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Are you searching for the best Caribbean islands for no mosquitoes? Then, we have all the answers for you in this article.

The tropical climate, vegetation and rainy season usually come with mosquitoes and sandflies in many of the Caribbean islands.

Nevertheless, there are a few countries that you can plan your travel around if you will like to avoid mosquitoes.

So let us share these destinations with you below.

1. Montserrat

Known as the Emerald Island of the Caribbean, Montserrat is a unique destination in that there is an active volcano which had its last major eruption in 1995.

As a result, a large volume of its inhabitants migrated with about 5,000 persons living there at present.

While Montserrat enjoys rainy season as its regional Caribbean counterparts, the heat from the active volcano makes it difficult for mosquitoes to survive.

Hence this is a great destination to consider. The island is not crowded with tourists and is perfect if you are seeking peace and tranquility.

Top Things To Do In Montserrat

The island has numerous black sand beaches to enjoy. In addition to relaxing on these beaches, feel free to consider the following excursions below:-

Tour The Island On A Hummer- travel around the island in style. Visit several historic and cultural spots such as the Little Bay Town Area and the Barzeys Estate Sugar Mill.

Trek Silver Hills-this is a mountain peak which stands at an elevation of 219 metres. The location provides scenic views of Rendezvous Bay Beach, Little Bay region and the John A Osborne Airport.

Where To Stay In Montserrat

Montserrat does not have high end all inclusive resort chains. Nevertheless, there are cozy villas and hotels on the island with lots of charm, guaranteed to make your stay comfortable.

Hereunder are two amazing recommendations:-

Famili Villa

This is a four bedroom villa which sleeps approximately nine guests. There is a pool and  the property is situated 1.5km from  the center of Old Towne.

A deposit is required to cover any incidences. Little Bay Beach mentioned above is situated nearby.

Kurtenas Hideaway

This oceanfront property features three bedrooms with private pool and WIFI.

 Little Bay Beach is about 6km away which is about five minutes’ drive. Pets and smoking are not allowed.

Restaurants are about twenty minutes’ drive away. The property can arrange a private chef if desired.

2. Aruba

Affectionately known as One Happy Island, Aruba is an excellent location to visit for golfing, white sand beaches, desert activities, butterfly farms, donkey sanctuary and so much more.

The island is also a great escape for persons seeking to avoid mosquitoes due to the low levels of rainfall when compared to its Eastern Caribbean counterparts.

Furthermore, the island is located outside the hurricane belt which makes it a safer destination to visit during the months of June to November.

Top Things To Do In Aruba


Parasailing is a lovely activity to experience the beauty and landscape of the island from the sky.  There are individuals available to capture your moment of bravery.

ATV Tour

Explore various off the beaten path spots on ATV such as secret beach and caves. This is truly a great way to experience the desert like landscape of Aruba.

Barhop-Night Entertainment

Bar hop via bus ride to various entertainment hotspots in Palm and Eagle Beaches. There is a live DJ and music on the bus. A great way to experience the city at night

Private Island Escape

Do you love private islands? Then, De Palm Island is a great place for an all-inclusive experience.

There are waterslides, boat rides, flamingos, underwater helmet walks and more. This is an awesome activity for every member of the family.

Where To Stay In Aruba

The capital city of Oranjestad is the best place to stay due to its proximity to attractions, restaurants, transportation and other amenities.

We recommend Hyatt Place Aruba Airport and also Renaissance Wind Creek Aruba Resort for your stay.

3. Curacao

Known for its colorful capital city which is also an official UNESCO Heritage site, Curacao is another amazing destination to consider without mosquitoes.

Along the same lines as its Dutch counterparts mentioned above, Curacao is an excellent destination for white sand beaches, nightlife, kite surfing and diving.

Top Things To Do In Curacao

Day Trip To Klein Curacao

Spend the day on a small island with white sand beaches. Excellent location for swimming and snorkeling.

Underwater Walking Tour

Enjoy the coral and marine life of the island. There is a guide to ensure your safety. Water shoes and helmets are included.

ATV Tour

Explore the rugged and desert-like landscape of the island. Tour involves stops at to beach, plantation and a cave.

Where To Stay In Curacao

The capital city of Willemstad is one of the best places to stay in Curacao.

We recommend Willemstad Resort, Curacao Avila Beach Hotel and Kura Botanica Hotel as top places to stay.

4. Bonaire

Our final recommendation is the Dutch Caribbean of Bonaire which is an excellent location for persons seeking rest and relaxation.

The island is much more laid back when compared to Aruba and Curacao mentioned above.

Nevertheless, Bonaire is a great destination for foodies are there are several premium restaurants on the island as well as phenomenal diving spots and kite surfing.

Top Things To Do In Bonaire

Washington Park Tour

Explore the hidden coves, beaches, salt lakes on Bonaire. This area truly features the beautiful and rugged terrain of the island which looks like a page out of a magazine. See the flamingos, donkeys, birds and wildlife on the island.

ATV Tour

See various landmarks of the island such as ancient caverns, lighthouse and other historical sites on ATV.

The many areas the roads are unpaved and dusty so it is important to wear something over your eyes and also a bandanna.

Snorkel Tour

Visit the Lac Bay National Park mangroves where you can experience the mangrove ecosystem using clear bottom kayaks.

There is a beach as part of the national park which is exceptional for swimming and snorkeling.

Where To Stay In Bonaire

The Kralendijk area is the best place to stay in Bonaire as it is the small capital on the island.

For a budget friendly option, we recommend the Lizard Boutique Hotel.

There is no public transportation on the island, so if you are looking for a location within walking distance to the capital, then Divi Flamingo is a great option to explore.

For high end and luxury options, we recommend The Bellafonte, Courtyard by Marriott and Delfins Beach Resort.

Final Thoughts: Best Caribbean Islands For No Mosquitoes

We hope that you have found this article valuable if you want to visit the Caribbean but will like to avoid the mosquitoes.

We know that the options are not extensive but we are sure that you can still make unforgettable memories in any of the destinations mentioned.

So pack your bags and head to the Caribbean.

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