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Barbuda is a small Caribbean island consisting of only 62 square miles and is a dependency of Antigua.

There are approximately 1500 inhabitants and the main village is called Codrington.

 If you are visiting Antigua and looking for a perfect spot to rest and relax, then Barbuda is the ideal hopping across to Barbuda is a great activity to consider.

In this guide, we cover the two options of getting to Barbuda as well as travel tips to help make your stay on the island memorable.

How To Get To Barbuda Via Ferry Services

There are two companies providing ferry services to and from Antigua to Barbuda with a travel time of about 90 minutes.

Island Escape Ferry provides service three days a week being Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays to the island of Barbuda.

The service departs downtown St John 7 am and departs Barbuda at 4pm.

Bookings can be made via phone on 12687366607 or via their website

The other ferry company is Barbuda Express that provides transfers everyday with the exception of Mondays.

The round trip fare for an adult is XCD$270 while one way is XCD$145. Children between the ages of 3-11 pays XCD$165 for a round trip and XCD$110 for one way.

Alternatively, babies and toddlers between the ages of 0-2 years pay XCD$50 round trip and $30 for a one way ticket.

Bookings can be made online at The provider also offers excursion package where a guided tour of the island is included as a day trip package.

If you have any further inquiries or will like to arrange a group fare for a minimum of 12 persons, feel free to contact the company by calling or WhatsApp on 12687642291.

How To Get To Barbuda Via Aircraft

The Codrington Airport has a small runaway on the island and is thus only suitable for tiny aircrafts.

Currently, both BMN SVG Airways and Fly Monsterrat are the companies that provide airlift to Barbuda.

A return trip on BMN SVG Airways is XCD$440 tax included.

The luggage regulations are one checked item which should not exceed 44lbs and one hang luggage which should not surpass 13lbs.

Bookings can be made via their website and also by phone on 12685628033 or 12685637183.

BMN SVG Airways also provides service within the Grenadine islands of St Vincent. and from Carriacou which is part of the tri island state of Grenada.

Along the same lines, Fly Montserrat which provides daily non-stop flights. The price of varies from flight to flight but you can check online to see the current prices.

Carryons must sit below the seat as there are no overhead bins.

The weight should be less than ten pounds. The first checked bag should be less than fifty pounds. An extra checked bag is at a rate of USD$50.

Bookings can be done online at For queries and concerns, you can email [email protected]

International Flights To Antigua

There are several airlines providing direct and non-stop service weekly from major international cities in the United States of America (USA), United Kingdom (UK), Canada and Europe.

Air Canada and Sunwing provides direct service from Montreal and Toronto in Canada.

Alternatively, American Airlines, jet Blue, WestJet, Tradewind Aviation, Frontier Airlines, United and Delta provides transportation from numerous cities across the USA.

British Airways and Virgin Atlantic have weekly flights from the UK.

Caribbean nationals and regional travelers can find both direct and connecting flights via Liat, WinAir, InterCaribbean and Caribbean Airlines.

Is There A Ferry Service To Antigua

In December, 2022, L’Express Des Isles resumed its high speed ferry charter services to Antigua.

The company L’Express Des Isles has a long standing history of superior services between the French Caribbean and thus is ideally for persons who may be considering island hopping to Guadeloupe, Martinique, St Lucia and Dominica.

This provides an adventurous way for persons to connect to Montserrat across other Caribbean islands.

Barbuda Travel Basics

If you are planning a trip to Barbuda, then exploring the unique caves on the island are a must.

They are situated in the Two Foot Bay National Park on the NorthEastern region of the island.

Furthermore, the island has become popular with kitesurfers due to its strong winds and uncrowded beaches.

The island of Barbuda is also blessed with a beautiful pink sand beach between Spanish Point and Palmetto Point.

Additionally, it is also home to the longest beach in the Caribbean being Low Bay Beach.

Final Thoughts

If you are craving rest and relaxation, Barbuda is definitely an island to consider.

Hurricane Irma caused severe devastation in 2017 but the island has recovered tremendously so you will have an enjoyable experience.

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