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Bequia is the second largest Grenadine island chain with Carriacou being the largest which is part of the tri island state of Grenada.

There are 32 islands that are part of the Grenadine islands that belong to St Vincent.

In addition to Bequia, some of the other Grenadines are inhabited are Union Island and Canouan.

Alternatively, islands such as Petit Nevis and Tobago Cays are uninhabited.

In this guide, we cover the two options of getting to Bequia as well as travel tips to help  make your stay on the island memorable.

How To Get To Bequia Via Ferry Services

The ferry terminal is located in the Upper Kingstown area of the capital city after the National Insurance Scheme building and right next to Massy Supermarket.

Bequia Express is the name of the vessel that provides auto and passenger ferry services to and from St Vincent.

The company offers five different options on weekdays, so you can leave and return at multiple intervals during the day.

There are four sailing options available on Saturdays and two on public holidays and Sundays.

The journey is about one hour.

Furthermore, the company provides transportation of vehicles of a standard size without a driver.

It is also advised to check the Facebook page at times there could be no sailing or reduction in the number of sailing options such as on public holidays.

How To Get To Bequia Via Aircraft

SVG Air provides flights to the island of Bequia from Barbados and also from mainland St Vincent.

At times, there may be a stop on the flight from Barbados to Bequia on the Grenadine island of Canouan.

Bookings can be made via email at [email protected] and [email protected].

Alternatively, bookings can be made directly at You can also contact the airline via WhatsApp at +17845329179.

The airline also provides service between Grenada and its Grenadine island Carriacou with onward connections to St Vincent.

International Flights To St Vincent

The international flight options to St Vincent are much limited when compared to Caribbean counterparts such as St Lucia and Grenada.

From the United States of America, Caribbean Airlines and American Airlines provide direct and non-stop service.

Virgin Atlantic provides service from the United Kingdom and alternatively Air Canada provides service from Canada.

Caribbean nationals and regional travelers can find both direct and connecting flights via Liat, InterCaribbean and Caribbean Airlines

Bequia Travel Basics

Generally, Bequia is a relatively quiet island with about 5,000 inhabitants.

The Princess Margaret Beach is the best spot on the island to enjoy calm waters and powdery white sand.

There are palm trees so you can sit and relax on the shores. This is a great beach for taking a comfortable stroll.

One of the best ways to truly appreciate the beauty of the island is by hiking. There are a number of trails such as hiking to Ma Peggy and Bullet Point.

From these locations you can enjoy breath taking views of the neighboring Grenadine islands.

The Friendship Rose offers tours from Bequia to the Tobago Cays where you can swim with turtles and snorkel at the coral reef.

The official currency used on the island is the XCD dollar and US dollars are accepted by businesses across the island.

During the month of January, Bequia Music Festival is hosted over a four day period.

This event attracts musicians from other Caribbean islands and all over the world.

Final Thoughts

Bequia is untouched, undiscovered and unspoiled and is a perfect destination for persons seeking peace, tranquility and relaxation.

We trust that this guide was helpful as your plan your upcoming trip to the island.

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