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Trinidad & Tobago is located in the Southern region of the Caribbean.

Historically, the destination has not been a popular spot for tourism due to the huge dependency on the oil and gas industry for its economic development.

Nevertheless, the country is breathtaking with beautiful beaches, nightlife, hiking trails and waterfalls.

In this article, we cover the 11 of the amazing beaches on the island that we know you will enjoy when visiting Trinidad & Tobago.

5 Best Beaches In Trinidad

1. Maracas Bay Beach

Our first recommendation is the most famous beach on the island which is Maracas Bay Beach which is about thirty minutes’ drive from the capital city of Port of Spain.

Maracas Bay is a picture perfect location with golden sands with palm trees surrounded by majestic mountains.

Lifeguards and other amenities are available such as food stalls and WIFI access.

The beach is also expansive which gives you sufficient space to spend the day.

A visit to Maracas Bay Beach is not complete without trying Bake and Shark which is authentic meal to Trinidad and Tobago.

There are numerous food stalls providing this on the beach and do not forget to try the many sauces that is served along with this treat.

2. Las Cuevas Bay Beach

Located approximately 10 minutes from Maracas Bay Beach, Las Cuevas is a preferred choice for most Trinidadians. The beach is about 29 km drive from the Port of Spain.

One advantage of this location is its horseshoe shape which provides a shelter from winds and waves which makes it ideal for swimming.

Paddleboard enthusiasts also love this location.

Las Cuevas is Spanish translates in English as caves and therefore adventure seekers can also take some time to visit the endless hidden caves covering the beach.

There are many amenities such as lifeguards, changing rooms and food stalls which are perfect for persons who want to spend the day.

3. Blanchisseuse Beach

Located in Paris Main Road and about 44 km from Port of Spain is another fantastic beach called Blanchisseuse Beach.

This spot is excellent for persons who enjoy swimming with leatherback turtles and admiring the parrots that call this beach home.

Blanchisseuse Beach is a renowned kayaking area as the Marianne River flows into this beach. There is a hiking trail nearby that leads to a waterfall.

4. Mayaro Beach

Located on the Southeast region of the island, this spot is excellent for swimming, kayaking and bird watching.

The beach is nine miles long with golden sands and is also a favorite of kitesurfers.

5. Manzanilla Beach

Located on the Eastern coastline, this beach is perfect for persons seeking a peaceful escape.

It is also a haven for turtle nesting between the months of March to September.

Therefore, exercise great care when visiting the location during this period.

There are amenities for a relaxing beach day such as showers, changing rooms and bathrooms which are perfect for a day trip.

6 Best Beaches In Tobago

1. Back Bay Beach

This beach is located near the capital city of Scarborough. Nevertheless, it can be difficult to find due to its obscure entrance near an abandoned estate.

Back Bay Beach is characterized by its clear waters which makes it an ideal spot for scuba diving and snorkeling.

Unfortunately, no amenities such as food trucks, changing rooms and bathroom facilities are on site so bear this in mind if you are planning a day trip.

The secluded location of this beach may present some security risk, so do exercise care and due diligence should you decide to visit.

2. Mount Irvine Bay Beach

This beach is also home to the Mount Irvine Bay Hotel and is an exceptional location for swimming, snorkeling and sunbathing.

During select periods of the year, it is also excellent for surfing.

There are many amenities available such as parking, beach chair rentals, bars and picnic huts which make for a relaxing day at the beach.

3. Store Bay Beach

Store Bay Beach is one of the best beaches in Tobago located with near prime hotels on the island such as Crown Point Beach Hotel and Sandy Point Beach Club respectively.

The beach is approximately 20 minutes’ drive from the Port of Scarborough.

There are numerous amenities such as food stalls, souvenir stands and beach and umbrella rentals on site.

4. Pigeon Point Beach

Located approximately eleven minutes’drive from the ANR Robinson International Airport and about twenty five minutes from the capital city, this is another well- loved beach in Tobago.

Pigeon Point Beach is adored for its white sand, turquoise waters and gentle waves.

There are amenities such as lifeguards and food stalls.

Beach chairs, surfboards, umbrellas, scuba and snorkeling gear, and kayaks are also available for rentals. Washroom, safe parking and seating amenities are also offered.

5. Englishman’s Bay Beach

Named as one of the ten best beaches in the Caribbean by numerous travel websites and magazines, Englishman’s Bay Beach is ideal for persons seeking a true Caribbean gem.

The beach is still relatively undeveloped and unspoiled which adds to its unique charm.

Beach chairs, umbrellas and water sporting gear are available for rent.

Additionally, there is a souvenir shop and restaurant if you want to grab some refreshment or purchase a memorabilia of the island.

6. Parlatuvier Bay Beach

The water is calm and peaceful with 500 metres of shoreline which is sheltered due its unique horseshoe shape.

As a result, Parlatuvier Bay Beach is suitable for small children due to its gentle waves.

Nonetheless, depending on the season, there could be undercurrents. Therefore, it is prudent to exercise due care and caution.

Final Thoughts

We trust that you found this article helpful as you enjoy the beach while in Trinidad & Tobago.

Remember there are so many other exciting things that you can enjoy such as entertainment, performing arts and hiking.

The destination is known for having some of the most authentic cuisine in the Caribbean so do experiment and enjoy the diverse flavors.

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