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The island of Carriacou is only 13 square miles and is a dependency of the tri island state of Grenada.

Carriacou which means “Isle of Reefs” has a population of about 8,000 persons and is the largest of the Grenadine chain of islands.

In addition to Carriacou, Petite Martinique is the other Grenadian territory which is only 586 acres with approximately 900 inhabitants.

In this guide, we cover the options for getting to Carriacou as well as travel tips to ensure that you have an awesome visit to the island.

Visitors can travel to Carriacou via small aircraft or fast ferry services. Osprey Lines and Tyrrell Bay Express are the two providers of fast ferry services from  Grenada to Carriacou. Alternatively, SVG Air offers daily flights over to Carriacou. The flight duration is approximately 20 minutes.

How To Get To Carriacou Via Ferry Services

Ferry service is the most common and affordable method used for transportation to and from Carriacou and this service is provided by Osprey Lines and Tyrell Bay Express.

At the time of publication, the service is available via the Osprey, three times per week being Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The local office can be contacted on landline 14734408126.

The price for a return adult ticket (12 years and older) is XCD$160. The price for children ticket is XCD$100 return.

The boat usually docks on the Carenage near the Grenada Port Authority and the Grenada Tourism Authority.

Additionally, there are also onward connections to Petite Martinique which is available from the main town of Hillsborough or Harveyvale depending on the volume of passengers.

This is usually at an additional fee.

Alternatively, Tyrrell Bay Express offers ferry services every Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

The office is located in Tanteen, opposite the netball court and downstairs Paddy Shipping. Tickets can be purchased at this location and also at the Cariacom Wharf where the boat departs.

The Caricom Wharf is situated near the Public Workers Credit Union Building on Port Highway.

The vessel departs Carriacou at 5 am and Grenada at 5pm. The price for a return adult ticket (12 years and older) is XCD$100.

The fare for children between the ages of 2 to 5 years is $25 one way and $50 return.

Alternatively, the fare for children between the ages of 6 to 11 years is $35 one way and $70 return.

Tyrell Bay Express is also an auto vessel so you can bring your vehicle with you to Carriacou.

The price for one way transfer is $200 and the return trip is $300.

How To Get To Carriacou Via Aircraft

SVG Air is the airline that provides direct and non- stop flights between Grenada and Carriacou.

At the time of writing, they operate five days each week with possibility of changes due to demand.

Usually at peak time such as August and December, travelers may find that there are more flight options available.

Bookings can be made via email at [email protected] and [email protected].

Alternatively, bookings can be made directly at You can also contact the airline via WhatsApp at +17845329179.

The flight time between the islands is about 20 minutes and at times there are onward connections from Carriacou to St Vincent.

International Flights To Grenada

Grenada is often overlooked as a vacation destination for persons seeking to relax in the Caribbean.

Nonetheless, there are various direct and non-stop flights from international cities for seamless travel.

American Airlines provides daily non-stop flights from Miami International Airport to Maurice Bishop International Airport. The flying time is approximately four hours.

Furthermore, the same airlines have service from Charlotte North Carolina once weekly.

If you are traveling from New York City, Jet Blue provides non-stop flights daily.

Alternatively, if your city of embarkation is London Heathrow or Gatwick, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic provide transfers weekly.

For travelers originating from Canada, Sunwing and Air Canada are the weekly flight options available.

Caribbean nationals and regional travelers can find both direct and connecting flights via Liat, InterCaribbean, SVG Air and Caribbean Airlines.

Carriacou Travel Basics

Getting to Carriacou is part of the overall adventure of visiting the island. Pronounced Karry-a-cou, the island has a number of fantastic dive and snorkel sites.

The locals also celebrate a number of festivals such as the Parang Festival in December, Regatta Festival in August and the Maroon & String Band Festival in April annually.

Many of the festivals reflect the African and Scottish heritage of the island.

The official currency is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar. Nevertheless, US dollars are accepted by businesses on the island.

For ease of doing financial transactions, it is ideal to have notes of smaller denominations.

Boatbuilding is one of the main ways that individuals earn an income which shows the Scottish influence on the island.

Bogles Round House is one of the best restaurants that you must try.

Paradise Beach situated in the community of L’ Esterre is an award winning beach to visit.

In 2022, Paradise Beach was voted Best Caribbean Beach in the USA Today’s 10 Best Readers’ Choice Awards.

Final Thoughts

Carriacou is a small but charming island ideal for individuals seeking peace and relaxation.

The journey to the island is part its unique appeal and will give you an experience to remember. If you prefer to arrive quickly, the aircraft is the better of the two options.

However, if you want to enjoy the scenery of the coastline, then traveling by boat may be more suitable.

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