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Are you planning a vacation to the Caribbean but seeking accommodation options that are sustainable and environmentally friendly?

In this article, we summarize the best ecofriendly hotels in the Caribbean for those who want to support businesses that consider the environment in its daily operational practices.

Read on for further details and explanations on what are the best ecofriendly resorts in the Caribbean. This article was written by a Caribbean National who lived and traveled throughout the islands.

1.True Blue Beach Resort, Grenada

True Blue Bay Boutique Resort is a gorgeous waterfront property located in the beautiful Caribbean island of Grenada.

This resort prides itself in caring for the planet and has installed solar panels which generate 30% of the electricity needs of the business.

Additionally, solar water heaters, low energy bulbs and energy saving air condition units are located in every room. Electric golf carts are used for transporting guests and luggage on the property.

There is a gardener on site who maintains a small plantation of fruits, herbs and vegetables which is served to guests.

Organic food waste goes to on-site compost with excess donated to local pig farmers.

In the rainy season, rain water is collected which is used in the dry season at the resort. Waste water is used to irrigate the gardens.

In the future, True Blue Bay Boutique Resort plans to install a biogas generator that uses garden and restaurant waste to fuel its bakery operations.

2. Fond Doux Plantation, St Lucia

Nestled within the UNESCO World Heritage site, the Soufriere this resort sits on a 250 year old working plantation that grows, dries and manufactures amazing chocolate bars.

Tours are available which gives visitors a deeper into the chocolate production process as well as the option to sample chocolate bars.

There are is a shop on site that sells chocolate and other chocolate related products at Fond Doux Plantation.

The resort has with private, luxurious cottages which is a favorite venue for events such as weddings.

Additionally, the resort keeps sustainability as part of its operations by removing the use of single plastic such, as drinking straws and garbage bags.

The property also grows fruits and vegetables such as soursop, avocado, golden apples, guavas, cabbages and bananas. The chefs use these in the preparation of meals served at the resort.

Solar panels are on site to use the sun to power the resort as well as energy efficient lighting systems, low flow toilets and the option to reuse linens and towels.

3. Rosalie Bay Eco Resort, Dominica

Located in the Nature Island of the Caribbean, this resort is committed to the environment.

Rosalie Bay Eco Resort is constantly working to minimize waste and pollution from its operations.

This is achieved by reusing and recycling products where appropriate.

The resort is also home to the island first wind turbine and is a leader in turtle conservation initiatives in Dominica.

4. Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort, Aruba

The Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort in 1987 and are the first carbon neutral resort in the Caribbean since 2018 located on the most popular beach on the island, Eagle beach.

The resort continues to examine strategies to decrease emission to become carbon negative.

The company sets targets constantly reviewing its processes to achieve sustainability within its operations.

Some of these initiatives include creating a herb garden, using grey water to irrigate the garden and the use of solar panels to power the business.

Furthermore, the business is approximately 85% paperless and actively participates in environmental community activities such as beach cleanups.

5. Hotel Manapany, St Barths

Hotel Manapany is a resort that truly embraces sustainability. The hotel is powered partially by solar panels and energy efficient e cards are used to transport guests around the property.

No chemicals are used in cleaning and maintaining the premises. Additionally, all the towels used are made of bamboo with natural fibers.

The hotel prides itself on growing some of its own fruits and vegetables and other items sourced locally.

The business was Green Key Certified in 2022.

6. Belle Mont Farm, St Kitts & Nevis

This beautiful hotel is located on 400 acres of organic tropical farmland. As such, many if the foods used in the dishes prepared are grown on the farm.

Belle Mont Farm supports local businesses to ensure that quality ingredients are used in the meals prepared.

Fruits, provision and vegetables needs to be grown without chemicals and pesticides.

7. Petit St Vincent Private Island Resort, St Vincent & The Grenadines

Petit St Vincent Private Island Resort is committed to sustainability as it uses sea water and through its desalination plant is able to provide clean water through every tap.

Recycling is also at the heart of the business with cut grass and leaves being used as fertilizer on the premises.

Furthermore, the resort prides itself on growing fruits and vegetables to ensure that the dishes are prepared with fresh organic produce.

In addition the resorts partners with other organization such as CLEAR Caribbean and the Philip Stephenson to build a coral nursery as part of a coral restoration project.

Final Thoughts

We trust that you found the above options helpful as you choose the best destination for your stay in the Caribbean.

These resorts are all environmentally conscious and incorporate sustainability processes within their day to day operations.

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