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Grenada is an island in the Caribbean that is fondly referred to as the Isle of Spice.

Despite having a landmass of only 133 square miles, Grenada is the world’s second largest exporter of nutmeg, according to the World Bank (2003), holding 20% of the market.

In this article, we provide information on the price of food in Grenada. These prices were recorded at a retail outlet at the time of publication.

Read on for further details and explanations on the cost of food in Grenada. This article was written by a Grenadian currently residing on the island.

What Is The Cost of Food In Grenada?

To give you greater insight into the cost of food items in Grenada, we visited a retail outlet and recorded these prices just for you.

These are the actual retail price at this establishment.  Kindly note that prices on certain food items are controlled by the Government while on the prices of others may be at the discretion of the retailer.

There is also a 15% Value Added Tax (VAT) that is levied on various food items. As a general rule, prices quoted are usually VAT inclusive.

US dollars are widely accepted by businesses around the island. For ease of completing transactions, it is best to have bank notes of smaller denominations.

Bank notes that are worn or torn are often rejected by vendors.

Prices quoted below are presented in both Eastern Caribbean Dollars (XCD) and the US dollars.

The rate of exchange used is US $1 is equivalent to XCD $2.70.

Other international currencies such as the British Pound Sterling, the Canadian dollar and the Euros are harder to spend at businesses since the exchange rate fluctuates daily.

Hereunder is a table showing some food items, brand, the size to provide greater context and the price in both local and US dollars.

BrandItemSizeXCD$USD $
Red & WhiteCornflakes18 ozs11.954.43
NescafeCoffee6 oz35.2513.06
Red & WhiteCreamer6 oz8.953.31
LiptonTea Bags2510.653.94
KentPancake Mix450 g6.952.57
KirklandPaper Towel85 sq ft12.954.80
NesquikChocolate Mix200g6.502.41
BopInsecticide Spray600 ML16.956.28
SilkDishwash Liquid750 ML7.952.94
MPPeanut Buttter500g11.504.26
SussexCorned Beef340 g9.753.61
DanyChicken Luncheon Meat340g9.253.43
MPMayonnaise375 ML8.953.31
MPTomato Ketchup750 ML7.952.94
CasalivaRedfined Soyabean Oil900 ML13.454.98
KentExtra Virgin Olive Oil500 ML18.957.02
CrownRice1 KG4.451.65
PromosMacaroni & Cheese177g3.501.30
GoyaMixed Vegetables425g6.252.31
MPChick Peas450g5.251.94
CIFCream Cleaner500 ML10.954.06
SuaveToilet Paper(6 rolls)8.503.15
PartnerLiquid Detergent1 L10.954.06

What Is The Cost of Drinks In Grenada?

Drinks are made primarily by Grenada Breweries Limited which includes items such as maltas.

Below is a list of the prices of items on the island. Some of these are made locally while others are imported.

Gatorade600 ML6.002.22
Coke591 ML4.501.67
Welch16 ozs8.503.15
Peardrax1 L19.507.22
Motts ( Apple Juice)32 ozs12.004.44
Orchard1 L8.753.24
Trindad Juices19 ozs8.503.15

Is It Cheap To Eat Out In Grenada?

The average cost of fast food meal in Grenada for an individual is USD$10. If you prefer the atmosphere of a beach bar, you can budget about USD$25 per person. For a three course meal at a restaurant, one can average approximately USD $60 per person.

In terms of fast food restaurants, KFC, Subway and Pizza Hut are the only ones available on the island.

Grenadians also enjoy Rick’s Café which is a local restaurant that specializes in burgers, wraps and pizzas. Locals rate the pizza, one of the best on the island.

Umbrellas Beach Bar located on the award winning Grand Anse beach is one of the most popular beach bars.

The menu is available on their website previously linked so you can view their current prices. There is usually a live band on the weekends. This is a well-loved venue by SGU students.

In terms of restaurants, there are numerous over the island. Dexter’s Restaurant is one of the most popular.

Restaurants that have Sunday specials include The Aquarium located at Point Salines and Petite Anse in Sauteurs in the North.

Tipping on the island is discretionary.

What Is The Most Popular Food In Grenada?

The most popular food in Grenada is the national dish which is called oildown. The principal ingredient in the meal is breadfruit which grows in abundance.

Oildown is prepared with a variety of meats such as chicken, pig tails and pig snouts.  Vegetables such as pumpkin and carrots are also included for added colour.

These different foods are all cooked in one pot in coconut milk. Tumeric or curry powder is used to give the dish its distinct yellow colour.

Can You Drink The Water In Grenada?

The water in the tap in Grenada is safe to drink. The water is collected, treated and distributed. At times, due to factors such as heavy rainfall, the water in the tap may be turbid. Locals often purchase spring water from suppliers. The most popular brands are Glenelg and Mount Pure.

Below is a table showing the prices of bottled water in Grenada. Alkaline water is available for those that value its health benefits.

BrandSizeXCD $USD$
Glenelg5L          9.95          3.69
( Spring Water)1.5 L          4.00          1.48
500 ML          2.50          0.93
Mount Pure5L        10.95          4.06
1.5 L          4.00          1.48
Mountain Peek Group5L        10.95          4.06
( Alkaline Water)1.5 L          4.00          1.48

 Final Thoughts

We hope that you found the information on the isle of Spice helpful as you prepare for your upcoming visit.

We know that you will enjoy your vacation as Grenada truly has a bit of everything.

Remember if you are traveling during the hurricane season which commences June 1 and ends November 30 annually, that you consider travel insurance in the event of travel interruptions.

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