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Are you longing to experience the culture of the Caribbean? Then, this article is right for you as we outline the best Caribbean islands for culture.

The Caribbean islands are rich in culture and heritage. Each nation prides itself on having its own unique culture and festivals based on their history and traditions.

In this article, we explore 7 Caribbean countries that celebrates distinctive festivals which we believe will provide a memorable experience in the region.

So let us get started.

1. Dominica

Our first recommendation is the nature island of Dominica which is situated between the French Caribbean Islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe.

Dominica is well known for having a strong creole culture which is celebrated every October as the island hosts its annual World Creole Music Festival.

Furthermore, Dominica is the only island in the Caribbean with pre-Columbian Carib Indians knows as Kalinago. They are usually very welcoming and willing to share their history and culture.

A guided tour of the territory as well as you can enjoy hikes along the Asulukati river and its waterfall as well as hike to the peak of Kabet.

Top Things To Do In Dominica

Go Whale and Dolphin Watching- excursions are available via boat where you can see pilot whales, sperm whales and humpback whales.

Guides are knowledgeable and can provide detailed explanation of the various species.

Enjoy A Canyon Experience- rappel and jump into some of the natural features of the island.

These include natural pools and waterfalls. Tour companies often provide safety gear for your convenience.

Take A Safari Jeep Tour- enjoy the breathtaking views of the island and visit various sulphur springs as well as view beautiful scenic locations such as Titou Gorge.

Hike To Middleham Falls-trek to the largest waterfall in the Eastern Caribbean situated in the UNESCO World Heritage Site called Morne Trois Pitons National Park.

Middleham Falls is approximately 200 feet and magnificent to behold. The hike to this location is moderately difficult.

Where To Stay In Dominica

Fort Young Hotel is the best place to stay in the capital city of Roseau. There is an excellent restaurant on site, an outdoor infinity pool and spectacular views of the Caribbean Sea.

For a breathtaking beach front 5 star stay in Portsmouth, The Intercontinental Dominica Cabrits Resort & Spa is the ideal place to stay.

Nestled in the historic Northern region of the island, the hotel is equipped with fitness centre, kids club and restaurant.

For an eco-friendly stay, Rosalie Bay Eco Resort is an outstanding choice. The property features stunning river, sea and mountain views. There is a fitness centre, spa facilities and garden.

2. Montserrat

Due to the island Irish heritage, St Patrick’s Day is recognized as a bank holiday in the Caribbean island of Montserrat.

This British overseas territory acknowledges March 17th with a range of activities including a street parade.

The festival is a two week long activity which includes several concerts, street parades and pub crawls.

This is largely due to the Irish heritage of the populace which dates back to slavery.

Along the same lines as Ireland, Montserrat is fondly referred to as the Emerald Isle of the Caribbean.

Top Things To Do In Montserrat

Tour The Island On A Hummer- travel around the island in style. Visit several historic and cultural spots such as the Little Bay Town Area and the Barzeys Estate Sugar Mill.

Trek Silver Hills-this is a mountain peak which stands at an elevation of 219 metres. The location provides scenic views of Rendezvous Bay Beach, Little Bay region and the John A Osborne Airport.

Where To Stay In Montserrat

Montserrat does not have high end all inclusive resort chains. Nevertheless, there are cozy villas and hotels on the island with lots of charm, guaranteed to make your stay comfortable.

Hereunder are two amazing recommendations:-

Famili Villa

This is a four bedroom villa which sleeps approximately nine guests. There is a pool and  the property is situated 1.5km from  the center of Old Towne.

A deposit is required to cover any incidences. Little Bay Beach mentioned above is situated nearby.

Kurtenas Hideaway

This oceanfront property features three bedrooms with private pool and WIFI.

 Little Bay Beach is about 6km away which is about five minutes’ drive. Pets and smoking are not allowed.

Restaurants are about twenty minutes’ drive away. The property can arrange a private chef if desired.

3. Grenada

Affectionately known as the Spice Isle of the Caribbean, Grenada is another excellent destination to experience the culture of the Caribbean.

The island of Carriacou which is a dependency of mainland Grenada is particularly rich in culture.

Pronounced Karry-a-cou, the island has maintained various traditional festivals celebrated to this day.

Parang Festival in December, Regatta Festival in August and the Maroon & String Band Festival in April are some of the key celebrations on the annual calendar.

Many of the festivals reflect the African and Scottish heritage of the island. Boatbuilding is one of the main ways that individuals earn an income which shows the Scottish influence on the island.

