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Grenada is a Southern Caribbean island which is only 132 square miles. Tourists usually appreciate the island for its amazing beaches, safety and warm and friendly people.

In this article, we present ten activities to do while visiting Grenada which are free especially if you are traveling on a budget.

Read on for further details and explanations on what are the free things to do on the Caribbean island of Grenada. This article was written by a Grenadian.

1.Take a Chocolate Tour

Grenada is affectionately known as the Isle of Spice as it is the world’s second largest exporter of nutmeg, according to the World Bank (2003), holding 20% of the global market.

Furthermore, the climate in Grenada makes it conducive for the production of chocolate with about five tree to bar factories on the island.

If you are in the capital city and you are interested in learning more about chocolate and its production, visit the House of Chocolate located on Young Street.

There is a representative located there who can provide you with valuable insight into chocolate, its history and production.

2. Pray At The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

Situated in the heart of the capital city of St George, the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception is a Roman Catholic religious building which provides an opportunity for prayer and reflection.

It is located on the top of Church Street near the St Joseph’s Convent Secondary School.

If you plan on visiting this location it is best to consider wearing comfortable shoes as it is necessary to climb a hill to arrive at this spot.

3. Explore the Capital City

A walk around the city of St George gives you a chance to see several historic landmarks in the city.

One such landmark is the Sendall Tunnell which was built in 1894. This long passageway is approximately 340 feet and was constructed for horse and carriage.

Today, vehicles use this tunnel when traveling from The Carenage into the city centre. If you are adventurous, you can also walk through the tunnel but watch out for the vehicles.

The tunnel only allows for one way traffic.

4. Swim On Grand Anse Beach

Peradventure you are in the South of the island, Grand Anse Beach is a magnificent two mile stretch of white and powdery sand.

The beach has many almond trees and sea grapes. The area of the beach near the Catholic Church tends to be the calmest while the area on the other extreme end tends to be much rougher.

There are several high end hotels on this beach such as Spice Island Beach Resort, Allamanda Beach Resort and Coyaba Beach Resort.

For your added safety, there are lifeguards stationed at this location. Access to all beaches in Grenada is free.

Other beaches to explore on the island include Bathway Beach located in the North as well as BBC Beach which is situated in Morne Rouge which is about 10 minutes from Grand Anse Beach.

5. Relax at Camerhogne Park

Located next to Grand Anse Beach, this park is the perfect green space to rest and relax.

There are benches, picnic tables and trees that provide a nice area for sitting and reading.

Furthermore, there are a number of playground fixtures which is ideal for children.

It is not uncommon to find locals using the park for exercise activities in the evening.

6. Visit An Art Gallery

If you love art and want to see the work of local artists, then Art and Soul Gallery located at the Spiceland Mall International in the South of the island is a fantastic place to visit.

The mall is also filled with many more stores which you can also explore.

7. Visit Hog Island

If you want to relax, swim and snorkel on an unspoiled island then Hog Island is a gem that is perfect for a day trip.

The island is located on the South of the country and is accessible by driving or water taxi.

If you are driving via Mount Hartman, it is advised that you use a four wheel drive vehicle.

The beach on the island is lovely and it is also an excellent spot for snorkeling.

8. Take A Look At History at Carib’s Leap

Caribs Leap is located in Sauteurs which is the town in the parish of St Patrick.

There is a monument that stands there today to mark the historic significance of this spot where the Caribs leaped to their deaths in Grenada.

To view this monument, one has to walk through a cemetery.

The Caribs were the inhabitants of the island when the French wanted to colonize the Grenada.

In 1650, the Caribs decided to trade a portion of lands in exchange for valuables from the French.

The arrangement remained amicable for about one year until the Caribs wanted the French to leave.

Instead of surrending to the French, the Caribs leaped to their deaths and this is still reflected in the name of the town as its stands today.

Sauteurs is derived from the French word Sauter which means to jump or to leap.

9. Visit Lake Antoine

If you love nature, you will love the peace and tranquility of Lake Antoine. The area is home to a variety of flora, fauna and wildlife.

Bird watchers will enjoy this location as it is the home to a variety of species on the island.

10. Take A Picture At The Welcome Stone

Located in the Northern parish of St Patrick, the welcome Stone is one of the most superb views on the island.

Kindly note that the path to the stone involves hiking through a wooded area. Therefore, it is best to wear hiking shoes for ease.

Final Thoughts

We trust that you found the information presented above valuable and useful as you enjoy your stay in the beautiful Caribbean island of Grenada.

Per chance you are visiting during the hurricane season between June to November, it is prudent to consider travel insurance in the event of delays and interruptions.

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