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Are you wondering if there is Uber in Antigua & Barbuda? Then, this is the perfect article for you to read.

Antigua & Barbuda is one of the most visited islands in the Northern Caribbean region.

Additionally, it provides a hub for persons visiting neighboring islands such as the British Virgin Islands, Montserrat, Dominica and St Kitts & Nevis.

In this article, we answer the burning question is there Uber in Antigua & Barbuda as well as provide tips on what to know before going to the island.

There is no Uber or Lyft available in the Antigua & Barbuda. The most affordable way to get around is via mini bus which provides transportation to most of the communities on the island.  Taxis are readily available. Renting a car is the best way to see the island on your own time.

How To Get Around Antigua & Barbuda

Buses and taxis are the best ways to get around the island. Bus fares are dependent on your destination point.

The bus station in the capital of St John is divided into sections for persons traveling on the Eastern and Western side of the island.

Buses do accept US dollars and credit cards as a method of payments. However, if you are planning on using the bus, it is wise to travel with bank notes of smaller denominations.

Taking Taxis In Antigua & Barbuda

Taxis are readily available at the airport and in the capital city. The receptionist at your hotel can also assist you with obtaining a taxi during your stay.

This method of transportation is more expensive than taking the bus however it is more convenient especially if you are short on time.

Most of the taxis do not accept credit and debit card payments. It is therefore advised to have cash for these transactions.

Driving in Antigua & Barbuda

Driving in Antigua and Barbuda is on the left hand side of the road. The island is generally flat and hence it is much easier for a visitor to navigate when compared to St Lucia or Dominica.

It is required by law that all passengers in a vehicle wear seatbelts. There are no specific requirements for car seats for children but it is highly recommended for your safety.

Nevertheless, it is important if you are driving on the island to consider travel insurance in the event of an accident and or injury.

Renting A Car In Antigua and Barbuda

Renting a Car in Antigua and Barbuda is an excellent option to explore the island hassle free and you will have complete control over the use of your time.

Be sure to walk with your driver’s license or international license from your home country.

A local license is required whether you have an international license which the rental company can assist you in obtaining. 

It is prudent to have travel insurance if you intend to drive in the event of accident or injury on the road.

Things To Know Before Going To Antigua & Barbuda

The official currency of Antigua & Barbuda is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar. US dollars are accepted by businesses nationwide. For ease for completing transactions it is best to have US bank notes of smaller denominations. Change is often given local currency.

The capital city is called St John which is often confused with the island of St John which is part of the US Virgin Island Group. The country calling code is 1-268.

KariBites is an app available where you can order for pick up or delivery from a wide selection of restaurants on the island.

At the time of publication, there is no ferry service from Antigua & Barbuda to the overseas territory of Montserrat. At festive times of the year, L’Express Des Iles provides ferry services from the French Caribbean to Antigua.

The island is one of the best in the Caribbean for beach lovers as it prides itself on having 365 beaches being one for every day of the year.

Barbuda is home to one of longest beach in the Caribbean being Low Bay Beach and magnificent pink sand beaches.

As a Caribbean island, Antigua and Barbuda is susceptible to hurricanes. The last hurricane that significantly impacted the island was hurricane Irma on September 6th, 2017.

As a general rule, most businesses on the island are closed on Sundays and public holidays.

How to Get To Antigua

Several major international airlines fly directly to and from Antigua and Barbuda from the USA, UK, Canada and Europe.

These airlines include Delta, Jet Blue, United, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Condor and Sunwing Airlines.

How To Get To Barbuda

This dependency of Antigua is only 62 square miles and access to the island is via boat or small aircraft.

Island Escape Ferry and Barbuda Express are the service providers by sea. Currently both BMN SVG Airways and Fly Montserrat are the companies that provide airlift to Barbuda.

Top Things To Do In Antigua & Barbuda

Take a day trip to Maiden Island also called Maid Island to swim and snorkel in privacy and seclusion.

Laviscount Island is also a perfect private island to visit. Situated on the Northeastern coast, this is an excellent location to see giant Aldabra tortoises.

Explore unpaved roads using dune buggies. This tour includes visits to historic and heritage sites as well as Antigua’s National Parks.

See the island from the skies using zipline suspended by ropes where you can enjoy the forestry, flora and fauna.

Where To Stay In Antigua

For an adult only all- inclusive, Cocobay Resort Antigua and Escape at Nonsuch Bay are excellent options.

For proximity to the famous Dickenson Bay Beach, Trade Winds Hotel, Buccaneer Beach Club and Yellow Maison.

Royalton Antigua is a high end option to consider near this beach.

Alternatively, if you will love easy access to the capital city, Hodges Bay Resort & Spa as well as Heritage Hotel are great options to consider.

Final Thoughts: Is There Uber In Antigua & Barbuda

So there is no Uber on the twin island state of Antigua and Barbuda but there are options available for you to explore the island seamlessly.

For history enthusiasts, do not forget to see the UNESCO World Heritage Site Nelson Dockyard.

We are confident that you will have an unforgettable stay.

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