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Grenada is considered the Spice of the Caribbean and it is truly a hidden gem in the region.

It is not a destination that is crowded with large groups of tourists and hence visitors can get an opportunity to interact with the locals and appreciate the beauty of the island.

In this article, we provide suggestions for souvenirs from Grenada. Some of the items are temporal while others are long lasting.

Read on for further details and explanations on what are souvenirs to buy in Grenada. This article was written by a Grenadian national.

1. Nutmeg Products

Known globally as the isle of Spice, nutmeg products are excellent souvenirs to buy in Grenada.

This spice is available at stores in its raw form as well as powdered form. These can be found at shops such as Shipwreck, Grenada Market Square, Esplanade Mall and Grenada Craft Market.

Supermarkets on the island as well as also retail these items.

De La Grenade Industries also has an amazing product called nutmeg syrup which you can use on various food items and also while cooking.

There is also an award winning pain relief spray which uses nutmeg as a principal ingredient called Nutmed which is an excellent product for individuals with joint and muscle pain.

2. Chocolate Products

Grenada also grows chocolate with a number of local factories that produce premium chocolate bars for both local consumption and export.

These are available for sale at various souvenir shops, pharmacies and also at supermarkets on the island.

Examples of places that stock these include Real Value and Food Fair Supermarkets in the Grand Anse area. There is also a FoodFair supermarket in the capital city of St George.

Furthermore, a place to experience chocolate treats in the capital city is House of Chocolate on Young Street. Many chocolate products are available for sale at this location.

3. Beauty Products

There are several local entrepreneurs who have created their own lines of products that you can buy on island.

For foundations and powder, HD Lady Makeup has an amazing line of makeup that you can try.

For skin care products, Rosemarie Cosmetics has a line of organic and professional grade products.

These include serum and moisturizers. Furthermore, several of the products are infused with nutmeg and cinnamon.

Additionally, Renee Sensationz has a line of wellness products such as body oil, sugar scrubs and candles all made with natural ingredients.

Also check out Grenada Craft Center which has its own line of insect repellent, lotion, candles, soaps and other products. They are located in Kirani James Boulevard.

4. Tea Bags

Being a lush Caribbean island, Grenada has many herbs that grow easily which has many nutritional benefits.

Some of the teas that are locally produced include sour soup tea by St David Agro is one that you should definitely try.

5. Jewelery

There are a number of persons on the island that produce local hand made jewelery items.

Generally, these can be found at most tourist shops as well as at the Grand Anse Craft Market.

Nevertheless, there is a local female entrepreneur Tamara Prosper the owner of TambranbyTamara which is an award winning eco-friendly brand of jewelery produced on the island.

Feel free to visit her website using the link above to get a feel for her work.

6. Essences & Pepper Sauces

Foodies and cooking enthusiasts will love the high quality of essences and pepper sauces manufactured on the island.

Moses Essence Grenada produces a wonderful product with several different flavors such as pear, aniseed and vanilla essences.

Baron Foods Grenada as well has a line of essences locally manufactured on the island in flavors such as lemon, banana, cherry, vanilla, almond and pear.

The hot pepper sauce made by Baron Foods is also well loved by Grenadians and is a product that you should consider if you love condiments.

7. Confectionary

There are a number of sweet treats that are locally made which make excellent items to pair with other gifts.

This include local sweets such as coconut fudge, sugar cake and guava cheese.

Additionally, De La Grenade industries produce a superb line of guava and nutmeg jams and jellies. These are also sold in souvenir stores and supermarkets.

These make excellent gift items to bring for your loved ones.

8. Clothing Items

If you love fashion and want a unique item of clothing that is made in Grenada, you should check out the work of Jessie Ann Jessamy of Veronica’s Vision.

Her fabric features the nutmeg and they are used to make shirts, dresses, bags and other items.

Her studio is located in the Grand Anse area near to Excel Plaza.

9. Art Decor

Grenada has many local artists which produce paintings of various sceneries around the island.

At Art and Soul there is a gallery where you purchase art pieces. They have a store located at Spiceland Mall in Grand Anse.

Other prominent local artists include Nashorn Jeremiah and Tricia Bethel. Feel free to use the previous link to visit their website and see their work.

10. Books

The island has a number of writers whose work is available to purchase at local book stores.

Books are available from a range of subject matters such as cooking to poetry and also a deep dive into the history of the island in particular the revolution.

If you love to cook, a history enthusiasts or an avid reader, visit Art and Soul Book Store at Spiceland Mall Grand Anse to explore the work of local authors.

At the time of publication, some of the books available include More Great Grenada Recipes, Grenada Heritage, Julien Fedon and Sky Red.

As a general rule, the cost of the books did not exceed US$50 at the time of writing.

Final Thoughts

We trust that the following article above provided useful information for you as you choose a memorabilia from Grenada.

Have an awesome stay in the “isle of spice where everything is nice” as the Grenadians say.

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