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Turks & Caicos is a British Overseas Territory located North of Hispaniola and South East of the Bahamas.

It takes approximately two hours flying time from Miami International Airport to Providenciales International Airport.

Turks & Caicos is only 366 square miles. It consists of 40 different islands and cays of which only 8 are inhabited.

In this article, we provide all the information you need to know about getting around the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Is There Uber In Turks & Caicos?

There is no Uber or Lyft available in the Turks & Caicos. There was a local alternative called Conch Cab which was not in operation at the time of publication. The best way to get around the island is via private car, taxi, rental car, bicycle and scooters.

What Are The Best Ways To Get Around Turks & Caicos


The best way to get around Turks and Caicos is by taxi. Taxis are plentiful and can be hailed from the street or booked in advance.

Fares are reasonable and most taxis accept credit cards. But keep in mind that taxis can get expensive if you’re going to be taking them multiple times per day.

 Car Rental

If you plan on staying on the island for an extended period, then renting a car might the better option.

This will allow you to explore at your own pace and make stops along the way. Just be sure to purchase car insurance before driving off, as rental companies typically do not include this in their rates.

You can rent a car if you want more freedom to explore the island. Car rental rates are relatively reasonable, and you can find rentals at most major resorts.

Exclusive transportation service at an affordable price is another option available. One of the leading services on the island is provided by Fast Track.

They provide airport transfers as well as transportation in the city in modern and comfortable SUV’s/

Each booking is for up to six individuals.

Scooters & Bicycles

These are available for rent on the island. These are easy to ride and rental companies can be found especially in the Grace Bay area.

Local companies can also give you a tutorial on how these work.

Be careful when driving on the roads as there are no specific traffic lanes for two wheelers.

Also, sidewalks are not prevalent so be sure to keep these road conditions in mind.

Furthermore, there are areas where the road is unpaved even in Providenciales. Therefore, it is prudent to exercise proper safe measures while driving.

Travel Tips For The Turks & Caicos Islands

Despite being a British Overseas Territory, the US dollar is the official currency of the islands.

Turks & Caicos lies in the hurricane belt. Therefore, it you are planning on visiting this destination during the hurricane season which from June 1 to November 30, it is prudent to consider travel insurance.

Hurricane Fiona was the last major storm to make landfall on the island.

Every Thursday night there is a Fish Fry where individuals can buy food from local vendors.

Souvenirs and various forms of crafts are also on sale. Turks and Caicos also stands out in the Caribbean as an island for fine dining. 

Grace Bay Beach is the most famous on the island of Providenciales for its shallow and calm waters.

This beach is part of the Princess Alexandra Land and Sea National Park and has won numerous international awards.

Final Thoughts

Trust you found these details provided above information as you plan your vacation to the amazing Turks & Caicos Islands.

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