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Are you thinking about what are the best souvenirs to buy from St Lucia? Then we have all the answers for you in this amazing article.

We know that buying trinkets that are memorable is definitely one of the exciting things to do while visiting the island.

In this article, we summarize some of the best locally made products which the island has to offer.

We are confident that the local vendors will be delighted to meet you all and will be thankful for your support.

So let’s get started.

1. Coconut Products

JKLM Products are all about using the numerous coconuts on the island and packaging them to make shredded coconuts, coconut flakes and other coconut related products.

This can be used while cooking in things such as breads and cakes. Feel free to look out for these products at various supermarkets around the island.

2. Tea Bags

St Lucia’s tropical climate makes it an excellent place where herbs and various spices grow easily and in abundance.

And as such, these are packaged into tea bags by Island Teas 758 which you can enjoy once your return to your native country

Teas are available in various flavors such as lemon grass, sea moss, bay leaf, cinnamon, ginger and more.

There are numerous retail outlets around the island which includes The Taste of St Lucia Store in Pointe Seraphine, Glace in Gros Islet and JDD Minimart in Gros Islet.

To learn more about the various retail outlets, visit Island Teas 758 Facebook page.

3. Hot Sauces & Condiments

St Lucians love to flavor their food with pepper and these grow readily around the island.

An excellent souvenir to consider is Baron Hot Sauce.

Located in Vieux Fort, this business manufactures the popular West Indian Hot Sauce which is yellow in color which is loved by both locals and visitors alike.

Additionally, there is the blazing hot sauce and the classic pepper sauce both with different levels of heat.

Furthermore, Baron manufactures a wide range of gourmet related products such as low fat mayonnaise, white vinegar, cooking marinades and essences.

They also produce cake coloring, spices, baking powder and spice blends.

4. Jams and Jellies

St Lucia is blessed with natural fruits and spices.

Frootsy Foods which is a local manufacturing company has created a line of jams and jellies.

Look out for the products such as guava jelly, tamarind balls, sea moss and hot pepper sauces at tourist shops and supermarkets.

5. Perfumes

There are many flowers in St Lucia that is used to manufacture a local brand of perfumes.

The product line of Caribbean Perfumes incorporates wood, flowers and fruits to produce fragrance synonymous with the Caribbean.

The ladies’ line includes perfumes made with pink orchid and frangipani.

6. Handbags

Meme Bete is a local company that specializes in producing custom made handbags and clutches in a range of colors and style.

The choice of the fabric used truly reflects the vibrancy of the Caribbean.

Meme Bete also produces shoes as well as cuff links and tie pins for men.

They offer shipping for purchases made online within the US so feel free to visit their website for further details.

7. Coffee

St Lucia is famous for growing its own premium gourmet coffee and hence is an excellent souvenir for coffee lovers.

Feel free to look out for the brand Green Gold Mountain Coffee at various tourist shops and supermarkets on the island.

Peradventure, you forgot to grab a packet while on the island, you can also have these shipped to you from Amazon.

8. Chocolate Products

St Lucia’s tropical climate also makes it an ideal environment for growing chocolate. As a result, there are a number of brands on the island that produces its own chocolate bars.

Emerald Estate, Micoud Chocolate Compan and Cacoa Sainte Lucie are some of the bars to check out when on the island.

Project Chocolat offers exciting tours where you can see how these are grown and processed. You can buy chocolate bars during this tour as well.

9. Cookbooks

Food is an integral part of the daily life of St Lucians and an excellent souvenir to consider is a cookbook.

Cookbooks created by Chef Eustace Herel and Juanita Collins are definitely two authors to explore to get recipes authentic to the island.

In particular, Eat Like A Local St Lucia by Juanita Collins is an excellent read to know where the locals love to eat on the island.

It’s a great buy for a friend who may be planning a trip to the island and as a souvenir to remember all the great places and stories from the restaurants that you have visited.

10. Literature From Local Authors

There are many locally talented authors who have produced books on the history, culture and way to life of St Lucians.

These are lovely keepsake to have in your home if you will like to research into the island further even after your trip has ended.

The Poetry of Derek Walcott 1948-2013 is a good read which chronicles the author’s life and career journey in St Lucia.

Alternatively, The Five Golden Stories by Sherma L Thomas details the life of a young lady growing up in St Lucia.

There is part of the series entitled Christmas in St Lucia which shares the traditions enjoyed by the locals during this time of the year.

These are perfect souvenirs for avid readers.

11. Natural Skin Care Products

Did you know that Caribbean Blue Limited is a local company that products skin care products?

This local brand makes its own non-toxic and ecofriendly products. These include soaps, insect repellents, toothpastes and skin care products.

Feel free to visit their retail location at JQ Mall in Rodney Bay in the Gros Islet region.

Top Things To Do In St Lucia

While we know buying souvenir is one of the more exciting things to do, the following are some more unique and adventurous activities to explore while in St Lucia.

ATV Tour– explore the natural beauty of the island on ATV. This tour allows you to drive through rainforest, rural communities, historical sites and plantations.

Waterfall Adventure- due to the volcanic nature of the island, you can enjoy mineral and mud baths at the Diamond and Toraille Waterfalls.

Aerial Tram Tour- get an awesome aerial view of the lush vegetation of the island with Rainforest Adventures. The open air gondola is suitable for eight persons. Explore the flora and wildlife of the island from the sky.

Private Horseback Ride- see beaches and scenic spots on the island on horseback. There are horses to match the varied riding levels. Get an opportunity to swim with your horse.

Hike The Gros Piton– climb the Gros Piton which has an altitude of 2,620 feet. Enjoy panoramic views of St Lucia and the neighboring Caribbean islands.

Explore Project Chocolat- enjoy delicious chocolate grown and processed on the island. Additionally, you can enjoy delicious cocoa cuisine such as cocao burger and ice cream.

Final Thoughts: Best Souvenirs From St Lucia

We trust that you found this article informative as you decide what items will be best to buy to remember your time in St Lucia.

Furthermore, we trust that you found something exciting to do in the list mentioned above during your vacation.

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