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St Croix is the largest of the four major US Virgin Islands being 84 square miles. The other three US Virgin islands are St Thomas, St John and Water Island.

Point Udall is a location of significance in St Croix as it is the most eastern point of the United States of America (USA).

The Millennium monument was erected in the year 2000 as this is the first place that the American soil experiences the sunrise. Locals of the island refer to themselves as Crucians.

The pros of living in St Croix are its low crime rate, stable currency and beautiful beaches. On the other hand, living in St Croix has its cons such as the threat of natural disasters, the high cost of shipping to the island and no direct international flights.

Pros of Living In St Croix

Beautiful Beaches

St Croix has amazing beaches and is the home of the longest beach in the US Virgin Islands.

Sandy Point Beach is the longest beach in the US Virgin Islands which is three mile long and is the perfect location for those who love to stroll and jog.

However, there are no facilities such as beach chairs and umbrellas. This beach is also a nesting place for turtles and as such is closed for about 5 months of the year for turtle nesting season.

Stable Currency

As an overseas dependent of the United States of America, the currency is US dollar which is the same as the mainland.

Individuals who are interested in relocating to the island need not worry about losses due to foreign currency conversions.

Direct Flights From US Mainland

The airport in St Croix is available for individuals to fly seamlessly from the US Mainland into the island.

This makes getting to the island easier when compared to St John where there is no airport.

Easy To Island Hop

St Croix offers several opportunities to island hop to other US Virgin Island territories as well as the British Virgin Islands (BVI).

At times there may not be ferries directly available from St Croix, but one can connect via St Thomas or charter a boat to the other islands.

US Citizens kindly note that a passport is required to enter the BVI from St Croix.

The Island Is Safe

Generally the island is quiet and peaceful and does not receive the same volume of tourist as St Thomas and even St John.

Nevertheless in 2020, the island had the highest number of homicides of the three main islands.

According to the St Thomas Source, since the pandemic there has been an increase in crimes within the US Virgin Islands.

The territory recorded 49 homicides in 2020, two on the island of St John. There were 27 in St Croix and 20 in St Thomas respectively.

Visitors to St Croix must exercise due care and diligence as with any other foreign country. Avoid lonely and secluded areas especially at nights. Secure valuables such as laptops, cellphones and other electronic gadgets.

Cons of Living In St Croix

Threat of Natural Disasters

The hurricane season in the Caribbean starts June 1 and ends November 30 annually and due to its location, the island is vulnerable to hurricanes.

Therefore, if you are considering a vacation during this period, it may be wise to consider travel insurance.

The last hurricanes that had severe impact on the island were in 2017 being hurricanes Irma and Maria respectively.

No Direct International Flights

The Henry E Rohlsen Airport is a domestic airport that is located six miles from the capital city in St Croix named Christiansted. This airport receives daily inter island flights along with cargo and military airplanes.

Major airlines such as American Airlines and Delta Airlines provide flights from US cities. However, there are no international flights from cities like Toronto and London.

Visitors from these countries will need to arrive via Cyril E King International in St Thomas and choose either ferry service or domestic aircraft for entry into St Croix.

Limited Job Opportunities

Job opportunities in St Croix are limited when compared to the options in St Thomas.

On the island of St Croix, the closure of the oil refinery which was the largest private employer on the island left approximately 2000 persons jobless.

This was a huge blow to the economy of St Croix and by extension the Virgin Islands.

Shipping To St Croix

Although St Croix is part of the United States of America, from a shipping perspective the island is regarded as an international destination.  Courier services such as DHL and FEDEX apply international rates when shipping to St Croix.

This makes items much more costly. The most cost effective method of shipping to St Croix is via USPS which regards the island as a US territory. Shipping options available for persons in the US Mainland such as next day shipping does not apply in St Croix.

When dealing with certain companies, there are restrictions on what you can ship to the island.

Locals Unable To Vote

Unfortunately, Crucians are unable to vote as the US Virgin Islands has no electoral votes to cast for a President or Vice President of the United States of America.

Crucians are only able to vote if they become a resident of one of the 50 States in America.

Final Thoughts

The pros of living in St Croix are that the island safe, has domestic flights from the US Mainland and amazing beaches. On the other hand, the cons of living in St Croix are the threat of natural disasters and Crucians cannot vote for a President or Vice President of the USA.

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