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Are you curious as to the cost of food in St Vincent and the Grenadines? Then this article provides an accurate answer.

As Caribbean nationals, we are aware that if you are considering relocating or vacationing in St Vincent & the Grenadines that you will like some idea as to the cost of food.

To create this article, we visited a grocery store on the mainland of St Vincent and recorded these prices. So rest assured that the content reflects the actual retail prices.

So let us begin.

What Is The Cost of Food In St Vincent & the Grenadines

Most of the food items consumed on the island such as pasta, canned goods and toiletries are imported.

There is a local tax called Value Added Tax (VAT) which is levied at a rate of 16% which is charged on certain items.

Alternatively, there are other staple food items that are zero rated such as bread and chicken.

Invoices at the relevant retail outlets usually provide details on the bill as to which items attract a VAT charge.

Prices of goods at the supermarkets are often quoted as VAT inclusive.

Below is a table which details the prices of food items on the island. This list includes the brand (where available) as well as the weight to give you an idea as to the size of the item.

CIFCleaning Cream750 G        15.00          5.56
 Local Lettuce1 pound          8.53          3.16
 Tomatoes1 pound          6.26          2.32
AfreshDetergent1.08 pounds        17.70          6.56
GladeHawaii Breeze Air Freshner8 ounces          8.95          3.31
 Chicken Wings1KG        10.72          3.97
 Chicken Quarters2.68 pounds          7.91          2.93
DakChopped Ham340 G        11.95          4.43
EveEvaporated Milk410 G          3.41          1.26
 Porridge Oats1 KG        10.35          3.83
 White Sugar2 pounds          4.80          1.78
NescafeClassic Coffee200 G        48.15        17.83
GoyaMixed Vegetables15 ounces          8.30          3.07
 Bisquick567 G        15.95          5.91
ECGCRice2 pounds          3.40          1.26
SwissTomato Ketchup           5.75          2.13
TenderoniMac and Cheese           3.50          1.30
Grab And GoPizza5 Inches          4.25          1.57
Happy CowCheese Portions120 G          5.45          2.02
 Jello Gelatin85 G          7.45          2.76
IGABacon Ranch Dressing473 G        13.95          5.17
Grab And GoGranola Parfait           9.07          3.36
 Chicken Pork Franks         11.55          4.28
 White Cheddar Cheese1 pound          7.13          2.64
 Coca Cola591 ML          3.70          1.37
Go AheadCrispy Slices Apple           9.25          3.43
Allan BakeryBread           6.00          2.22
VansBlueberry Waffles         19.99          7.40
SugardaleCenter Cut Bacon         28.60        10.59
Table1: Cost of Food In St Vincent & the Grenadines

Major Grocery Stores In St Vincent and the Grenadines

There are five main grocery stores on the island. Additionally, there are other small mini marts and shops where you can buy food items.

However, the range of items available at these establishments is limited. In many cases, only cash transactions will be possible.

Massy Stores- this establishment has operations in Stoney Ground, Kingstown and Arnos Vale.

C K Greaves-this supermarket chain has operations in Arnos Vale, Kingstown and Pembroke.

Randy Supermarkets– there are two branches in Kingstown and Diamond.

Coreas Food Mart- there is only one location in the capital city of Kingstown.

PeppaKorn- this is one of the newest supermarkets located in the capital city fo Kingstown.

Is There Food Apps in St Vincent

The two main food apps include Karibites and Vonzuu.

The Vonzuu app can you found in the Google Playstore or the App Store. To order from Karibites, feel free to visit their website.

What Is The Cost of Drinks In St Vincent & the Grenadines

Drinks are produced locally by St Vincent Brewery Limited. They produce their very own line of soft drinks and maltas.

The soft drinks are available in a variety of flavors such as bitter lemon, cocktails fruit and mauby.

Other types of soft drinks are imported from neighboring Trinidad & Tobago and internationally.

The price of a coke is about USD$2 and malt USD$3.

What Is The Best Currency To Use In St Vincent & the Grenadines

The best currency to use in St Vincent and the Grenadines is the Eastern Caribbean Dollars.

This currency is also shared by seven other regional counterparts. The central bank is based in St Kitts & Nevis and employs persons from all the member countries.

The Eastern Caribbean currency has bank notes as well as coins. Bank notes are available in $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 denominations. 

Coins are available in 5 cents, 10 cents, 25 cents, $1 and $2 denominations.  Coins in 1 cents and 2 cents pieces were recently discontinued.

The Eastern Caribbean Dollar has been pegged to the US (United States) dollar since July 7th, 1976 at a rate of USD $1 to XCD $2.70.

Generally, US dollars are accepted by most business around the island. For ease of spending your bank notes, it is best to have notes of smaller denominations.

Bank notes that are worn or torn are rejected by businesses as commercial banks are often reluctant to accept them.

What Is The Cost of Living In St Vincent & the Grenadines

As with every country, the cost of rent is heavily dependent on where you live.

Nevertheless, to give you a great benchmark a two bedroom apartment with one bathroom full furnished in location of Villa rents for about  XCD$1500/ USD$ 555 per month.

A fully furnished apartment often comes with items such as beds, stove, microwave and washing machine.

On average, the cost of electricity each month for a family with two adults is approximately XCD$200/ USD$74 each month.

The cost of water is about XCD$40/ USD$15 each month.