Top Things To Do In Grenada

Day Tour- spend a day visiting Concord Waterfall where you can bathe and relax in the pool. Also explore the Grand Etang lake region where you can possibly spot the mona money.

The Diamond Chocolate Factory provides insight into how chocolate is harvested and processed into delicious chocolate bars.

Rivertubing Adventure- visit the Balthazar river in the Grand Etang area and float with the river’s current.

Be on the look out for the mona monkey in this region. This tour also involves a stop at the Annandale Falls near the capital city.

Authentic Grenadian Experience– this tour truly embraces Grenada’s trademark of beng the isle of spice which involves visiting the House of Chocolate Museum in the capital city. The tour then goes to De La Grenadine Industries and Annandale Waterfall.

Where To Stay In Grenada

The island is blessed with apartments, cottages and all inclusive hotels within a range of various prices.

For budget friendly accommodation in the South, we recommend Siesta Hotel and Blue Horizon Hotel.

Both properties are within walking distance to Grand Anse Beach, Spiceland Mall, commercial banks, Wall Street and many more businesses.

For a couples only resort, we recommend Sandals La Source Grenada which is a short five minutes’ drive from the Maurice Bishop International Airport.

4. Jamaica

Another island to explore for cultural experience is Jamaica. Known globally as the home of Bob Marley and reggae music, this is an aspect of the culture you can enjoy.

One of the biggest reggae festivals on the island is Reggae Sumfest during the month of July.

This brings together a number of local artistes around the island. There are also other fringe events such as beach parties and dance hall parties to culminate the activities.

Top Things To Do In Jamaica

Rastafari Experience, Montego Bay- explore the country side on ATV and get an opportunity to have an authentic Jamaican lunch, swim and  see a ganja or marijuana field.

Luminous Lagoon Night Tour, Montego Bay– discover the unique bioluminescence lagoon by boat. You can enjoy the chance to swim in lagoon. Included are welcome drink as well as hotel pick up and drop off.

Dunn’s River Falls, Secret Falls and Blue Hole Tour- swim in the Blue Hole, Dunn’s River Falls and Secret Falls from Montego Bay all in one day. Tour includes stop at local jerk shop and Columbus Park. Hotel pick up and drop of from Montego Bay Hotels are available.

Where To Stay In Jamaica

If you are considering spending time in Negril and the iconic Seven Mile Beach, we recommend Negril Treehouse Resort, Merrils Beach Resort II and Negril Palms.

Furthermore, to enjoy the countryside of Montego Bay, Toby’s Resort and Altamont West Hotel are excellent accommodation providers.

For all inclusive options in Montego Bay, S Hotel Jamaica and Riu Reggae are two amazing choices.

Alternatively, if you are interested in staying in Ocho Rios, Ocean Palms, Hibiscus Lodge Hotel and Pineapple Court Hotel are places that we recommend.

5. Bermuda

Located in the North Atlantic Ocean, Bermuda is an archipelago consisting of 181 islands.

It is a great destination to ring in the New Year as it celebrates with a unique tradition called The Onion Drop.

On Old Years Night, St George’s King’s Square comes alive with food, entertainment and the main feature being the Onion Drop.

Bermudians fondly call themselves onions as it was a chief export crop of the island during the 1800’s.

Top Things To Do In Bermuda

Visit The Crystal Caves– this is one of Bermuda’s oldest magical treasure filled with limestone formations. A guide is included in this tour.

Shipwreck Snorkel– enjoy snorkeling around Bermuda’s offshore reef as well as the shipwrecks of the Constellation and the Montana. Masks, fins and snorkels are provided as well as a detailed history of Bermuda’s reefs and waters.

Take A Twilight Cruise of the Bermuda’s Triangle– take a boat and cruise to the famous Bermuda Triangle. Experienced captain and crew shares stories and tales about the famous stretch of ocean. The boat features a glass bottom, lit by floodlights.

Where To Stay In Bermuda

The capital city of Hamilton is an excellent place to stay at it is near many historic and cultural sites on the island.

Royal Palms Hotel, Hamilton Princess & Beach Club and Edgehill Manor Guest House are perfect locations to consider for your stay in Hamilton.

Alternatively, if you enjoy the beach then Mount Pleasant is the best place to stay. We recommend Pompano Beach Club and Bermuda Connections Guest House.

6. St Vincent & the Grenadines

Our next recommendation for a unique cultural experience is nine mornings in the beautiful Caribbean of St Vincent & the Grenadines.

