Belize Vs St Lucia ( Which Island Is Better For A Vacation)

Belize Vs St Lucia (Which Vacation Is Better)

Belize and St Lucia are English Speaking islands which are part of the Commonwealth of Nations. Additionally, the islands are members of the body CARICOM which promotes the integration of fifteen Caribbean countries. The main goal of this article is to provide a thorough comparison of Belize and St Lucia to help visitors choose a […] Read more…

Belize Vs Grand Cayman(Which Island Is Better To Visit)

Belize Vs Grand Cayman (Which Vacation Is Better)

Two favorite destinations for cruise travelers to the Caribbean are Belize and Grand Cayman. Grand Cayman is an overseas dependency of the United Kingdom (UK) while Belize is a commonwealth nation with Queen Elizabeth II being the Head of State. In this article, we explore various aspects of both islands to provide you with a […] Read more…

Belize Vs Puerto Rico( Which Vacation Is Better)

Best Caribbean Islands To Visit In December

December is a perfect time to get away to the Caribbean as it is the Christmas season.  From a religious perspective, the majority of inhabitants of the islands are Roman Catholic. Therefore, the Christmas season is a key celebration on the Christian calendar. Typically, Christmas in Caribbean is filled with food. Black fruit cake, ham, […] Read more…

Best Caribbean Islands To Visit In November

Best Caribbean Islands To Visit In November

November is a great month to add one of the Caribbean islands to your vacation list. It is the tail end of the hurricane season and hence the likelihood of a storm making landfall is significantly decreased when compared to other months such as September. The aim of this article is to provide you with […] Read more…

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