The provider for internet services on the island is Flow and Digicel. The cost of internet services each month is about XCD$120/ USD$44 each month.

Can You Drink The Water In St Vincent & the Grenadines?

The water in the tap in St Vincent & the Grenadines is safe to drink. The water is collected, treated and distributed. At times, due to factors such as heavy rainfall, the water in the tap may be turbid. Locals often purchase spring water from suppliers.

Mountain Top and Tus T Water are two companies that provide natural spring water and purified water on the island respectively.

Is it Cheap To Eat Out In St Vincent & the Grenadines?

The average cost of fast food meal in St Vincent & the Grenadines for an individual is USD$10. If you prefer the atmosphere of a cafe, you can budget about USD$25 per person. For a three course meal at a restaurant, one can average approximately USD $60 per person.

With reference to fast food restaurants, KFC and Subway are the only options on the island.

Locals also enjoy Cantonese which is a Chinese restaurant in the city where you can buy a meal along with drinks such as sodas.

Bickles is another fast food option in the heart of Kingstown which is well loved for its jerk chicken sandwich, patties, green salads and smoothies.

For pizza lovers, feel free to check out Fordies Pizza in Brighton Village. They provide half half specials for both meat and veggie lovers.

Café Soleil is a one of the popular spots on the island to eat where the main course often priced around USD$30 to USD$50.

The Joshua Centre which was the former airport has a food court with a variety of places to eat.

The French Verandah is another exciting place to eat at the Mariners Hotel.

For a high end fine dining experience, Young Island Resort Restaurant is the best location to visit.

Restaurants often have special packages on various occasions such as Independence Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

Therefore, if you are visiting the island  during the festive season, check out which restaurants have specials.

Best Time To Visit St Vincent & the Grenadines

The best time to visit St Vincent & the Grenadines is from December to April annually. This is the dry season and hence the weather is generally sunny on most days. It is also the period outside of the hurricane season which starts in June and ends in November each year.

How To Get To St Vincent & the Grenadines

The international flight options to St Vincent are much limited when compared to Caribbean counterparts such as St Lucia and Grenada.

From the United States of America, Caribbean Airlines and American Airlines provide direct and non-stop service.

Virgin Atlantic provides service from the United Kingdom and alternatively Air Canada provides service from Canada.

Caribbean nationals and regional travelers can find both direct and connecting flights via Liat, InterCaribbean and Caribbean Airlines.

Does St Vincent & the Grenadines Get Hurricanes

St Vincent & the Grenadines is located at the edge of the hurricane belt and hence the likelihood of a storm making landfall on the island is massively reduced.

In addition to the threat of hurricane, the island experienced a volcanic eruption of La Soufriere in 2021.

For these and other reasons such as lost luggage or an injury during an excursion, it is prudent to consider travel insurance.

Our company of choice is World Nomad Insurance as they have a reputation for providing reliable and affordable coverage in the Caribbean.

Top Things To Do In St Vincent & the Grenadines

Climb Fort Duvernette– located on Young Island this fort is accessible by kayaking from mainland St Vincent.

Young Island is a luxury resort island where Johnny Depp lived while filming Pirates of the Caribbean.

Visit Dark View Waterfalls– these are two breathtaking waterfalls situated one above the other that is accessible by a bamboo bridge.

The falls are approximately 10 minutes’ walk from the parking lot. There are facilities such as gazebo, restrooms and changing rooms.

Hike Vermont Trail– enjoy the rainforest and diverse flora and fauna on this trek.  The trail is about two miles long and is home to the famous St Vincent Parrot.

Furthermore, Vermont Trail can be challenging if there is rain so be mindful of this. On sunny days, it is suitable for children.

Hike La Soufriere Volcano-this is the most popular hike on the island and due to its complexities, it is best to go with a guide.

The mountain peak stands at an elevation of 4,048 feet and consists of nine miles.

Relax At Montreal Garden– created by Timothy Vaughn, this garden is truly a magnificent jewel.

It is seven acres and features a variety of flora and fauna. Montreal Garden is ideal for the traveler seeking peace and tranquility.

Relax At Fort Charlotte– this was constructed in 1763 by the British and named after Queen Charlotte who was the wife of King George III. 

The purpose of the fort was to protect against internal attacks from the Caribs and French.

The fort is located in Bershire Hill which is near the capital city. Fort Charlotte has a height of 600 feet which provides a panoramic view of Kingstown and its harbor.

There is a small museum and lighthouse on the property. A must visit spot to visit on the island.

Take A Stroll in The Botanical Garden– St Vincent and the Grenadines is home to the oldest botanical gardens in the Western hemisphere.

The property features many species of flora and fauna on the island. It is also home to the famous first breadfruit tree in the Caribbean.

Capital Blyth brought the tree from Tahiti to feed slaves. Nature enthusiasts will truly enjoy a visit to this historic garden.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The National Food of St Vincent?

The national food of St Vincent is breadfruit and fried jackfish. This is typical served with golden apple juice once the fruit is in season. St Vincent is the Caribbean island where the first breadfruit tree was planted by Capital Blyth from Tahiti. Breadfruit festival is hosted every August.

Final Thoughts: The Cost of Food In St Vincent & The Grenadines

We trust that the information in this article prepares you for your upcoming adventure in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

The group of islands is truly magnificent and there are numerous activities to enjoy.

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