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St Thomas is an overseas US territory and part of a group called the US Virgin Islands.  The island is 32 square miles with some of the most stunning beaches in the Caribbean. 

Cyril E King is one of the busiest airports in the Eastern Caribbean. The airport is located in the capital city, Charlotte Amalie.

If you are planning an upcoming trip to the island, I am sure one of the biggest areas of consideration is how you will get around the island. In other words, is the worth renting a car in St Thomas?

In general, it is best to rent a car in St Thomas. This will give you the freedom and flexibility to visit the beach, sightsee and explore the island seamlessly. Taxis at times could be unreliable and taking public transportation may mean that you need to walk to get on the bus route.

Read on for further details and explanations on renting a car and driving in St Thomas. Contribution to this article was made by individuals who visited the island on vacation.

Is It Safe To Drive In St Thomas

It is extremely safe to drive in St Thomas but it will take getting used to because on the island you drive on the left side of the road while in the USA you drive on the right side. Extreme care must be taken as you drive as it is easy to default to driving on the right while on the island.

In addition, the roads are narrow and the island is mountainous. There are no sidewalks Therefore, in most areas you will need to navigate the roads with pedestrians in mind.

There are some areas where only one vehicle at pass at time. Driving in St Thomas is not difficult. Drive a little bit slowly while you adjust to these new rules.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Car In St Thomas

On average the cost of renting a car in St Thomas is USD $55 and USD $85 for an SUV per day. Most car rental companies on the island offer pick up and drop off at the airport which is convenient.  In addition, some car rentals permit 2 persons to drive the vehicle.

Do You Need An SUV In St Thomas

You do no need an SUV in St Thomas but a jeep will give you a more comfortable ride. The island of St Thomas has steep terrain and the road network is not sophisticated as in a developed country. There are numerous potholes in the road and if you are driving in a car, you will feel the impact of this more than in an SUV.

Is It Worth It Renting A Car In St Thomas

Can You Take Your Rental Car To St John

If you will like to visit St John with your car, it is best to check with your rental company whether this is allowed at the point of booking. There is a car ferry available from St Thomas to St John if you will also like to explore this island.

Taking the ferry is reliable and there is service available daily. The driver and passengers are allowed to travel along with the vehicle.  

There is a small port fee that needs to be paid at the Red Hook Ferry Terminal. The round trip fare is about USD$50. There is a discounted rate available for senior citizens.

Popular Car Rental Companies In St Thomas

There are numerous car rental companies on the island that you can choose from. The table below provides a list of some of the more popular ones on the island.

CompanyContact NumberDetails
Dexter Car Rental340 626 3153Airport/ Hotel drop off and Pick UP
Paradise Car Rental340 643 2692Airport/ Hotel drop off and Pick UP
Amalie Car Rental340 774 0688Airport/ Hotel drop off and Pick UP
Discount Car Rental340 776 4858 Not Sure If this service is available
Dependable Car Rental340 774 2253Not sure if this service is available
VI Boat Charter340 474 9727Complimentary Airport Shuttle

 Driving and Parking in Charlotte Amalie

Charlotte Amalie is the capital city of St Thomas and there are many shops, restaurants and sites that you can visit in the city. The streets are paved but the traffic is primarily one way.

Free parking for 2 hours is allowed along the waterfront. Alternatively, the best place to park is at Fort Christian parking lot. This is a paid parking lot which is capped at a maximum of $5 per day.

Alternatives To Renting A Car In St Thomas ( How To Get Around)

You may determine that renting a car is not the right option for you. If you do, hereunder are some options to consider assisting you with getting around while in St Thomas.

Rent A Moped

If you decide that renting a car on the island is not for you, consider renting moped or taking taxi during your time on the island. You can consider renting a moped which can cost about $50 a day. The main advantages of choosing this means of transportation is that no gas is required and no challenge trying to find a parking space on the island.

Hire Taxis

There is an abundance of taxi drivers available in St Thomas. Taxis are available for tours, for shopping, weddings and visiting attractions. There are also luxury options available.  The taxis charge by person depending on the destination. The taxis are not metered as in the USA. Some taxis accept credit card payments but the majority takes cash only.

VI Now provides a list of the taxis available on the island as well as the rates to various places. This table provides you with a good gauge so you can plan and budget your transportation needs effectively. Feel Free to click HERE.

Hire A Grocery Delivery Specialist

If you want to avoid paying to visit a supermarket, Vamonos VI is a great food and grocery delivery specialist service to consider. They can be contacted via text on 1 (407) 719 7775 or via email [email protected]

Take Public Transportation

The public transportation system in St Thomas is called Vitran. The bus fare is $1 with special offers for seniors and students with ID.

The buses travel to the city and commercial areas which may include some hotels, beach bars and major attractions. However, the buses do not travel to every area so may need to walk to find a bus stop.

Stay Near Magens Beach

If beaches are your priority during your visit, you may consider booking accommodations near to the beach. Magens Beach is the most popular beach In St Thomas.

This beach is one of the two on the island that has an entry fee.  Magens Beach is well loved by locals and visitors because of its calm waters with no current or waves.  It is perfect for small children.

If you are seeking accommodations near to the beach to reduce transportation costs, Ongoing Adventures St Thomas is an air bnb option that is nearby. You can also use VRBO to locate vacation rentals that are close.

Final Thoughts

On a whole, it is worth it to rent a car while vacationing in St Thomas. This will guarantee you greater freedom to explore and sightsee in one of the safest islands in the Caribbean. Hiring a taxi to visit each location could be costly and gives you less flexibility to enjoy the island.

If you are contemplating traveling to St Thomas or the rest of the Caribbean, cruising is an affordable option to consider. I have recently completed an informative course by cruise specialist, Emma Cruises which you should check out titled How To Cruise For Less.

This course provides detail tips and techniques on how to save money while cruising onboard, onshore as well as the importance of insurance. So if you if you are considering a cruise for your next Caribbean vacation, check out How To Cruise For Less.

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