Best Caribbean Islands For A Weekend Getaway

Best Caribbean Islands For A Weekend Getaway

Do you have a long weekend and yearning to enjoy the beautiful beaches with turquoise waters of the Caribbean? Then this post is perfect for you! In this guide, we summarize the destinations that are located near the United States of America with direct and non-stop flight options perfect for travelers with limited time. 1. […] Read more…

How To Get To Barbuda ( Travel Tips Included)

How To Get To Barbuda (Travel Tips Included)

Barbuda is a small Caribbean island consisting of only 62 square miles and is a dependency of Antigua. There are approximately 1500 inhabitants and the main village is called Codrington.  If you are visiting Antigua and looking for a perfect spot to rest and relax, then Barbuda is the ideal hopping across to Barbuda is […] Read more…

Best Waterfalls In St Lucia ( The Ultimate Guide)

Best Waterfalls In St Lucia (The Ultimate Guide)

St Lucia is truly a tropical Caribbean paradise with lush rainforest, undulating mountains and beautiful cascading waterfalls. The island is also known internationally for its stunning twin peaks called the Pitons. Gros Piton is the peak with the higher altitude at 2,530 feet while the Petit Piton is 2,438 feet. They were officially designated as […] Read more…

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