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April is considered the tail end of the busy Caribbean tourist season as the summer months approach in major source markets such as the United States of America.

The goal of this article is provide you with a summation of key events in the Caribbean in the month of April and the islands in which these are hosted.

Therefore, if you want to experience the rich culture and heritage of an island, it may be valuable to prepare your travel plans with these in mind.

Read on for further details and explanations on what are the best Caribbean Islands to visit in April. This article was written by a Caribbean National who lived and traveled throughout the islands.

1. Trinidad & Tobago

Located in the Southern area of the Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago is one of the most multicultural nations in the region.

The dominant cultures that exist on the island are Indian, African, Portuguese, Amerindian, Spanish and Chinese.

One of the biggest calendar events is the Tobago Jazz Festival. It is usually hosted in April annually in Plymouth.

The event features local and international artistes. If you are traveling to the island, it is best to book accommodation early.

2. Aruba

Aruba is a Dutch Caribbean island which is a favorite of many visitors to the Caribbean.

It is known for being very windy as well as its dry and arid appearance.

April is a great month to visit Aruba as locals usually camp on the beach during the week of Easter season.

 Therefore, if you are planning on spending time expect there to be a crowd on the beach during this period.

On the other hand, there are usually festivities such as kite flying competition and events especially for children.

April is also the month when the King’s birthday is celebrated on the 27th day. Usually there are sporting activities and other fun family event to commemorate the occasion.

Additionally, it is not uncommon for businesses on the island to have different offerings around this time.

As an example, restaurants may have discounts for the holiday period.

Remember to pack something orange as it is the prominent color worn by locals on this day.

3. Bermuda

Bermuda is a British overseas territory located approximately 650 miles East of North Carolina.

Despite being a British dependency, the destination has its own currency being the Bermudian dollar.

Every April, the island hosts an Agricultural Exhibition which is perfect for the entire family.

The event is held at the botanical gardens in Paget Parish and it features flower shows and animal exhibition.

4. Guadeloupe

If you love seafood and in particular crabs, Guadeloupe is the island to visit during the month of April.

Guadeloupe is the overseas department of France and hence the official currency is the Euro.

Guadeloupe is an archipelago. There are six main islands that are inhabited being Basse-Terre, Grande-Terre, Marie-Galante, La Desirade, IIes des Saintes and IIles de la Petite Terre.

Every April the community of Morne- A-L’eau comes alive as the village celebrates Crab festival.

Various dishes are prepared with crab as the star ingredient.  Furthermore, events such as crab racing forms part of the festivities.

Guadeloupe is an excellent destination that budget traveler should consider.

The ferry service called L’Express Des IIes provides seamlessly transportation to neighboring islands of Martinique, Dominica and St Lucia.

This makes it ideal for island hopping.

5. Antigua & Barbuda

If you love the sea and sailing in particular, Antigua & Barbuda is the perfect Caribbean island to visit during the month of April.

This prestigious event attracts individuals from the region and all over the world. Usually there are other events such as a welcome party and a prize giving ceremony/

Antigua & Barbuda is an English speaking dual nation located in the Northern Caribbean region.

If is affectionately known as the island with 365 beaches being one for every day of the year.

With so many beaches to choose from, the authorities have created a Beach Personality Quiz to simplify this process for visitors.

6. St Croix

Being the largest island of the US Virgin Island Group, St Croix is the place to visit during the month of April.

The St Croix Food and Wine Experience is an annual event which attracts both foodies as well as international chefs from all over the world.

Furthermore, if you love wines then you will like St Croix as you can find a variety of wines at restaurants and hotels.

There are several places that have wine tasting on the island such as St Croix Cellars and Beach Side Café.

8. Bahamas

Sailors from all the islands in the Bahamas meet at Exuma for a four day regatta event at Elizabeth Harbour where they compete for various titles.

There are other competitions as well such as fashion, volleyball and weight lifting. It is a great opportunity to meet and interact with locals from the many islands.

Parties are also hosted by various organizers and restaurants across the island.

The Bahamas is the Caribbean island that is nearest to the United States of America with the flying time from Miami International Airport being a little more than one hour.

If you are more adventurous, you may want to take a ferry from Fort Lauderdale, Florida via the fast ferry service Balearia Caribbean to the Bahamas.

The ferry docks in Grand Bahama Island and Bimini.

Final Thoughts

We trust that you found the information above helpful as you plan your Caribbean vacation during the month of April.

It is truly an amazing time to experience the food, culture and Caribbean life on a whole.

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