Beaches In Barbados Near Cruise Port ( The Ultimate Guide)

Barbados Vs Curacao (Which Island Is Better For A Vacation)

Barbados and Curacao are extremely dissimilar when thinking about Caribbean destinations. Barbados is an English speaking Caribbean island with British Heritage whereas Curacao is a Dutch speaking Caribbean island with a Dutch heritage. Despite Dutch being the official language of Curacao, English is widely spoken around the island. Spanish and Papiamentu are also spoken in […] Read more…

Belize Vs St Lucia ( Which Island Is Better For A Vacation)

Barbados Vs St Lucia (Which Vacation Is Better)

Barbados and St Lucia are highly esteemed vacation destinations in the Southern Caribbean. The distance between the islands is 174 kilometers. As a general rule, Barbados is better for travelers who are interested in beaches and entertainment. Alternatively, St Lucia is ideal for a visitor who loves an island with green and lush natural scenery […] Read more…

Pink Flamingos

Best Caribbean Islands To Visit In September

With more than 700 islands in the Caribbean, visitors have countless options to choose from when deciding on a vacation. Nonetheless, traveling to the Caribbean during the month of September presents its advantages as well as its challenges. A major advantage of visiting the Caribbean in September is that it is a time when visitor […] Read more…

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