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Are you wondering what are the best Caribbean Islands to visit for a week?

Then this article has the answer that you are looking for.

As Caribbean nationals, we can confirm that there are islands with smaller landmass.

Therefore, within one week we believe that a visitor can get a good sense of the destination.

With careful planning, the major attractions can be visited and excursions experienced.

So let’s get started!

1. St Lucia

Our first suggestion is the Caribbean island of St Lucia that has gained a name for itself as a destination for weddings and honeymooners.

The island is 238 square miles and is home to the magnificent twin peaks called the Pitons.

These stunning mountains were designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2004.

Hiking the Piton is one of the most popular attractions on the island and this trek can be strenuous.

Moreover, the Gros Piton is the designated hiking trail while the Petit Piton is rarely climbed.

St Lucia is also home to magnificent waterfalls. The Sapphire Waterfall & Jungle Spa is the most unique to visit as it offers visitors a chance to relax in the fall as well as exfoliate your skin using mud.

This is said to have many healing and benefits to the body and skin.

St Lucia is also home to stunning black sand beaches due to the volcanic nature of the island.

Nightlife is mainly concentrated in the Rodney Bar and Gros Islet regions.

2. Grenada

Affectionately referred to as the Isle of Spice, Grenada is often overlooked as a tourist destination.

The island is located 100 miles North of Venezuela and is only 133 square miles which makes it possible to get a good sense of the destination in a week.

Grenada is an amazing destination for persons who enjoy diving, white sand beaches, and exotic cuisine.

The island is home to many wrecks and reefs as well as the first underwater sculpture park in the world.

There are about 15 wreaks sites suitable for beginners as well as intermediate and advanced divers.

For individuals who love chocolate, House of Chocolate in the heart of the capital city is a great café to visit.

Various eats and drinks are sold with chocolate as the star ingredient.

On a whole, Grenada is a more laid back destination with nightlife mainly concentrated in the South.

3. Dominica

Our next recommendation is the nature isle of the Caribbean, Dominica. It is situated between the French Caribbean island of Martinique and Guadeloupe.

Dominica is a great destination for persons who enjoy hiking. During the month of May, hike fest is hosted where there are treks to various locations on the island for the first three Saturdays of the year.

A unique attraction to visit is the UNESCO World Heritage Site Morne Trois Pitons National Park which features the second largest boiling lake in the world.

Dominica is also a superb destination for island hopping as there is a ferry service  available to Martinique, Guadeloupe and St Lucia.

4. Montserrat

Fondly referred to as the Emerald Isle of the Caribbean, Montserrat is a remarkable destination for persons seeking a relaxing vacation.

This small British overseas territory can be accessed via small aircraft from the V C Bird International Airport.

Today, there are only approximately 5,000 inhabitants on the island due to the damage caused by the volcano in 1995.

The most popular attraction of the island is visiting the ruins of the Soufriere volcanic eruption which left the former capital city of Plymouth in ruins.

Abandoned infrastructures are still visible today as a reminder of this disaster.

March and December are two excellent months to visit the island as the destination is the only place in the Caribbean to celebrate St Patrick’s Day due to its Irish history.

Furthermore, the Christmas season is marked with many local activities which include steel pan music, concerts, calypso competitions and pageant shows.

5. St Vincent & the Grenadines

St Vincent and a chain of 32 smaller islands known as the Grenadines have a landmass of 150 square miles.

The mainland St Vincent stands out in the region as the home of the oldest botanical gardens in the Western hemisphere.

The garden is a wonderful location to visit if you are on island where descendants of the first breadfruit tree to the Caribbean still exist.

August is an awesome month to visit the island as various communities in the North Leeward region of the island celebrate breadfruit festival.

At this event breadfruit dishes are prepared and sold which is paired with cultural performances.

Hiking the Soufriere still remains one of the most popular attractions on mainland St Vincent. It is a strenuous hike and it takes approximately seven hours to complete.

The hike begins easy at first and gradually becomes difficult as you get to the summit. 

The trail is impossible to navigate on your own and we recommend Lavaman from Paradise Adventures. He is truly the best guide for this trail on the island.

6. Anguilla

If you are seeking tranquility with some of the best turquoise waters in the Caribbean, Anguilla is the perfect place to spend a week.

This beach is long strip about 2 miles with perfect white sand, palm trees and clear blue waters.

Many resorts and beach bars share the shoreline of Shoal Bay East.

Generally, the island is quiet beach bars being the main form of entertainment. Some of the major spots include The Lounge Bar, Sky Lounge and The Pumphouse.

The island is very near to St Maarten and St Martin and it is easily accessible via daily ferry services.

