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Fondly known as the isle of spice, Grenada is an incredible destination to consider for a proposal, wedding or honeymoon.

The island has lush rainforest, waterfalls, beautiful white sand beaches and other venues which can all be scenic backdrops to make your romantic day unforgettable.

In this article, we cover 7 amazing spots that you can consider to ensure that your proposal is picture perfect and memorable.

So let’s get ready to make some lifetime memories.

1. The Tower Estate

Nature fanatics will love this beautiful estate, located in St Paul’s in the parish of St George which is near the capital city.

The garden is an oasis filled with fruit and spices. The property features a structure which is over 100 years old. 

Flowers produced on the estate have been used to represent Grenada at the Chelsea Flower Show in England.

Many visitors frequent the estate to have afternoon tea and for special events. Fruits and produce are often available for sale.

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2. Petite Anse Hotel

This is an intimate hotel with small cottages and private access to a beach that is not often frequented by locals.

The property is set on five acres of land and truly is a hidden gem in the North of the island.

Perfect location for a proposal which could be followed up by a romantic dinner at the hotel.

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3. Villa Solitaire

If you are searching for a venue that is private and luxurious spot where you can invite some close friends and family, then Villa Solitaire is an ideal option.

This property is on a two acre estate in Westerhall which is about 15-20 minutes from the capital city of St George and Grand Anse.

Villa Solitaire features magnificent views, pool, tennis court, WIFI, housekeepers, cooks.

Additionally, the villa sleeps up to 8-10 individuals.

4. Welcome Stone

This is one of the most photographed locations on the island with sweeping views of the Levera National Park.

It is located in the most Northern region of the island in the parish of St Patrick. There is a short hike before accessing the Welcome rock.

Additionally, due to the nature of the site is may be difficult to set up a picnic or decorate the area.

5. Annandale Waterfalls

If you want to have one of Grenada’s waterfalls as your backdrop, then Annandale Waterfalls is a great choice.

This fall is located near the capital city of St George and is accessible via a paved walkway and surrounded by many tropical flowers of the island.

On the premises, there is also The Wild Orchid Restaurant where you can get a meal after the proposal.

6. Grand Anse Beach

This is the most famous beach on the island known for its powdery white sand and turquoise waters.

The beach has many almond trees, sea grapes as well as private areas where you can set up a picnic to pop the question.

There are several high end hotels on this beach such as Spice Island Beach Resort, Allamanda Beach Resort and Coyaba Beach Resort.

The beach is also accessible to banks, malls, restaurants and major commercial activities in the South of the island.

7. La Luna

This is a private secluded hotel located in the South of the island that has 16 cottages.

It is about ten minutes drive from the Maurice Bishop International Airport.

The resort has access to the beach as well as Italian restaurant and Asian spa.

Visitors to this property will need to rent a vehicle as it is far away from the main bus route.

Final Thoughts

Grenada is an awesome Caribbean island filled with many romantic spots ideal for proposing to the one you love.

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