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Grenada is an Eastern Caribbean Island known globally as the Isle of Spice as it is the second largest producer of nutmeg in the world after Indonesia.

Furthermore, Grenada is home of St George’s University (SGU) which was founded in 1976.

According to the St George’s University’s website, the university places the largest number of graduated into residency programs each year, based on internal SGU graduate and residency placement data as of May 2022.

Additionally, the school offers other programs such as in arts, sciences and nursing.

The school currently attracts students and faculties from over 140 countries around the world.

In this article, we provide a summary of some of the best communities to live off campus on the island.

Read on for more information on the best places to live in Grenada if you are a medical student or faculty of SGU. This article was written by a Grenadian.

1. True Blue

This community is the nearest in this list to the University. Therefore, students can walk comfortably from apartments in this area to the campus.

There are several restaurants and bars in the vicinity. Furthermore, there is a pharmacy in the community, True Blue Pharmacy as well as numerous restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

True Blue Bay Hotel is a resort with Dodgy Dock Bar which is a popular spot for entertainment. The Street Food Wednesday is a lovely event to meet and interact with locals.

True Blue is also a close five minute drive from the international airport.

2. Lance Aux Epines

This area is about 10 minutes from the University and is on the SGU bus route.

The community is residential and the road network is good and is considered an upscale neighborhood on the island.

Local buses do not provide service to this area so if you want to visit the city for example you will need to take the SGU bus to the main bus route.

There is a beach in Lance Aux Epines which is not very popular with the locals so it tends to be uncrowded.

Prickly Bay Bar & Restaurant and The Junction Bar & Grill are two spots for drinks and recreation in Lance Aux Epines.

3. Grand Anse

Grand Anse is key spot for commercial activity in the South of the island.  There are banks, supermarkets, restaurants and shopping plazas all located in this community.

Additionally, the award winning Grand Anse beach frames the island’s coastline.

The beach has many almond trees and sea grapes. The area of the beach near the Catholic Church tends to be the calmest while the area on the other extreme end tends to be much rougher.

This beach is a 2 mile stretch of white sand beach and there are life guards stationed there for your safety.

There are several high end hotels that share the shores of Grand Anse beach such as Spice Island Beach Resort, Allamanda Beach Resort and Coyaba Beach Resort at this location.

4. Frequente

Frequente is primarily residential and is located near to Grand Anse area. The closest landmark to this area is Excel Plaza Grenada.

There is a movie cinema, gym, Subway and restaurant in this plaza.

5. Morne Toute

This is a small community in the south of the island which is on the SGU main bus route.

It is off the main road which gives it a bit more privacy but nonetheless, it is still in a popular area.

This community is in walking distance to Grand Anse beach and Republic Bank.

Grand Anse Shopping Center is also within walking distance which gives you easy access to a Food Fair supermarket, clothing stores and one of the main local fast food restaurants Rick’s Café.

For those relocating with children, there is a Montessori School which caters for children between the ages of 1 to 16 in Morne Toute.

6. Calliste

This community is the first community after the Maurice Bishop International Airport that is primarily residential.

Calliste is on the SGU bus route and it is usually the final area that No. 2 public buses complete their routes.

The popular bowling alley, restaurant and lounge Lavo Lanes is located in the community as well as the Gateway Assembly which is a Pentecostal church.

7. Point Salines

Point Salines is the name of the area in which the airport is located and is part of the SGU bus route.

Nevertheless, this area is considered off route for public buses and hence if you take a bus to Point Salines you will be charged an additional fee.

There are several hotels and guest houses in this part of the island and limited residential properties.

8. Woburn

Woburn is fishing community and many individuals live along its coastline. It is generally quiet and you will see many persons exercising on mornings.

This community however is not on the SGU bus route but has easy access to public transportation. Woburn is about 15 minutes from SGU.

Since this community is on the coastline there are several areas with scenic views of the water.

The famous Calvigny Island and Hog Island are located in this community. Calivigny Island is a private island that is usually occupied by celebrities and high profile individuals.

As an example, Melinda Gates stayed on Calivigny Island after her divorce from Bill Gates in 2021.

If you are renting an apartment in this area, expect the costs to be lower than in areas such as Grand Anse, Lance Aux Epines and True Blue.

It may be prudent to consider buying a vehicle if you choose to live in this community.

9. Calivigny

Calvigny is located on the Eastern Main Road which a main road that connects the North to the South on the island.

This road is a busy one and as such public transportation is easily accessible. Nevertheless, the SGU bus does not cover this route.

There are supermarkets such as SOG Foods as well as access to beaches. Calivigny is about 15 minutes from the capital city and about 20 minutes from Maurice Bishop International Airport.

Again, renting an apartment will be more affordable than areas closer to the University and the airport.

Additionally, for ease of mobility it may be prudent to purchase a vehicle.

Le Phare Bleu which is a hotel and marina is located in Calivigny. It is a great location for relaxing as well as entertainment on the weekends.

10. Westerhall

Our final recommendation is Westerhall which is in the parish of St David. Westerhall is approximately 25 to 30 minutes to the Capital city and about the same time to the University.

It is on the Eastern Main Road which is a popular public bus route. This community is not on the main SGU bus route so one will require private transportation or take public bus to SGU bus route.

Rent in this area will also be more affordable than communities previously mentioned.

Final Thoughts

We trust that you found this article helpful as you prepare to embark on the life changing journey of medical school.

Grenada is truly a safe island with some of the friendliest people in the world. We know that you will enjoy your stay in the Spice Isle.

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