7. St Kitts & Nevis

Fondly known as Sugar City, St Kitts and its dependency Nevis is located in the Northern region of the Caribbean and is a great destination to spend a week.

The island is home to the last railway in the West Indies via a 3 hour tour in St Kitts. This adventure makes a 30 miles circle around the island.

Eighteen miles of the tour is by a narrow gauge train and the remaining 12 miles on a bus.

The rail was built between 1912 and 1926 to bring sugar cane from the plantations to sugar factories on the island.

Nightlife is primarily concentrated in the Frigate Bay area. Some of the popular entertainment spots include The Shiggidy Shack Beach Bar, Rock Lobster and Cathy’s Ocean View Bar and Grill.

8. Antigua & Barbuda

If you are a beach fanatic, Antigua & Barbuda is the perfect Caribbean destination to spend a week.

The island is known for having three hundred and sixty five beaches being one for every day of the year.

Darkwood Beach, Halfmoon Bay, Dickenson Bay and Ffryes Beach are four of the awesome spots to explore on the mainland Antigua.

For a more secluded and private experience, head over to the island of Barbuda for even more stunning beaches.

Pink sand beach is magnificent 8 miles long between Spanish Point and Palmetto Point on the small Caribbean island of Barbuda.

The shade of pink is usually at its brightest during the months of October to January.

Furthermore, Barbuda is home to one of the longest beaches in the Caribbean. Low Bay Beach is a gorgeous 17 miles stretch of pink sand.

The beach is truly unspoiled, untouched and accessible only by water taxi. Drift woods and palm trees can be seen in several locations on the shore.

9. Bonaire

This small Dutch Caribbean island of Bonaire is another awesome location to consider if you only have a week to spend in the Caribbean.

Bonaire is an excellent destination for diving with Klein Bonaire being one of the best diving spots on the island. Klein Bonaire is a small uninhabited island accessible via water taxi.

Food enthusiasts will also enjoy Bonaire as the island has many high quality restaurants.

Brass Boer Restaurant which is situated in Delfins Beach Resort was voted as the best restaurant in Caribbean for 2022 by Caribbean Journal.

Other amazing restaurants to visit during your stay include Patagonia and It Rains Fishes.

A visit to the island will not be complete without seeing the breathtaking Washington Slagbaai Park which is a national reserve located at the northern part of the island.

The park is over 40 years old and occupies almost a quarter of the island.

10. Martinique

Fondly known as the Isle of Flowers, Martinique is home to over 1700 species of flowers.

The best location on the island to appreciate the wide range of flora and fauna is a visit to Jardin de Balata.

Located a few minutes from the capital city of Fort de France, this botanical garden was designed by the horticulturist Jean Philippee Thoze.

Special rates are available for groups visiting with ten or more persons. Alternatively, annual subscriptions are also available to the garden.

For history enthusiasts, one of the most touching locations to visit is the slave memorial in Anse Cafard.

The site was completed in 1998 to remember the emancipation of slaves in the French West Indies.

There are 20 statues which are 8 feet in height. The location offers sweeping views of Diamant Beach and Diamant rock.

If you are driving to this spot, access to the location is challenging. The road is steep so do exercise due care and caution as you drive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Best Caribbean Islands To Visit With Friends?

The best Caribbean islands to visit with friends are Jamaica, Puerto Rico and St Maarten. These destinations have amazing nightlife activities as well as excursions and white sand beaches. Also, there are unique dining options available. Puerto Rico and St Maarten are excellent for shopping.

Best Caribbean Islands To Visit For History?

The best Caribbean islands to visit for history are Jamaica, Curacao and Martinique. Jamaica and Curacao have excellent museums. The slave memorial in Martinique is a touching spot to visit remember the emancipation of slaves in the French West Indies.

Best Caribbean Islands For Nature Lovers?

The best Caribbean islands for nature lovers are Dominica, St John and St Lucia. These islands are blessed with incredible landscape which makes it ideal for hiking. Dominica in particular is called the nature island of the Caribbean and is home to the second largest boiling lake in the world.

Which Is The Cheapest Caribbean Islands To Visit?

The cheapest island to visit in the Caribbean is the Dominican Republic. The island is often confused with the Eastern Caribbean island of Dominica. Spanish is the official language spoken and the island is home to Pico Duarte which is the highest peak in the entire Caribbean region.

Final Thoughts: Best Caribbean Islands To Visit In A Week

We trust that this article gives you great insight into the best Caribbean island to visit for a week.

We are confident that over the period of a week you can visit each of the key attractions as well as gain a thorough appreciation of the charm, beauty and culture of these islands.

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