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Are you planning a Caribbean vacation but need to select a destination that caters to the needs of senior individuals?

Then this post is right for you ! The Caribbean islands have numerous restaurants, shopping experiences, white sand beaches and activities that will make senior persons experience a trip of a lifetime.

In this guide to the best Caribbean islands for seniors, we provide information on 7 amazing Caribbean destinations along with exciting things to do to make your vacation unforgettable.

1. Barbados

This island is truly one of the more developed ones in the Southern Caribbean region and is a well-loved destination by visitors.

As such, there are numerous direct and non-stop flights from major international cities.

In terms of things to do, the possibilities are endless. Harrison cave is the most popular attraction and is a truly natural wonder.

This excursion allows visitors to explore inside the cave via trams where you can see stalactites and stalagmite formation.

There is a visitor centre where you can buy local souvenirs as well as refreshments.

The island also has over 80 stunning beaches with Accra Beach being one of the most favored spots.

With turquoise waters and sands as delicate as silk, this south coast shore is genuinely among the most incredible things to do in Barbados.

A vibrant retail space complete with kiosks offering food and cold drinks is located nearby.

2. Grenada

Let’s move a bit further South to the Caribbean island called Grenada. Known internationally as the isle of Spice due to the superior production of nutmeg, Grenada is often underrated as a Caribbean destination.

Nevertheless, the island is safe with friendly people and lots of things to do. You can explore the picturesque city of St George’s visiting the cathedral or Fort George.

Alternatively, you can stroll through Sendall Tunnell which was built in 1894. This long passageway is approximately 340 feet and was constructed for horse and carriage.

Chocolate is one of the principal crops grown on the island and a quaint café to taste various local chocolate delicacies is at House of Chocolate.

There is an employee at this location that provides free explanations on how chocolate is grown, harvested and processed on the island.

And if you are in Grenada especially during the month of February when the island celebrates its independence on the 7th, be sure to try the national dish oil down.

3. St Thomas

If you want to remain on American soil, but still experience the sun, sand and sea that the Caribbean has to offer then head to St Thomas.

This island is a previous Danish colony which today is an overseas territory of the United States of America (USA).

As a result, US citizens do not require US passports for entry and exit.

There are numerous things to do in Charlotte Amalie which is the capital city of St Thomas.

These activities include touring fort Christian, climbing the historic 99 steps and duty free shopping.

Luxury shops such as Louis Vuitton, Bebe and Diamonds International have a retail presence in Charlotte Amalie.

A financial benefit of duty free shopping in St Thomas is that each visitor including children is permitted $1600 each of duty free purchases back into the mainland.

4. Antigua

If beach hopping is one of your main priorities, Antigua and Barbuda is an excellent vacation choice to consider.

The island boasts of having 365 beaches being one for every day of the year.

Dickenson Bay is one of the well-loved beaches in Antigua by both locals and tourists alike.

Its shallow and calm waters make it an ideal spot for water sports such as paddle boarding and kayaking.

To help visitors choose among its many beaches, the Antigua & Barbuda Tourism Authority launched a beach personality quiz.

Feel free to visit the page to find the perfect beach for you.

5. St Lucia

Known globally for its stunning twin peaks called the Pitons, St Lucia is another fantastic choice for seniors.

Located in the Southern Caribbean, this destination is perfect for hiking and outdoor enthusiasts.

The Gros Piton is the designated hiking trail while the Petit Piton rarely climbed.

As one of the steepest peaks in the region, the hike may be strenuous complete with small children and for beginners.

If you enjoy entertainment, then one activity that you should not miss is the weekly street party called Fish Friday in Gros Islet.

There is usually a live band playing local calypso, soca and reggae music.

This event is the perfect opportunity to learn more about the culture and socialize with the locals.

6. Bahamas

The Bahamas covers a landmass of 5,359 square miles consisting of about 700 islands, cays and islets.

The most populous island is New Providence Island where the capital city of Nassau is located and where over 70% lives.

For travelers who are seeking an adventure, Balearia Caribbean ferry services to and from Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The ferry docks in Grand Bahama Island and Bimini.

The Bahamas is also known for having pink sand beaches with one of the most famous one being Pink Sand Beach on Harbour Island.

This island is only 3.5 miles long and 1.5 miles and is popular stop for affluent visitors.

The sand on pink sand beach has its distinct pink color due to the presence of foraminifera.

For a unique experience, Pig Beach on the island of Exuma is the perfect for those who want to swim with pigs.

7. St Kitts & Nevis

The twin island state of St Kitts and Nevis is one of the most popular islands for cruise ship visitors.

It also has a special place in the history of the region being the first island to be colonized by the British in 1623.

Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park is one of the most visited tourist attractions and in 1999 was officially inducted as a UNESCO Word Heritage site.

The construction of the park began in 1690 and continued over 100 years. Visitors can enjoy magnificent views of the island from the site between the hours of 9:30 am to 5:30 pm daily.

8. St Maarteen

St Maarten is one of the unique islands in the Caribbean in that it shares its landmass with the French island, St Martin.

If you enjoy luxury and high end shopping, St Maarten is an awesome place to experience a treat.

Front Street in St Maarten is like heaven for a shopaholic with endless stores selling a variety of clothes, perfume, electronic equipment and jewelery. Most importantly, these are all untaxed.

You can find selection from international brands such as Gucci and Versace. International businesses such as Little Switzerland have a presence on this street which offers the best names in watches and jewelery design from Omega and Breitling.

Furthermore, St Maarten is an excellent destination for individuals who want to explore numerous islands on a budget.

Makana Ferry Services provide efficient and affordable transfers to St Kitts, Saba Island and St Eustatius.

There are also other ferry services that provide transportation to neighboring Anguilla and St Barths.

Final Thoughts

The Caribbean islands are perfect destinations for seniors as a number of the destinations are untouched, easy going and pure.

The culture, cuisine, slower pace of life and friendliness of the people will make the stay for seniors memorable.

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