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There are several similarities between the islands of Martinique and St Martin but the main attribute is that both islands are overseas territories of France.

As such, they share the same official currency which is the Euro and French is the official language on the islands.

Additionally, both islands are able to vote in the presidential elections of mainland France. However, St Martin is much more well-known and receives more tourists than Martinique.

In this article, we compare and contrast Martinique and St Martin to help you determine which island is better for your Caribbean vacation.

As a general rule, Martinique is ideal for visitors looking to enjoy stunning white sand beaches as well as snorkeling at the iconic Fond Blancs. Alternatively, St Martin is perfect for visitors seeking a more vibrant nightlife atmosphere and white sand beaches.

Read on for more information on how these amazing French Caribbean Islands compare. This article is written by a Caribbean national.

Martinique Vs St Martin- Which Island Is Bigger

Martinique is significantly larger than St Martin. The landmass of Martinique is 436 square miles while that of St Martin is only 37 square miles.

At the time of publication, the population of Martinique was 374,707 according to while St Martin was 39.935.

The highest point of elevation is Mount Pelee which stands at 4,583 feet while the highest point in St Martin is Pic Paradis or Paradise Peak at 1,391 feet.

St Martin has a unique feature as it shares its landmass with St Maarten.

The Dutch side, St Maarten is located on the southern part of the island and the French side which is the northern area of the island called St Martin.

The international airport, Princess Juliana International Airport is located on the Dutch side.

Once you arrive on island, it is easy to drive over from the Dutch to the French side as there are no restrictions.

Martinique Vs St Martin- Does The Currency Differ?

As overseas departments of France, both islands share the Euro as the official currency.

However, the key difference is that US dollars are readily accepted in St Martin. Prices of goods and services are quoted in US dollars. Change is given in US coins.

On the other hand, US dollars are not accepted in Martinique.

Martinique Vs St Martin- Is It Easy To Hop To Other Islands

Both islands provide excellent opportunities to visit other Caribbean islands. From the island of St Martin, ferry service is available from Marigot to Anguilla and St Barths.

As St Martin shares its landmass with St Maarten, visitors also have access to the Dutch Caribbean islands of St Eustatius and Saba via ferry services by crossing over to the Dutch side.

Likewise, travelers have easy access from Martinique to Guadeloupe, Dominica and St Lucia via the ferry services of L’Express Des IIes.

There is no ferry service that travels between St Martin and Martinique and hence access from one island to another is only by flying.

Martinique Vs St Martin- Which Has Better Nightlife

If a vibrant entertainment atmosphere is your vacation preference, then St Martin is the better island to consider.

Generally, St Martin is a laid back island but it has the advantage of sharing the landmass with St Maarten which is the party capital of the Caribbean.

Nevertheless, there are beach bars and restaurants which you can enjoy in the evenings. Some of these include KKO Beach Bar & Restaurant and Driftwood Boat Bar.

On the Dutch side of the island, there are much more variety of clubs and bars. The Refuge is one of the more popular spots on the Dutch side.

Martinique is a peaceful destination and nightlife on the island primarily consists of beach bars and restaurants.

Some of the top spots to visit for entertainment include Dream Club and Le Cloud.

Martinique Vs St Martin- Which Has Better Beaches

If beaches are your priority, Martinique is the better of the two destinations.  On French beaches in the Caribbean, women have the option to sun bathe topless.

The best beach in Martinique is Les Salines and it is known for its long stretch of water sand, turquoise waters and amenities located in its vicinity.

There are shops, restaurants, showers and other facilities designed to ensure that you rest and relax while enjoying the sunshine.

Alternatively, the most popular beach in St Martin is the Orient Beach. It is fondly referred to as the St Tropez of the Caribbean due to its close resemblance to this beach in the South of France.

Visitors to the Orient beach have the option of participating in a variety of water sporting activities such as jet skiing and paddle boarding.

Additionally, there are several top notch restaurants available on the Orient Beach

There is a clothing optional area at Orient beach.

Martinique Vs St Martin- Activities To Try On The Islands

Fond Blancs, Martinique- this is a secluded beach which is perfect for swimming and snorkeling. This tour takes about half day and usually drinks are included. Access to Fond Blancs is by boat only.

Pinel Island, St Martin– this is a small island is part of the French Marine Reserve that you can access with kayaks, chartered boats or paddle board.

The main beach has calm and shallow waters with restaurants located on the shore. Beach chairs and umbrellas are available for rent.

You can also hike on the island and enjoy panoramic views of St Barths, Tintamarre Island, Anguilla and St Martin.

Final Thoughts

On a whole, Martinique is an exceptional destination for individuals seeking to swim and snorkel on white sand beaches with turquoise waters. On the other hand, St Martin is ideal for visitors seeking to island hop to the Dutch Caribbean islands while enjoy a more bustling nightlife environment.

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