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Are you looking for the best souvenirs from St Vincent & the Grenadines? Well, we’ve got some unique recommendations which are locally made and produced by Vincentians.

We know that buying trinkets that are memorable is definitely one of the exciting things to do while in St Vincent & the Grenadines.

In this article, we summarize some of the best products that the island has to offer. We are confident that the local vendors will be delighted to meet you all.

So let’s get started.

1. Herbal Teas

Do you love herbal teas? Then this is an excellent souvenir item to consider if you want to savour the flavors of the island’s herbs when you return home.

One of the key producers of herbal teas on the island is Vincy Teas. The establishment is located in Arnos Vale but their teas are available is various supermarkets all over the island.

Teas are available in flavors such as turmeric, ginger, mint, bayleaf, soursoup and many other spices.

Knights Mini Mart and Bakery, C K Greaves Supermarkets, Randy’s Supermarket, Diamond Grocery Inc on mainland St Vincent all supply Vincy Teas.

Likewise, Central Supermarket in Bequia has Vincy Teas products.

2. Sargeant Boat Model

Bequia is the largest in the St Vincent Grenadine islands chain and is known for its rich history in boat building.

The island is nine miles away from mainland St Vincent and is easy to access via ferry which is a great for a day trip.

To capture the essence of its culture and history,Sargeant model boat shop creates handmade boats in Bequia which are excellent memorabilia which can last for years into the future.

Every boat is made by hand and the business has been in existence for over fifty years.

Feel free to visit the shop and you can have the boat assembled to your liking. You can also reach out to them via phone on 1-784-529-2421 or [email protected].

3. Cookbooks

This recommendation is an item that you can keep in your cooking arsenal for years to come.

Vincentians love using local ingredients, herbs and spices to create sumptuous meals and several authors have compiled these into cookbooks.

Cook Calypso by Hayden Billingy is an awesome collection of Caribbean recipes made with local ingredients.

This cookbook features recipes such as stuffed eggplant, plantain bread, plantain sandwich and curried channa.

It is available on Amazon or you can contact the author on email address [email protected].

Another cookbook to explore which features sixty amazing breadfruit dishes from various Vincentians is The Breadfruit Recipe Book.

Similarly, this cookbook is available on Amazon or you can get a copy from the SVG Hotel & Tourism Association if you are on island.

Feel free to email them on [email protected] or call on 1-784-458-4379.

4. Grenadines Salts

Similarly, made in Bequia, this is another souvenir item to consider. You can tour the salt farm where tastings are available in various blends. There is a shop where you can buy various items as well as body scrubs.

The tour includes facts about salt and the history of the Mill. This is part of the Spring Plantation where sugar, arrowroot and cassava where previously produced.

5. Arrowroot Powder

St Vincent & the Grenadines is the world’s largest supplier and processor of arrowroot. Therefore, this is definitely a product to purchase while on island.

Arrowroot is commonly used as a thickener when making gravies and to make porridge for young children.

It is the principal ingredient in madungo bakes which is unique to St Vincent & the Grenadines. So, it will be lovely if you can try these while on island.

The Arrowroot Mill located in Owia which is in the North Eastern region of the island provides tours so you can see the arrowroot processing.

Annually, the island celebrates Arrowroot Festival in May with singing, dancing and feasting on many local treats made with arrowroot.

6. Art Pieces

There are numerous talented artists on the island and a great souvenir item will be a piece painted by a local artist.

A great place to visit for locally produced art if Youlou Arts located in Indian Bay. They feature the work of local creators typically using acrylic on canvas.

Fine Things situated in the Joshua Centre in Arnos Vale also carries locally made art pieces.

Mango Art Studio located in the community of Spring in Bequia is another excellent art location to visit.

There is also a small garden on the premises. The studio opens every Sunday from 2pm in the afternoon.

Private visits can be arranged by appointments.

7. Beauty Products

If you love skin care and self-care, then a visit to Jazzy’s all natural beauty store at the cruise ship berth is the ideal place to visit.

The shop features body butters, soaps, creams, facial scrubs and hair creams all made from plants and herbs grown on the island.

Natural products such as cinnamon, charcoal, coconut, vanilla, cocoa bean, turmeric, goat milk, lemon grass, neem and moringa are infused in the products.

The coconut and vanilla body butter is one of our favorites. Products can be purchased via their website and they provide shipping services worldwide.

If you are searching for the location and you are in the bus terminal or Tokyo as it is fondly called by the Vincentians, walk to the National Insurance Scheme building near Massy Supermarket and you will see the ferry terminal.

Enter and you will be guided where the shops are located.

8. Gluten Free Flour

If you love healthy eating, then a great idea to consider purchasing is local gluten free plantain flour.

These are also processed by the company mentioned above, Vincy Teas. Plantains are great for boosting your immune system as well as lowering blood pressure.

The product is available at Sunrise Supermarket in Arnos Vale and there is a recipe at the back of the package to help if you are unsure how to use this flour.

Plantain flour can be used to make breads, tortillas, cakes, baby foods and so much more.

The company plans to expand into other flour types such as dasheen flour in the future.

