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The month of May is a time to visit the Caribbean islands.

It is right before the hurricane season which begins on June 1 and after the winter season which accounts for the greatest arrivals of visitors to the Caribbean.

As a result, beaches and attractions may tend to be uncrowded and you may be able to get more affordable rates with accommodation providers.

In this article, we provide a compilation of the best islands to visit during the month of May.

Key events on these islands are highlighted so you may be able to marry your interests to a particular destination.

Read on for further details and explanations on what are the best Caribbean Islands to visit in May. This article was written by a Caribbean National who lived and traveled throughout the islands.

1. Grenada

Fondly known as the Isle of Spice, Grenada is an excellent island to visit during the month of May.

The island celebrates one of the main spices, chocolate.

The Grenada Chocolate Festival is an annual experience that showcases the various uses of chocolate on the island.

The festival features an opening event with local singers, musicians, chocolatiers and craft vendors.

Furthermore, the week-long festival entails tours of chocolate estates and chocolate culinary experiences.

Additionally, personal care products such as chocolate body scrubs, face masks and teas are highlighted at workshops.

There are six producers of fine local chocolate in Grenada. These factories in some instances grow their own cocoa and process it into chocolate bars.

Some of these bars are infused with various flavors such as nutmeg, turmeric, cinnamon, mace, bee pollen, sea salt and ginger.

 2. Anguilla

For all the foodies at heart, Anguilla is one of the best islands to visit during the month of May.

The Anguilla Culinary Experience is a 5 day event that brings together local as well as international chefs.

Several fringe events are included in the overall festival which include restaurant night, beach barbecue and garden tour and tasting.

Moreover, the island has great island hopping opportunities with daily ferry services to both St Martin and St Maarten.

From there, ferries are available to the Dutch Caribbean territories of Saba and St Eustatius.

Also, ferry service is accessible to the French Caribbean island of St Barths.

Despite being a British overseas department, Anguilla uses the Eastern Caribbean Dollar as its official currency.

Nevertheless, US dollars are widely accepted on the island.

3. Puerto Rico

As an overseas territory of the United States of America, Puerto Rico is perfect for individuals seeking a getaway for the mainland.  Additionally, the US dollar is also the currency used.

One advantage of traveling to this Caribbean island is that US citizens require no passport for entry to the island.

For individuals with a passion for arts and culture, May is an exceptional month to consider for a visit to Puerto Rico.

La Campechada is the largest art fair on the island that brings together musicians, singers, poets and theatre performers.

The venue is rotated to different towns in the country and every year it is held in either the month of May or November.

4. Aruba

Known for its tagline as One Happy Island, Aruba is the perfect destination for music lovers to consider in May.

The Soul Beach Festival brings together international artistes and DJ’s as well as local performers in Aruba.

Events such as comedy concerts, parties at roof top lounges and barbecues are included in the festivities.

Furthermore, the island is perfect for individuals who enjoy beautiful beaches with turquoise waters, high end luxury shopping and hiking in a desert-like environment.

5. Bermuda

If you love sailing, then Bermuda is the island to watch various catamarans race in the Bermuda Sail Grand Prix.

This event attracts sailors from all over the world. In addition to sailing, there is a street fest which features cultural entertainment and dining.

The races are also available on various media outlets as well as social media if you are unable to attend in person.

Bermuda is a great island to visit if you love amazing beaches.

Horse shoe bay beach is an award winning spot with amenities available for sunbathers and water sports fanatics.

The crystal caves on the island are a beautiful natural wonder to see. This should also be an item on your to do list for Bermuda.

The island is a British overseas territory and the local currency is the Bermudian dollar. The US dollar is widely accepted around the island.

6. St Lucia

The Eastern Caribbean island of St Lucia has one of the longest music festivals in the region called the St Lucia Jazz Festival.

This event features many local, regional and international artistes in several different music genres such as reggae, jazz and R & B.

There are several fringe events that occur over the week of the festival with the final night culminating at historic Pigeon Island.

St Lucia is well known for its famous twin peaks called The Pitons which is a designated UNESCO heritage site.

It is also an island in the region that is popular as a destination wedding venue.

Final Thoughts

We hope that the information listed above was helpful as you plan your Caribbean vacation during the month of May.

Remember to walk with your sunscreen, hat and shades if you intend to enjoy the glorious beaches on these islands.

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