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The Caribbean islands are the perfect destinations to consider for solo female travelers because they are small, safe and most are easy to access from major international cities. Additionally, the people are friendly and hospitable.

According to Condor Ferries, based solo travel statistics for 2020-2021, 84% of solo travelers are women and 72% of women in the US have taken a solo vacation. This travel trend is expected to rise in the future.

Read on for a comprehensive list of the best Caribbean islands to consider as a solo female traveler. These islands were primarily selected because they are safe and the crime rate is lower when compared to other Caribbean destinations.

1. Dominica

Often confused with the Dominican Republic, Dominica is one of the most underrated Caribbean islands. Dominica is located between Guadeloupe to the north and Martinique to the south. The Government of Dominica has announced plans for American Airlines to commence flights to the island from December, 2021. This should lead to a rise in visitors in the future.

Dominica is unique due to its unusual terrain. Fondly called the nature island of the Caribbean, Dominica is the perfect destination for the solo female traveler who enjoys hiking and the outdoors.

The Morne Trios National Park is the must see attraction with home to unique lakes and majestic waterfalls. The 17,000 acre rainforest is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with the boiling lake being one of the most popular attractions in the park.  It is believed that this lake is the second largest in the world.

The famous twin waterfalls called the Trafalgar falls are also located in this park. There are several hiking trails in this park and it is recommended that you explore using a guide.

An annual festival that attracts visitors to Dominica both regionally and internationally is the World Creole Music Festival which is held during the month of October. Furthermore, Dominica is the only Caribbean island with pre-Columbian Carib Indians knows as Kalinago.

If beaches are your priority, then Dominica would not be an excellent choice. Nevertheless, Mero Beach is one of the most popular white sand beaches on the island.

The official currency of Dominica is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar which has been pegged to the US (United States) dollar since July 7th, 1976 at a rate of USD $1 to XCD $2.70. The US dollar is generally accepted throughout the island.

A Virtual Dominica is an exceptional online resource where you can learn more about activities, events and attractions in Dominica.

2. Grenada

Grenada not to be mistaken with Granada, Spain is the Caribbean island that is known for its spices.  The island is the world’s second largest exporter of nutmeg, according to the World Bank (2003), holding 20% of the market share. Additionally, Grenada is well known as being one of the safest destinations in the Caribbean.

If you want to spend time on the beach, then Grenada’s Grand Anse beach is one of the Caribbean’s finest. Located in the south of the island, Grand Anse beach is a two mile stretch of beautiful white sand which is breathtaking. There are several grapes and almond trees on the shore and this beach is the location of many highly rated hotels on the island such as Spice Island Beach Resort.

If you love chocolate, then Grenada is the ideal destination for you. Home to six producers of fine local chocolate, these factories in some instances grow their own cocoa and process it into chocolate bars. Some of these bars are infused with various flavors such as nutmeg, turmeric, cinnamon, mace, bee pollen, sea salt and ginger.

In addition, there is a lovely shop nestled in the heart of St George, the capital city called House of Chocolate where you can buy a wide range of chocolate and chocolate flavored products such as tea, cakes and ice cream. This café is a perfect stop to rest for both kids and adults in the city.

The island is also the proud host of the local Grenada Chocolate Festival where chocolate lovers both local and visiting enjoy various activities all centered around chocolate.

Many of the chocolate factories offer walking tours of the factories and farms. Be sure to walk with insect repellent if you have sensitive skin especially in the rainy season.

Just like Dominica, Grenada also shares the Eastern Caribbean dollar as its official currency. The US dollar is generally accepted throughout the island.


3. Antigua & Barbuda

Antigua & Barbuda is well known as the island in the Caribbean with 365 beaches. That is a beach for each day of the year. There are several exciting things that you can do on this Caribbean island.

Stingray City Antigua is a tour company which takes you by speedboat offshore to an area where you can swim and snorkel with stingrays. For reptile lovers, Stingray City Antigua also offers tours to the private getaway island of Laviscount where you can learn and interact with giant aldabra tortoises.

Shirley Heights is a well-liked venue in English Harbour especially on Sundays for music, drinks and entertainment. The currency used in Antigua and Barbuda is also the Eastern Caribbean dollar. US dollars are generally accepted around the island.

Antigua and Barbuda

4. Bonaire

If you are dive enthusiast and looking for a quiet and peaceful island, then Bonaire is the ideal choice. On this Dutch Caribbean island, corals and various ocean fauna can be easily seen by just standing on a beach’s shores unlike the English speaking Caribbean islands.

The island though small has great restaurants and recently the launch of Marriott added to its hotel stock.

The salt piles in Bonaire are absolutely breath taking! There is a store in Kralendijk called La Placita where you can buy the sea salt including local bath salts. There are days when the water turns pink where you can see flamingos flying and relaxing in the water. It’s so magical, it is difficult to put into words. A must see if you ever visit the island.

