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Grenada is truly a paradise and is one of the few remaining islands in the Caribbean that still remains relatively unspoiled.

Its national dish oil down is unique to the island and it is prepared using breadfruit as the principal ingredient along with ground provision and a variety of meats cooked in coconut milk.

In this article, we outline some of the best restaurants on the island to help you savor the flavor of spice which is used in the preparation of Grenadian cuisine.

Read on for further details and explanations on what are the best restaurants to enjoy in Grenada. This article was written by a local from the culinary experiences on the island.

Dexter’s Restaurant

Owned and operated by Dexter Burris, this restaurant is our first recommendation.

Reservation must be made to book a table and Dexter who is the chef prepares and serves some of the best food that you find on the island.

Feel free to visit his Facebook page to see a sample of some of his previous menus.

Contact Number- 14734491397

Aquarium Restaurant

Located on the breath taking Magazine beach, Aquarium restaurant is ideal for a fine dining experience.

It takes less than ten minutes from the Maurice Bishop International Airport and from the renowned Sandals La Source Resort.

Aquarium Restaurant is well known for its Sunday BBQ where there is local entertainment and a buffet.  The restaurant is usually closed for business on Mondays.

Contact Number: 14734441410           Website:

Petite Anse Restaurant & Bar

Located in the Northern parish of St Patrick, this restaurant is part of Petite Anse Hotel which is a beachfront boutique hotel situated on five acres of tropical land.

Several fruits and vegetables used in the preparation of meals are grown on the property.

The Sunday BBQ is usually well attended by locals and visitors alike. This is an excellent spot to stop by for a meal if you are touring the countryside.

Contact Number: 14734425252           Website:

Umbrellas Beach Bar

Located on Grand Anse Beach in Grenada, Umbrellas Beach Bar is one of the most popular places to eat in the South of the island.

The meals served mainly include light food items such as tacos, burgers, sandwiches, wraps and pasta dishes.

Furthermore, the menu is presented on the website listed below to get a greater understanding of the options.

Wifi is available free and there is usually a live band on the weekends.

Contact Number: 14734399149              Website:

Rick’s Café

This locally owned restaurant is located in the Grand Anse Shopping Centre about five minutes walk from Grand Anse Beach.

Rick’s café is a popular location for young people and usually has music so it may not be the best venue if you are looking for a quiet sit down experience.

They specialize in pizzas as well as burgers, fries and other sandwiches. Rick’s café is also one of the locations where you can find Sugar and Spice ice cream which is a local brand.

Local ingredients are used to create many unique flavors such as coconut and nutmeg. Conventional flavors such as chocolate, strawberry and vanilla are available.

Contact Number: 14734444597

Dodgy Dock Restaurant and Lounge Bar

This restaurant is located in the South of the island and is about ten minutes’ walk from the St George’s University.

Dodgy Dock Restaurant and Lounge is the venue for one of the largest mid-week event on the island which is Street Food Wednesdays.

In order to attend, you must book your spot in advance to secure your table. No addition cost is charged for this reservation.

Food can be purchased from 6:30 pm with live local performances commencing at 8pm.

There is a DJ which begins from 10pm. This event is a great way to meet and interact with locals on the island as well as sample a wide range of local dishes.

Contact Number: 14734438783              Website:

Belmont Estate

Nestled within a 300 year old working plantation, this restaurant is another spot to consider if you are touring the countryside.

Belmont Estate prides itself in only serving Grenadian and West Indian cuisine.

In addition to the restaurant, the plantation has a chocolate factory, goat diary, museum and gift shop.

Contact Number: 14734429524           Website:

Punj- Abi Restaurant

This restaurant is located about five minutes walking distance from the Maurice Bishop International Airport.

Guests at the all- inclusive luxury family resort, Royalton Grenada is about five minutes’ walk away.

It will take visitors at Sandals La Source Resort about fifteen minutes to walk to this location.

Punj- Abi restaurant presents a fusion of Grenadian and Indian cuisine which reflects the heritage of the owners.

Contact Number: 14734200202             Website:

Final Thoughts

We know that you will enjoy these amazing restaurant recommendations from Grenada.

For food enthusiasts, there are also various street food options such as cane juice, roast corn, sea moss and breadnut that you can also try as you explore the island.

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