Review honest and unbiased feedback on how different Caribbean islands compare to help you choose the vacation spot that is right for you.

Is St Lucia In The United States ( Travel Tips Included)

Bahamas Vs St Lucia (Which Destination Is Better)

Bahamas and St Lucia are two desired places to visit for a Caribbean vacation. Nonetheless, there are significant differences between these destinations which we explore in this article, to help you decide which country is right for you. One major contrast between these two destinations is the flying time from the Miami International Airport to […] Read more…

Is Barbados a US Virgin Island

Barbados Vs St Maarten (Which Destination Is Better)

Barbados and St Maarten are beautiful Caribbean vacation spots and a visitor will enjoy a splendid time at either of these two islands. Nonetheless, there are several differences in these destinations with one fundamental one being the official language. Due to its British heritage, English remains the principal language spoken in Barbados while Dutch the […] Read more…

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