Bequia so feel free to click the previous link for more information.

3. Lagoon Beach

This location is secluded which makes it perfect for persons seeking privacy. This is a relatively lengthy shore covering the whole Southwest corner of the island.

As the name hints, there is certainly an enormous lagoon here. Around the lagoon is a pleasant nature path, so if you are up to an excellent short walk, it might make for a satisfactory experience.

It’s the ideal spot to arrive in the morning to see the sunrise, as it sits right on the island’s corner, and you will get a few most incredible scenic sights.

One thing to also note about the location is that there are not many things nearby.

So, it is prudent to carry snacks and other items you require for the day as the location is extremely remote.

4. Britannia Bay Beach

This beach is ideal for snorkeling and swimming, with crystal-clear waters, fantastic pristine beaches and a few of the most pleasing vistas the Caribbean has to provide.

Britannia Bay Beach is situated on the Western end of the island and is often the site where boats moored.

This can however make activities such as swimming and snorkeling challenging.

5. Salt Whistle Bay Beach

Another of the most famous coasts in the Grenadines is Salt Whistle Bay. This site is found on Mayreau, an isle even further South than Bequia

The amazing Salt Whistle Bay has acquired multiple awards over the years.

It was voted among the top 50 Finest Beaches worldwide and mentioned in the Paradise Found part of “50 Best Locations of a Lifetime” by National Geographic Visitor Special Edition.

Many yacht owners visit this site when touring through the Caribbean. So, you will witness many additional sailboats at this location.

The sea here is exceptionally peaceful and transparent too, plus it’s also relatively shallow and therefore suitable for novice swimmers.

That said, the beach is World Class and includes one of the most guarded Caribbean anchorages.

There is no airport in Mayreau so the only way to arrive on this island is by the sea.

The best way to access the island is to take a flight from Barbados to Union Island. Then, book a water taxi over to Mayreau.

Alternatively, you can also access the island from Grenada by taking water taxi from the islands of Petite Martinique or Carriacou.

Final Thoughts

We trust that you found this article informative as you explore the many beaches in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

There are many other exciting things to do in St Vincent and the Grenadines such as visiting Forts Charlotte and Duvernette as well as exploring the anchorage in Wallilabou.

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