Celebrated during the month of December, nine mornings involves gatherings at various sites in the capital city and also within several communities nine days before Christmas.

Performances include singing Christmas carols as well as dancing and steel pan music.

Things To Do In St Vincent & the Grenadines

Climb Fort Duvernette– located on Young Island this fort is accessible by kayaking from mainland St Vincent.

Young Island is a luxury resort island where Johnny Depp lived while filming Pirates of the Caribbean.

Visit Dark View Waterfalls– these are two breathtaking waterfalls situated one above the other that is accessible by a bamboo bridge.

The falls are approximately 10 minutes’ walk from the parking lot. There are facilities such as gazebo, restrooms and changing rooms.

Hike Vermont Trail– enjoy the rainforest and diverse flora and fauna on this trek.  The trail is about two miles long and is home to the famous St Vincent Parrot.

Furthermore, Vermont Trail can be challenging if there is rain so be mindful of this. On sunny days, it is suitable for children.

Hike La Soufriere Volcano-this is the most popular hike on the island and due to its complexities, it is best to go with a guide.

The mountain peak stands at an elevation of 4,048 feet and consists of nine miles.

Relax At Montreal Garden– created by Timothy Vaughn, this garden is truly a magnificent jewel.

It is seven acres and features a variety of flora and fauna. Montreal Garden is ideal for the traveler seeking peace and tranquility.

Relax At Fort Charlotte– this was constructed in 1763 by the British and named after Queen Charlotte who was the wife of King George III. 

The purpose of the fort was to protect against internal attacks from the Caribs and French.

The fort is located in Bershire Hill which is near the capital city. Fort Charlotte has a height of 600 feet which provides a panoramic view of Kingstown and its harbor.

There is a small museum and lighthouse on the property. A must visit spot to visit on the island.

Take A Stroll in The Botanical Garden– St Vincent and the Grenadines is home to the oldest botanical gardens in the Western hemisphere.

The property features many species of flora and fauna on the island. It is also home to the famous first breadfruit tree in the Caribbean.

Capital Blyth brought the tree from Tahiti to feed slaves. Nature enthusiasts will truly enjoy a visit to this historic garden.

Where To Stay In St Vincent & the Grenadines

The best place to stay is on the Windward side of the island. The Villa and Arnos Vale areas are near to the principal beaches as well as hotels.

The Joshua Centre which was the former E T Joshua Airport is now a mall. There is a large Massy Supermarket as well as Kentucky Fried Chicken in the vicinity.

Mariners Hotel and Paradise Beach Hotel are two excellent locations to consider on the Windward side.

Access to public transportation is easy from these locations.

For a more upscale and private experience, Young Island Resort is a great location to consider.

A five minutes boat ride is required to access the island which consists of only 13 acres.

7. Guyana

Guyana is known for its tropical rainforests such as South Rupununi Savannah which features many species of wildlife, flora and fauna.

Every year, Holi is celebrated on the island which is a national public holiday. Over 25% of the general populace in Guyana is Hindu.

Locals participate by singing songs and spraying colored powder and water to mark the festivities.

Top Things To Do In Guyana

Dinner In The Secret Guyana With The Singing Chef-food is an important part of the island’s culture and a great way to experience this with a private experience.

Eon John provides an exclusive experience at his home surrounded by candlelight and a delightful garden. Definitely a romantic outing, suitable for couples!

Kanuku Mountain Trekking Activity- this mountain range is isolated and situated in the Rupununi Savannah in the upper Essequibo region. The views provide amazing views from the summit.

Georgetown 7 Curry Tour– learn how to make seven different curries at a local cooking class. Choose ingredients from our local market where you can eat and enjoy your meal.

5 Island Hopping Tour On The Essequibo– explore five different islands on the Essequibo and Mazaruni rivers. Lunch is included at either a Nature Resort at Sloth Island or Modern Resort at Aruwai Resort.

Where To Stay In Guyana

There are options available in the country to suit a wide variety of travelers. The best place to stay is in the capital city of Georgetown.

For a budget friendly option in the capital city, we recommend Julian Guest House.

Alternatively, if you prefer a mid-range option we recommend The Durban Hotel Guyana INC.

Finally, the Guyana Marriott Hotel Georgetown is an excellent luxurious resort to consider.

Final Thoughts: Best Caribbean Islands For Cultural Experience

We trust that you found the information included in this article helpful as you plan a trip to the Caribbean for a unique cultural experience.

If for any reason, the destination that you are interested in visiting is not mentioned above, feel free to continue browsing the site using the button at the top of this page.

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