Washington Slagbaai Park is a national reserve located at the northern part of the island. The park is over 40 years old and you pay about USD$25 to enter per person.

There are two routes to touring this Washington Slagbaai Park; the short route and the long route. It is best to go with an SUV vehicle and be prepared to enjoy some scenes that look like pictures out of a magazine. It takes about 3 hours minimum to enjoy the park and its beauty.

One of the most popular diving spots on the island is 1000 steps. There you can get an amazing view of Klein Bonaire. The official currency used in Bonaire is the US Dollar.

Pink Flamingoes

5. St Thomas

If you will like to be in the Caribbean but still on US soil, then St Thomas is a fantastic option to consider. Since St Thomas is an overseas US territory, no passports are required to travel to this destination.

There are amazing beaches on the island, the most popular ones being Coki beach and Magens beach.  At Coki beach you can enjoy snorkeling as there are reefs located very near to the shoreline.

Additionally, from Thomas you can also visit the other Virgin Islands being St John, St Croix and Water Island by ferry. There is also a ferry service available from St Thomas to the British Virgin Islands. If you will like to visit the BVI, then walk with your passport.

At night you can enjoy the many restaurants and entertainment at Red Hook. There are several restaurants and bars in this area which makes bar hopping easy.

Finally, duty free shopping in St Thomas is perhaps the best in the Caribbean. Each US resident, including children is allowed $1600 worth of duty free items.

Since St Thomas is a US territory, the US dollar is the official currency. Vi Now is an excellent online guide to everything Virgin Islands. Feel free to check out VI Now Online Guide if you are considering any of the Virgin Islands for your next solo trip.

St Thomas

6. Anguilla

One of my favorite Caribbean islands is the island of Anguilla. The island is small but tranquility and peace oozes from its atmosphere. Anguilla has some of the most amazing restaurants and beaches in the Caribbean.

One of the most popular and well- loved beach on the island is Shoal Bay East Beach. This beach is long strip about 2 miles with perfect white sand and clear blue waters. Other well-known beaches on the island are Sandy ground Beach and Rendezvous Beach.

Another advantage of traveling to Anguilla is the ability to island hop over to St Maarteen or St Martin. There are daily ferries leaving Blow End Point Terminal from Anguilla. Feel free to check out The Government of Anguilla Website to check times and schedules of the ferries. Also, check and ensure that you have the required visa to enter the St Maarteen/ St Martin.

The EC dollar is the official currency Anguilla. Unlike other Eastern Caribbean island, the US dollar is frequently used by locals for day to day transactions.

Beach In Anguilla

7. Barbados

Barbados is an excellent island for solo female travelers. This island has numerous flight options from major international cities. Additionally, Barbados has a cave where you can enjoy a tour inside called the Harrison Cave.

There are stalactite and stalagmite formation. There is a bar and a gift shop on the property for added entertainment. Be sure and wear clothes that are comfortable and walk with a change of clothing if you want to go elsewhere. I was water soaked after my exciting tour of the cave.

The capital of Barbados, Bridgetown and its Garrison has been designated as a UNESCO Heritage site due to its excellent architecture. These buildings were constructed in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries and were well preserved until today. Some of the 30 sites and attractions include:-

  • Barbados Museum & Historical Society
  • National Heroes Gallery & Museum of Parliament
  • George Washington House & Museum

Finally, if you are in search of entertainment there are countless restaurants, golf course, clubs, casinos and other forms of night life especially on the South Coast of the island.

The Barbadian dollar is the official currency of Barbados. The US $1 is equivalent to BBD$2 and is also pegged to the US Dollar.


8. Cayman Islands

Cayman is a perfect spot to consider as for solo female travel because the island is safe. Additionally, the island is located near approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes from Miami which keeps you near to your home if you are from the USA.

Cayman is one of the most multi-cultural countries in the world with about 135 nationalities represented on the island. Due to this, locals pride themselves on making everyone feel a part of its culture which is often called Cayman Kind.

Cayman has fantastic warm and sunny weather which means that one can have many beach days. Some of the well-loved beaches on the island are Rum Point, Seven Mile, West Bay, Cayman Kai and Governor’s beach. Activities that you can do on the beaches include snorkeling, diving and kayaking.

One of the most popular night attractions is Bioluminescent Bay tour. This service is provided by George’s Watersports and they will furnish you with swim gloves, shoes and a wet suit to prevent you from being stung by jelly fish. Only two other Caribbean islands have bioluminescent bay being Jamaica and Puerto Rico.

The official currency of the islands is the Cayman dollar (CI$) which replaced the Jamaican dollar in 1972. One Cayman dollar is USD$1.20 and Canadian $1.60.

Cayman Islands

9. Martinique

The island of Martinique is an overseas territory of France in the Eastern Caribbean. It is included in the group of islands that is normally referred to as the Lesser Antilles. Martinique’s neighbors are Dominica to the North West, Barbados to the South East and St Lucia to the South.

