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Looking for the best beaches in Utila? Then this article is exactly what you need.

Utila is the smallest of the major Bay islands which are part of Honduras. The other two islands are Roatan and Guanaja respectively.

One of the best things to do in Utila is to enjoy its beautiful beaches. In this article, we summarize the best beaches locations to visit.

So let’s begin.

1. Chepes Beach

This is often hailed as the best beach in Utila. Loved for its white sand, Chepes Beach is only is just 220 metres.

The beach is an excellent location for swimming and there are small cabanas where you can place your personal belongings or even better, a tropical drink.

Chepes Beach is located near to hotels, hostels and restaurants on the island. A Utila sign monument is also in the vicinity so look out for it to take some cool souvenir photos.

If you are searching for a post-beach adventure stroll around ten minutes northeast and eat at the Asian fusion cafe Mister Buddha or spend the night at the new, recently opened boutique hotel Manurii.

2. Bando Beach

This is a private beach at the Sea Eye Resort situated on the Southeastern end of the island.

As a private property, there is a cost to enter and the beach is approximately 15 minutes stroll from the city centre.

Bando Beach is loved for its palm trees which provide ample shade for relaxation.

There is an additional cost for amenities such as clean bathrooms, fresh water showers, picnic tables, and beach volleyball.

These amenities are not available at public beaches across the island.

3. Water Cay Beach

Located on the Western side of the island, Water Cay is an excellent place for snorkeling.

Bright tropical fishes and marine life can be readily seen. This is also an ideal spot for diving.

The beach is the perfect spot for resting under multiple palm and coconut trees.

A natural harbor encloses the coast from the sea, and as a consequence, is the ideal place for stand up paddle boarding.

4. Big Bight Beach (South Shore)

Are you searching for a serene and remote beach experience in Utila? Then Big Bight Beach is an outstanding option.

This location is loved for its calm and pristine waters which make it an ideal spot for both couples and families.

Big Bight Beach is great for swimming, snorkeling, walking, sunbathing and paddle boarding.

A perfect serene spot to spend the day!

5. Pumpkin Hill Beach

Found on the Northside of Utila island is where you will discover the serene and relatively peaceful Pumpkin Hill Cove.

The area around the beach has experienced significant development in recent years with the completion of the road from the airport to Pumpkin Hill Beach.

Additionally, with the installation of water, power and fibre optic, the area in and around the beach is poised for massive development in the coming years.

Pumpkin Hill Beach is loved for its white sand and transparent waters. This particular beach and cove that encircles this region is popular for turtle nesting

Its serene and peaceful environment has made it an area where turtles nest so bear this in mind when using the area during nesting season.

Where To Stay In Utila Island

For stay on Utila Island, we recommend Manurii Boutique Hotel  which is near Chepes Beach mentioned above and Coral View Beach Resort.

Things To Know Before Going To Utila

Spanish is the official language of the island as mainland Honduras. Nevertheless, due to the island’s popularity with tourists and digital nomads, English is widely spoken by the natives.

The official currency is the Lempira. However, US dollars are widely accepted on the island.

Many of the local businesses are small and do not have credit card machines to process payments. Hence it is better to rely primarily on cash to complete financial transactions.

It is advised to avoid drinking the tap water on the island. Bottled waters are available at local grocery stores.

Claro and Tigo are the main telecommunications providers in Utila. Many of the local restaurants and hotels offer free WIFI for your communication needs.

Semana Santa or the Holy week which is celebrated at Easter time usually attracts a large number of persons from mainland Honduras. To have a better and more cost effective experience, it is best to avoid visiting during this period.

The main way to get around the island is by renting a golf cart or bike.

Utila is a fantastic destination for diving. There are a number of dive schools available for beginners.

Final Thoughts: Best Beaches In Utila, Island, Honduras

We trust that you find the information in this article helpful as you visit the lovely beaches on the tiny island of Utila.

We are confident that you will enjoy all that this amazing island has to offer.

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