9. Custom Homegoods

Another interesting souvenir is a custom handmade item for your home. Earthly Aestheic makes homegoods using wooden clothes pins and ropes to create stunning masterpieces for your home.

Owned by Isha Wilson, Earthly Aestheic creates napkin holders, mirrors, baskets, trays, storage boxes and many more types of home goods.

Feel free to view Isha’s creations via her Facebook and Instagram pages. Alternatively, you can contact her via WhatApp on 1-784-593-2716 for more information.

Isha also operates from the store Playtime in Kingstown which is located near the Methodist Church Hall and Community Building.

10. Local Jewelery

If you love jewelery, then custom made pieces from Abb & Ann’s Creations, is another souvenir option to consider.

Created by the talented Melissa Patterson, fabric, wire and beads are used to create elegant and unique pieces.

Feel free to visit her Facebook page at Abb & Ann’s Creations to view some of the products that she has created and sold in the past.

11. Custom Handbags

For bespoke handbags, Wadada is the perfect business to visit for exotic and creative pieces.

With over 10 years of operations on the island, Shari uses various fabrics to create elegant clutches, totes, hobo bags and handbags.

Feel free to visit her Facebook page on Wadada784 to view her creations. You can also contact Wadada on 1-784-497-0483 or email on [email protected].

12. Chocolate

The tropical climate of St Vincent truly makes the island ideal for the production of cocoa.

Cocoa beans are then processed to produce the island’s own dark chocolate bar.

Chocolate is nutritious to the body as it reduces heart disease and improves the brain function so this is an exceptional gift for chocolate connoisseurs.

13. Confectionary Items

St Vincent and the Grenadines is blessed with rich soil which produces fruits and vegetables in abundance.

As such there are many local entrepreneurs who use these to create products such as pepper sauces, jams and jellies.

One such business is Valle Bris located in Lower Questelles. Feel free to reach out to them on email at [email protected].

14. Straw Items

Straw items are a common souvenir items which can be found in many stores in the capital city.

Items such as hats, trays, ladies bags, small storage boxes and other products are created using straw.

Many visitors purchase hats especially to help shade from the hot sun especially during the dry season.

Top Things To Do In St Vincent & The Grenadines

In addition to purchasing a wonderful keepsake, there are many awesome things to do while in St Vincent & the Grenadines.

The following are some of top things to do while on the island.

Hike La Soufriere

Climbing La Soufriere is one of the most popular attractions on the island of St Vincent

Visitors tend to begin from Bamboo Range on the Windward side of the island. The mountain peak stands at an elevation of 4,048 feet and consists of nine miles.

Due to the complexity of the hike, it is advised that persons complete this trail with a local guide.

Relax At Montreal Garden

This green lush garden is located in mountains of Mesopotamia Valley which is the bread basket of the island.

It was created by Timothy Vaughn and embodies the words peace and tranquility.

It spans a glorious seven acres and features many flora, fauna and wildlife of St Vincent.

Nature enthusiasts at heart will find this venue a treat.

Tour The Botanical Garden

An extraordinary feature of St Vincent and the Grenadines is that it is the home to the oldest botanical garden in the Western Hemisphere.

The garden has facilities such as bathrooms so you are free to spend a few hours admiring the wildlife and exotic flora of the island.

Furthermore, the garden has a descendant of the original breadfruit tree brought to the Caribbean by Capital Blyth of the Bounty fame in 1793.

The botanical garden is only a short bus ride away from the capital city of Kingstown and is a serene place to visit.

Where To Stay In St Vincent & the Grenadines

The best place to stay in St Vincent & the Grenadines is on the Windward side of the island. This is best especially if you are exploring the island without a car.

Paradise Beach Hotel and Mariners Hotel are two exceptional properties to consider in the Arnos Vale and Villa communities.

Both Villa Beach and Indian Bay Beach which are the two most famous white sand beaches in St Vincent are situated in Villa.

For persons seeking a more private yet luxurious experience, Young Island Resort is ideal to consider. Kindly note that a short boat ride is required to access the island.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is St Vincent & the Grenadines Known For?

St Vincent & the Grenadines is known for arrowroot as it is the largest supplier of this root starch in the world. Locals use arrowroot to make madungo bakes which is unique to the island. It is also used to make porridge for young children as well as a thickener in gravies and stews.

What food is St Vincent known for?

The national food of St Vincent is breadfruit and fried jackfish. This is typical served with golden apple juice once the fruit is in season. St Vincent is home to the first breadfruit tree brought by Capital Blyth of the Bounty fame in 1793 to the Caribbean.

What Is Unique About St Vincent?

The unique feature of St Vincent & the Grenadines is that the island is home to the oldest botanical garden in the entire Western hemisphere. The garden was founded in 1765 and spans a vast 20 acres. There are facilities such as bathrooms and gazebos so you are free to wonder for several hours.

Final Thoughts: Best Souvenirs In St Vincent & the Grenadines

We trust that you found this article informative as you decide what items will be best to buy to remember your time in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

We are confident that you had an exciting experience and enjoyed the natural warmth and hospitality of the Vincentian people.

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