The official language of the island is French and the official currency in the Euro dollar. One of the many things to do in Martinique is diving and Diamond Rock or Le Rocher du Diamant is one of the best locations.  This small island is uninhabited and is about 175 metres in height.

Divers can enjoy seeing the wildlife such as tortoises, turtles and corals that call this area their home. The island also has one of the oldest and active volcanoes in the world named Mount Pelee which formed over 300,000 years ago. Mount Pelee which is located in the northern end of the island, most recent eruption was in 1932.

The eruption of 1902 caused severe damage in St Pierre which is fondly known as Paris of the Caribbean. The eruption completely leveled the town and today there are many ruins which are a major tourist attraction.

Finally, apart from being known for its fine French cuisine, Martinique has amazing beaches especially on the south of the island. Grande Anse Des Salines (Sainte Anne) has long stretch of white sand with palm trees is perfect for swimming and a favorite of visitors to the island. There are restaurants nearby which makes for a perfect relaxing day at the beach.


10. Curacao

The Dutch Caribbean island of Curacao is known for its colorful architecture. This amazing island is the perfect destination for a solo female traveler. There are several gorgeous beaches which you can visit. Playa Piskado which translates to fisherman’s beach is one where you can swim with sea turtles.

Jan Thiel beach is another popular beach on the island for snorkeling, swimming and relaxing. There are several restaurants, bars and cafes located in the area. You can also grab a lesson of beach tennis while there.

ATV and buggy tours are available through companies such as ATV Buggy Tours. These provide unique tours through the many breathtaking areas of the island such as Hato trail, Aloe Plantation, Indian Cave and Rincon Park.

Curacao also has a bustling night life atmosphere. There are many restaurants and casinos that visitors and locals on the island enjoy such as Mambo Beach Boulevard for restaurants and beach clubs. Another favorite of visitors and locals alike is St Tropez.

The official currency of Curacao is the Antillean Guilder which is called the Florin. The Antillean Guilder exchange rate to the US is $1 to $1.80 ANG. The US Dollar is readily accepted almost everywhere on the island.


11. Aruba

Aruba is a Dutch Caribbean island that is only 69 square miles. It is perfect for solo female traveler due to its gorgeous beaches. Eagle and Palm beaches are two of the favorites on the island. Eagle beach is located near the capital of Oranjestad where you can complete some shopping after your day on the beach.

There are a number of stores including high end international brands at The Renaissance Mall such as Louis Vuitton and Kate Spade where you can buy luxury items.  Another unique thing to do in Aruba is to visit a butterfly farm. This farm is home to several species of butterflies.

The official currency of Aruba is the Aruban Florin. The US dollar however is widely accepted around the island. One thing that I really enjoy when flying from Aruba is that there is United States Customs. Therefore you clear US customs and immigration in Aruba. Upon arrival into the United States you collect your bags and you are on your way.


12. St Lucia

St Lucia which is 238 square miles which is another perfect spot for solo female travelers. St Lucia was well loved by the late British singer and song writer, Amy Winehouse.

In the Eastern Caribbean, St Lucia’s history stands out among other islands in that individuals still speak patois which is a broken form of French creole. This language form died in other Caribbean islands such as Grenada where the elders spoke the language only among themselves and did not teach it to the next generation.

It is easy to island hop to nearby islands such as Martinique, Dominica and Guadeloupe. Many St Lucians frequent the French islands for medical care and for shopping.  Remember to check if you require any visas to visit especially the French Caribbean islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe.

St Lucia is well known globally for its famous twin peaks called the pitons. These stunning mountains have been designated UNESCO world heritage sites in 2004. The Gros Piton is 2462 feet while the Petit Piton is 2619 feet. The Gros Piton is the designated hiking trail while the Petit Piton is rarely climbed.

Additionally, you cannot visit St Lucia without taking a bath in the sulphur springs. The sulphur springs is one of the most visited attractions on the island located in Soufriere which is the world’s only drive in volcano. Visitors are able to enter at certain points and give themselves a mud bath. It is widely believed that these mud baths have medical benefits.

The Eastern Caribbean Dollar is the official currency of St Lucia. The US dollar is widely accepted around the island.

St Lucia

Final Thoughts

Hope you enjoyed this list above and it was valuable in planning your next solo trip to the Caribbean.

Nevertheless, despite these islands being relatively safe, it is prudent to still practice all safety rules as with medium to high risk destinations. Visitors should avoid walking in secluded areas at nights and take only taxis authorized by the Taxi Associations.

If you are contemplating traveling to the Caribbean, cruising is an affordable option to consider. I have recently completed an informative course by cruise specialist, Emma Cruises which you should check out titled How To Cruise For Less.

This course provides detail tips and techniques on how to save money while cruising onboard, onshore as well as the importance of insurance. So if you if you are considering a cruise for your next Caribbean vacation, check out How To Cruise For Less.

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