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January is a fantastic time to visit the Caribbean and escape from the cold winter period in North America and Europe.

In this article, we explore events that occur on various Caribbean islands during the month of January.

This may be helpful if you are planning your vacation to marry your time on the island with these cultural festivities.

Read on for further details and explanations on what are the best Caribbean Islands to visit in January. This article was written by a Caribbean National who lived and traveled throughout the region.

1. Bermuda

If you love the Caribbean and you enjoy food, Bermuda is the destination to explore in January.

The island celebrates restaurant week with numerous local dishes prepared as well as discounts and bonuses available at establishments across the islands.

Bermuda is only 20.54 square miles and it is an archipelago consisting of a total of 181 islands.

It is located approximately two and a half hours from Miami International Airport.

Furthermore, athletic enthusiasts should consider Bermuda during the month of January to participate in the iconic Bermuda Triangle Challenge.

Launched in 1975, this event features three days of runs at various locations across the island. The event culminates with cultural activities and award ceremonies.

2. Cayman Islands

If you are a foodie at heart, then Cayman Islands is another place to consider in the Caribbean in January.

The Cayman Cookout is an elite culinary festival which brings top tier chefs together from around the world.

The event includes other fringe events such as beach bash and bbq party. The Cayman Cookout usually attracts world renowned chefs.

Cayman Islands are an overseas dependency of the United Kingdom and it consists of three islands.

These are Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac occupying a landmass of 101.9 square miles.

It takes about an hour and half flying time from Miami International Airport.

Cayman Islands have its own local currency managed by its central bank being the Cayman Islands dollar.

The exchange rate is One Cayman dollar is equivalent to USD$1.20.

3. Grenada

Sailing enthusiasts should consider Grenada Sailing Week during the month of January as the island hosts its annual festival.

This event attracts sailors from various countries around the world.  There are numerous boat races as well as after parties with local bands providing entertainment.

It is a great way to connect and interact with other sailors. It takes about four hours from Miami International Airport to Grenada.

The island is fondly known as the isle of Spice.

Despite having a landmass of only 133 square miles, Grenada is the world’s second largest exporter of nutmeg, according to the World Bank (2003), holding 20% of the market.

4. Puerto Rico

This island has the longest Christmas in the world as festivities are celebrated for approximately 45 days.

One of the most celebrated events of the season is Three Kings Day (El Dia de Reyes). It is commemorated January 6th annually.

Three Kings Day is celebrated to remember the visit that the three wise men made to Baby Jesus and is one of the longest traditions in Puerto Rico.

Villagers engage in house to house caroling, gift exchanges and sharing a meal together.

Puerto Rico is an overseas territory of the United States of America and hence no passports are required by US citizens to visit the island.

Puerto Rico uses the US dollar as the legal tender for all financial transactions just as the mainland USA.

The island has a lively nightlife atmosphere. Some of the places to visit include La Factoria, La Cubanita, Club Brava and Club 77.

La Placita de Santurce is a popular nightlife spot to meet locals on the island to eat relax and salsa dance in Puerto Rico.

5. St Vincent & the Grenadines

If you want to dance to various genres of music in the month of January, the small Grenadine island of Bequia is the ideal place to consider.

During the month of January, Bequia Music Festival is hosted over a four day period.

This event attracts musicians from other Caribbean islands and all over the world.

Bequia is the largest Grenadine Island with a population of about 5,000 people and a landmass of only seven square miles.

The main town is called Port Elizabeth and ferries from the Mainland St Vincent arrive daily to its shores.

International passengers who want to visit Bequia will enter via the Argyle International Airport in St Vincent and then either choose ferry services or small aircraft to Bequia.

The Eastern Caribbean Dollar is the official currency used for financial transactions. Nevertheless, the US dollar is widely accepted by businesses.

6. Guadeloupe

Water sporting fanatics, in particular stand up paddle boarders will love Guadeloupe in January as the island hosts Ze Race.

There are several races in various categories and it is truly fun watching the participants vying to win.

Guadeloupe is an overseas dependency of France and hence the Euro is the official currency used on the island.

Originally called Karukera, Guadeloupe is an archipelago of which six main islands are inhabited. 

These are Basse-Terre, Grande-Terre, Marie-Galante, La Desirade, IIes des Saintes and IIles de la Petite Terre.

One advantage of visiting Guadeloupe is its closeness to neighboring Caribbean islands such as Martinique, Dominica and St Lucia.

Ferry services are available by L’Express Des IIes for easy transfer and hence this destination is exciting for budget travelers and island hoppers.

Final Thoughts

We trust that you found the information above helpful as you plan your Caribbean vacation during the month of January.

It is truly an amazing time to experience the food, culture, sporting events and Caribbean life on a whole.

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